Faith will make you well.

Faith is a deep passionate belief that it is your divine right to heal.

What importance does faith, or belief have to do with your rapid healing process?

Without faith you likely will not recover from the illness you are experiencing.  A few years ago, I was in a brutal accident.  I lost my ability to walk. For months, I lay in bed, or scooted myself around my little bungalow in an uncomfortable wheel chair.

In those months of recovery I had two surgeries on a tibia plateau fracture, dozens of osteopathic adjustments on my right hip to manipulate it back into the socket. The other injuries included torn ligaments, injured cervical, frozen shoulder, nerve damage down the right leg into a numb foot and a seriously altered cranium causing intense pain in my head and brain.

Your faith has made you well.” Said Master Healer Jesus of Nazareth.

Through all of this, I had an abiding faith that I would recover. I think they were telling me all sort of awful things about how my life would be, but I just kept filtering it out. I was a bit of a disobedient patient. I did yoga every day lying in my bed. I would gingerly remove the leg brace and I would bend, flex and twist.

I develop a self dialogue that likely sounded a bit nutty, but it worked for me. I started telling my friends that I was so lucky I was an athlete, and that my body would recover. I imagined myself dancing and winning yoga competitions. I saw myself hiking on the trails. Every thought was a kind of prayer and a kind of affirmation.

An unwavering faith I would recover

Faith even two years after the accident and I was still using a cane…. (to help me make it around a small lake). I had an immense amount of leg pain back then, but I kept myself up and moving as much as possible. I owned those sore legs.  There was a point where both my physical therapist and my doctor told me it was time to go on permanent disability and stop trying so hard. That same day they shared with me the wonderful benefits of a three pronged cane.

Well, that was the last day I consulted with them. I worked my legs in a pool, doing exercises to gently build up my strength. I walked and hiked and stretched. I definitely had no agreement to give up.

Seven years have passed and I am happy to report I made a complete recovery. I run 20 miles a week, dance on stage with the Doc Kraft Band, lift weights and do power yoga!

Three years ago I made a breakthrough in my garden, and after two weeks of deep meditation, raising my energy vibration very high.  I then did some stem cell regeneration through meditation, I emerged from the garden one day with no leg pain.

From unbearable pain to complete freedom….

I know without any doubt in my mind that my faith did make me well.

God gave us miraculous bodies. We are amazingly powerful beings. We have the ability to regenerate under the most incredibly dire circumstances. If we are determined and holding our energy at a high frequency we can accomplish the miraculous!

Faith, unwavering faith, has everything to do with you creating your miracle!

Bliss, it’s an inside job!

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