Women’s Beautiful Weight-loss Free Training 2017

Recorded on January 7th, 2017

Cost: Free

Resolution Accelerator: Women’s Beautiful Weight-Loss free quantum activations training.

Free Event with Julie Renee

If your plan is to remain or return to your most radiant and beautiful self you’re invited to an awesome 75-minute training with youthful beauty and quantum activations expert Julie Renee!

Being a beautiful woman and lightening up and losing a few extra pounds is on the minds of most women as the holidays draw to completion and New Year’s resolutions kick in.

Ask yourself… do I internally and from my friends and family have permission to be beautiful?

In this free live call we’ll clear away problem energy around excess weight and your comfort set point with being radiantly beautiful.

Imagine you at your most radiant.

Let’s get you feeling and being the beautiful, radiant being that you are.

Fromour resident expert on beauty, Julie Renee survived two near death experiences and a ’fatal’ car accident, actually died, and came back twice. The insights, wisdom and tools she has now gained from her incredible journey are no short of miraculous! Having learned much about how the body regenerates, she’s anxious to teach you the secrets for ageless, timeless beauty and weight loss.

Enroll now in this free training now and get started right away with our fast action bonuses…

  1. Take the 100% You Quiz prior to the call so we can know exactly where you stand with health and beauty goals.
  2. Start healing your adrenals with the Fatigue to Fabulous 5-day program and lower harmful aging stress in your body immediately!
  3. If you’ve already enjoyed our Fatigue to Fabulous program, then please enjoy our Living a Beautiful Life video series and revisit Fatigue to Fabulous as well

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Cost: Free