Intuition & Inner Vision

Thursdays March 23rd & 30th, 2017
10-11 AM Pacific

Featuring 2 Blueprint Activation Experiences!

Do you know where in the body your intuition comes from? What is the source of inner vision and how does it relate to outer vision?

Finally do you know if your family and friends can shut them down or completely turn them off for you?

I’m often asked in my one-to-one VIP work to help folks with these issues, and for the first time ever I’ve put together a training to answer and correct the blockages to your ability to know, and have your inner knowledge come to you easily.

4 Powerful Regenerations

EmotionTraining One:

Intuition and the belly of awareness. Clearing the emotional anchors and interferences from this and past lives that have shut down and made your information askew and inaccurate, or completely shut off your intuition! We’ll be removing and clearing then lighting up the area for clear reception of your greatest wisdom! We’ll be removing walkins from all participants. Julie Renee will do a Divine Human Blueprint activation.

VisionTraining Two:

Inner vision. Second sight is always there revealing secrets of the unseen world. It’s often veiled leaving much of humanity with a black wall of nothingness, rather than the rich, inner landscape of awareness and vision that allows for a richer, fuller life of understanding and discernment. Clearings and brightening in the third eye and center of head. Julie Renee will do a Divine Human Blueprint activation.

About the
Q5 Meditations


Clarity & Focus

If you need to find clarity and focus right now, a brain shower will help you get there. Clarity and focus are brought into alignment within the five brains – from bathing them in pink and gold energy and moving towards the Quantum Pleasure Field.

  • 5 Brain Cleanse with pink and gold leading to a ground release
  • Survival, Emotional, Creative, Logical and Genius Brains are all refreshed
  • Expanding into and contracting aura into the Quantum Pleasure Field
  • White board erase worries process
  • Sparking of a view screen for your control room

This is one of the rare meditations that will ground and clear each of the five brains rapidly. It will improve clarity and focus while using gold and pink energy to bathe the cells and help them to grow younger. You will be refreshed and clear and will enjoy this meditation.


Connected Wisdom

Have you been feeling stressed out and disconnected for too long? Maybe you could use some time to reconnect and come back to your core but you are finding it hard to carve out hours of time If you strive to seek inner wisdom and deep connection with the Divine, then this meditation takes you on the journey of connection. Through higher chakra clearings and deep gratitude you will merge with the Divine Mind easily and naturally.


  • Tornado clear out
  • Expanded gratitude moving towards a sense of reconnection
  • The 6th and 7th Chakra Purification
  • Embracing the Golden Ring Expansion towards a divine mind
  • The art of pleasure breathing

Powerful and fluid, this meditation is filled with inner grace. You will quickly refresh your connection with the Divine Mind and journey towards profound love and wisdom.


Quantum Clarity

Clarity is the gift of success you give to yourself. It allows all things to happen with grace and ease and helps you to focus on what you have come to bring into the world.

Having pristine clarity is the secret to every successful endeavor and is the foundation for the wealthy self made individual. What could you do if you had crystal clear clarity?


  • Grounding and Releasing Competition, Control and healing Projects
  • Crystal Ball Clarity ~ Diamond, Ruby and Emerald
  • Truth and Discernment on Your Golden Throne
  • Aura Clearing
  • Being able to enter the Quantum Pleasure Field

Brilliant brain Meditation and audio training Bring your crystalline focus to a place of centered ownership as you assume direction with clarity from your golden throne and out from the center of your head. Clarity stimulates momentum along with a magnetic force to encourage positive movement


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