How to Meditate

jr-howtomeditate-topIt is no secret that neuroscientists study meditators’ brains to understand why the practice can have incredible effects on the entire human experience. What you might not have heard is just like an athlete exercising a muscle, the meditator exercises the brain and the prefrontal cortex physically grows.

Do not worry! This is not something you need to stress about. In fact, it is something to be excited about because your brain functions will improve and you don’t need thousands of hours to achieve this great affect! Even better news is, in as little as 5 -10 minutes once or twice a day you’ll move toward a stronger brain, with more happiness, connection with the world around you and peace.

“How to Meditate” provides you with three foundational meditations that support you in clearing, grounding and owning your multi-dimensional bodies in present time. On these meditations we work with your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body, your Aura and Chakras as well as learn the basic tools for running universal and earth energy through your meridians and energy channels opening you to more grace and ease in your life.


Fast, Efficient and Effervescent (10 min)


We are rapidly moving through grounding and clearing. Intended for use after you have mastered the basic techniques in the first meditation. Great for use when you wake up, or just before bed. It quickly clears and restores you back to your center and calm.

Swift, Sweet and Sparkling (5 min)


The fast, fun, clean up and reboot to guarantee you feel refreshed at any time! This meditation includes key clear outs and the ‘quick version’ of the restoring processes that are a part of my longer meditation. This meditation will reduce the time spent in each stage of the process so you can get it done quickly and move on to the next thing. This way you can stay busy AND committed to your internal growth experience. Sparkle, shine and feel fine in little time!


  • Ground and Clear ~ Male and Female Grounding ~ Adrenal Release
  • Own and Clean Up Center of Head
  • Golden Vacuum
  • Protection Rose
  • Spiritual Reconnection With Body
  • Golden Sun Validation

This is a great shower from the inside out helping you get the maximum clearing in the minimum amount of time. When you really want to go in deeper and you have little time to do it this meditation will rapidly transport you through a complete and very thorough experience. Know that you can do it!

Quantum Bliss (5 min)

When was the last time you were in absolute and glorious bliss? Have you been distracted from one of the greatest pleasures humankind is meant to experience on a daily basis? Quantum Bliss reminds you who you are and that your Divine birthright is to feel joyously blissful everyday.


  • Ground and Clear Body and Aura
  • Golden Temple Of Silence Becomes Golden and Silent
  • Quantum Pleasure Field Permeating YOU ~With Joy Love and Happiness
  • Bliss Infusing Your Body Being and Bones
  • The Pleasure Focus Technique
  • Universal Bliss and Connection

When Bliss is made to become your priority everyday, everything else in life flows effortlessly. Glide through the ups and downs of life while constantly retreating into a world of Quantum Bliss so you feel better than you ever thought possible.


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