New Beginnings

March 2017 Replay
Cost: FREE

If you’ve experienced a few too many challenges recently or found yourself troubled or focusing on what isn’t going as well as you had hoped, you may be unintentionally causing a blockage in your field for the flow of light and good things coming into your life.

Spring Equinox is the time of renewal, rebirth and new life. As the winter has now passed it is a time marking the opening of the expansion into light, love and the goodness. Getting into the new rhythm with a graceful transition is the purpose of the life affirming, heart opening free training.

Benefits of attending this class:

  • Clear dark muddled energies from your body
  • Open your crown chakra to Divine connection
  • Rejuvenate your feelings of Joy, Grace and Delight!

It’s always good to get a little more clear, open to a fresh start and turn on the joy vib!

This is part of our community outreach free course. Please invite your friends, and have them register on this page to insure they get into the training!

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