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Apprentice Application

Miraculous Living Apprentice Application

Fill in the following, all are required:

Living Apprentice Program Participation Agreement Terms and Conditions

Once I am accepted into the
program, I authorize Gable Kennedy Inc /Miraculous Living to charge my card(s)
as indicated on this application for membership in the Miraculous Living
Apprentice program. I understand
and commit to working in the program with total integrity, honesty and
confidentiality with other members of this special group of top achieving
healers. I understand and agree by completing and signing this enrollment form,
if accepted into the program, I will have my credit card(s) charged (or check
cashed) for the participation rates on page 5 of this application as based on
my selected investment option for inclusion in this private and exclusive program.

I understand that if I miss any
scheduled calls with Julie Renee that I lose that call and cannot reschedule
it. I also understand any scheduled coaching calls or group calls with Julie
Renee expire at the end of eighteen (18) month agreement and any of the above
that are unused are lost and will not carry over past the end of the eighteen
(18) month agreement end date. Whether I assign my rights (i.e. deciding to
partner with another individual) here under, or delegate my obligations under
this agreement, I understand that I am responsible for the complete and total
due amount Gable Kennedy Inc/Miraculous Living.

I understand and agree that by
completing and signing this enrollment form I am committing to the full
eighteen (18) month period in the program from the today’s date as printed
on page one(1) of this enrollment
form. I further understand and agree that, if, for any reason, I choose to
remove or cancel myself out of the program prior to the end of the end of the
eighteen (18) month program dates, I am obligated to pay or continue paying any
outstanding balance for the entire eighteen (18) months from the date printed
on this enrollment form for any investment option I select. I understand this
is an eighteen month non-cancelable commitment and I understand program details
described in the letter which accompany this agreement. Further, I fully
understand and acknowledge that neither Julie Renee, Gable Kennedy Inc
/Miraculous Living or any representative of Miraculous Living make no promises,
warranties, guarantees or other claims regarding any results that may be
obtained from this program. Any and all claims, testimonial or other
representation relating to miraculous healing abilities or income earnings
should not be considered as average or typical results. Participant’s results
will vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to
personality, open mindedness, willingness to follow instructions, perform
recommended tasks and participate in all follow-up exercises and that all
actions and result are up to me. I therefore agree to hold harmless Julie
Renee, Gable Kennedy Inc/Miraculous Living or any representative from any all
claims that may arise from my participation in this program. Gable Kennedy Inc
has sole discretion to terminate this agreement and remove a participant form
continuing with the program at anytime without refund if the participant is
disrupting the program or is difficult to work with, becomes difficult to work
with, or ceases to follow any of the coaching guidelines. If Gable Kennedy
terminates the agreement and the participant is on a monthly agreement the
participant will no longer be charged the monthly rate.

I have read and understand the terms of this agreement