Just 2 years ago it dawned on me, if I was not living my dream life, there was no one, no circumstances, nothing that was truly holding me back but myself and the answers to my challenges were ready to be known and understood.

22 months ago I was $200K in debt, having decided to not bring investors on as I poured money into Gable Kennedy (my company) and my vision. I had a knowing I was being Divinely guided and blessed. I did not feel the weight of the debt, only the certainty that it was indeed time to reveal what I had discovered about the human blueprint and the quantum field to all of humanity.

I knew that my simple beginnings had not prepared me to lead a global reach 7 figure company, but that my prayers to help humanity were being heard and with a powerful ‘Grace’ was to unfold how and what was to be done. Love and passion would get me to the next steps of my mission mastery.

Back then I was living in a little rental, a small very modest 2-bedroom condo on freeway 101. I paid $1300 a month rent and had lived there for 14 years. When I moved in I thought I would heal from the accident that had left me in a wheel chair and buy a home. But I had more life challenges to pass through before I would make my way to realizing my dreams.

I had wanted children and had attempted fertility treatments and the ‘works’ on my own. Over time I experience getting pregnant and losing the baby to miscarriages 13 time. I spent a year preforming music with a famous Pakistani violinist, (that’s a whole story in itself) but my path was not to stop helping others heal so I did return to my wellness practice.

I unfortunately had a bout of pre cervical cancer, awoke one day with strong guidance to have a hysterectomy or I would loose my life. The doctor who had been urging me for four years to take it out, finally had the opportunity to remove my very sick female parts. He was shocked to see the condition of my uterus from the severe radiation poisoning, it was unrecognizable. I had given him an account of what he would find just prior to surgery, and he poo pooed me saying I’ll take photos, but it was exactly as I described it and he was a man completely in shock having decided not to take pictures as he had indicated I was being a hypochondriac prior to surgery on my notion of how severe the damage was.

About 2 years after this event I was engaged to a Japanese Pediatrician who got cold feet just before the big day, canceling our home purchase (we were in escrow) and calling off our plans to have the surrogate mother carry 2 babies for us. All the while I dreamed of a beautiful home in the country, a growing family with room for gatherings and family holidays.

One day in July 2014 a woman acquaintance informed me I was not going to have my dream, for many years. She was thought of as a kind of amateur fortune teller. She said to me I was unrealistic to imagine home, children, husband, family…global reach and becoming a world leader…she thought it could not be done.

I am so grateful she showed no vote of confidence in me

as it was indeed a wake up call for me. I thought to myself: who had I been surrounding myself with and what had I not yet done to kick into gear and manifest my dream?

In November I was $80k in debt and qualified for a $59k mortgage. But I knew to power of ‘Grace’ would find a new way a miraculous way for me to realize my hearts desire. I was told by the realtor I worked with she couldn’t show me million dollar plus homes because I hadn’t qualified, I assured her I had the means to do the transaction when the time came. In November, feeling into my heart I saw a home, my home, in a village I had never been to. I saw I would move to Carmel Valley and realize the dream. This was 100% true. Have you ever had this happen, an unstoppable certainty of an unlikely future that must be fulfilled?

The powers of heaven and earth moved as the first home I viewed on my tour the first day out, blew my mind! This was not just a house, this was a dream realized. As I walked up the stairs, with the breath taking views and open floor plan and all the features I imagined and more~ OMG OMG OMG!!! My home had found me where I wasn’t looking and I had felt into my heart to get my answer.

The summit interviews were so helpful providing a new larger platform to teach and mentor. Also in realizing the dream, and bringing my income and ‘bundle’ of cash to the amount needed to get in. I put down 30% with all debts paid off and easily secured a 7 figure mortgage. I went back and forth with reluctant sellers who had owned the house since it was built and they finally after 4 weeks of negotiating they finally said yes. I moved in 3 months later and have now been here 13 months.

What is amazing is all the dreams I had for this home are reality. Big thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, Weeklong Retreats and workshops are held here with the most loving wonderful people on the planet, I am well into the process of adopting and am happily dating (ladies this is a wonderful area for single men..more men than women here!)

I had wanted to bring the Gable Kennedy to a place where I was doing more with teaching mentoring and training then just the one to one work I am so well known for, and brought on a productions staff to accomplish a dream of a global reach with 3 to 5 classes taught weekly now, some as large as 450 students, and growing, with the free community trainings reaching up to 1800 registered participants.

We have a team of 20 people working with my corporation Gable Kennedy. First Priority 5 million minds uplifted in this new awareness, next a global restoration of the earth. Business centered goals include moving the company status to a top female owned US corporation, and receive a Nobel prize for contributions to a global community.

I feel like this birthday April 24th, I am turning one year old,

as my life began anew just a year back when I was able to step into the life I had always imagined for myself. I am so thrilled with the Your Year of Miracles, Immersion trainings and now the Apprentice on line certification, I know with absolute certainty the work I was charged to bring to the global community is being fully realized.

I am driven by love and an intense desire to help lift humanity to a higher field vibrationally. To fade away the constrictions of the past for all people and to step into a golden age of love wisdom and spiritual power.

Thank you for standing with me!

All my love,
Julie Renee

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