Adelia’s Influence

Oksana: Adelia is such a happy baby! always laughing and smiling!

Dale: Adelia adds such a vibrant energy to everything. You said something recently about Adelia always being welcome in class, whether she’s giggling or fussing. That welcome-ness touched something deep in me. I’m still basking in it.

Carole: This way of teaching is helpful and unique. So often in our society, the children have to go away for teaching a class like this. This is very healing and, shows an inclusive healing approach.

Seval: I healed the lack of love in my childhood by watching you and Adelia and feeling your tremendous love. I’m in contact again with my mum after 2 years and we are now having really lovely relationship. Thank you πŸ™‚

Katherine: Can you imagine how mentally healthy our children would be if they were included like this? Our world would be such a different place with more happy humans. This is the beginning.

Katherine: Such a beautiful noise hearing Adelia soothe herself asleep.

Diane: You two look wonderful together. Beautiful smiles.

Simone: I did Adelias’s quantum jumping in the gym during squat jump to pump up the life force. It worked like a charm!

Erin: I am so happy to have been to see your Angel Girl this week. I’m sure her coo-ing is uplifiting my cells to Angelic levels.

Penny: It’s so great to be seen & heard, we all see & hear you both, love babbling & hammering.

Katherine – LOVE hearing Adelia chatter and that she’s saying “Mamma”. So fabulous. I think we’ll all be taking classes for years just so see her grow up.

Marie: Adelia adds her beautiful energy to the class.

Taline: I so appreciate you teaching with Adelia.

Diane: The absolute best sound in the world is a child laughing with joy. πŸ™‚

Victoria: You are expressing ever so beautifully the new paradigm with children and women and our work!

Louisa: Julie, thank you for a wonderful class today! A beautiful song at the end with Adelia…I love her giggles & smiles. πŸ™‚ All Love to you both.

Bea: Adelia is so quiet – she’s listening very closely!

Diane: Adelia is the cutest TA I have ever had πŸ™‚

Oksana: Adelia is such a happy baby! always laughing and smiling!

Severina: Adelia Rose takes care, that I don’t fall asleep with the soft and gentle voice of Julie Renee.

Katherine: I’m always guaranteed lots of smiles in your classes as I adore hearing her noises. Even the fussy ones.

Ilme: Thank you both, it’s so heartwarming to see you!

Katherine: I hear beautiful sounds coming from behind you:). I so look forward to hearing her. She brings such smiles and joy.

Jyoti: Good morning:) blessings and thank you for offering it joyful sounds from Adelia great experience!