Powerfully choose your future life, identify who you want to be. By taking this important step having a clear vision of what you imagine for your self and you will begin to create a road map for success.

This road map will include identifying what obstacles need to be cleared, what action steps need to be taken for you to live the life you were meant to live.

Decide ~ what is it that you have been saying you want? What have you been dreaming of? Let’s really look at that now, is it all relevant? Do you still want it? Is there a better version you could imagine if these goals were cleared away?

Last week I had an aha moment. It dawned on me that I had accomplished most of what I had set up for myself to do and accomplish. What had not yet been completed was in the cue.

Having accomplished my greatest dreams and desires, I realized it was necessary to create new even greater, bigger dreams. In the creation of these dreams where I would expand my reach 100 fold and reach 10% of the global population I would need to be a new upgraded version of myself.

In my quest for what’s next, I began to look at me out in my future, the level of freedom I was experiencing, the joy of contribution and my own personality. What would I let go of, what would I develop in myself to hold this larger space?

It’s an exciting time and a time to develop the future you, just like a screen play needs the ending first so all roads lead to that ending, you too with your wealth acceleration.

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