What is a Brain Reading?

“Here you will learn what your brain reading and percentages mean in a practical sense.  You will find out how improving your numbers for human regeneration using Quantum Energy and the Human Blueprint could impact your overall success and effectiveness.

The art of Cellular Quantum Mechanics is a newly defined science, dating back to the oldest of human historical reference, that of our original design.  We have in a short time, come up with reading from the science of kinesiology, for how well your brain is functioning in present time.

If you have been under a great deal of stress it is possible these numbers might be slightly higher, for example 10% higher.  Brain regeneration using Quantum Energy and the Human Blueprint, delivers the miracle of brain leaps in maturity and the opportunity for rapid growth and accelerated comprehension.

I invite you to review the notes below to get a better understanding.”



Benefits of a regeneration vary from person to person and include the following:

  • Ability
  • Capacity
  • Emotional spaciousness
  • Emotional generosity
  • Improved health
  • Improved nerve function
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Momentum
  • Sleep
  • Peace
  • Serenity

Brain One

Brain one is the brain stem, instinctual brain, also referred to the reptilian brain.
Brain One is the oldest brain and does not deal with higher reasoning.  This is our survival brain which helps us deal with basic life and respond to very basic situations.

Low numbers in the first brain could indicate:

  • Wealth and Abundance Issues
  • Success in Business
  • Difficulty with home and environment
  • Inappropriate response or poor timing

Practical improvements of brain one returning to or becoming 100%

  • Improved ability to regenerate, hold and grow wealth
  • Returned momentum, follow through and energy for projects
  • New living circumstances that better support you
  • Instincts improve

Brain Two

Brain two is the emotional or mammalian brain.
This brain helps with socialization, relationships and the early emotional programming.  Is typically higher in women then men and is supported by women’s chemistry to nurture and enhance.

Low numbers in the second brain could indicate:

  • Unresolved trauma
  • Violence/suffering
  • Injury
  • Emotional abuse
  • Inability to experience the full realm of emotions

Practical improvements of brain two returning to or becoming 100%:

  • Full experience of emotions
  • Improvements in relationships
  • Communications improve
  • Expansiveness and generosity improve as the new cellular information is nurtured
  • End of PTSD


Brain Three

It is the upper right portion of the brain.  Art, music, dance, creative cooking and many other creative activities stem from this area of the brain.
Brain three tends to be more prevalent in women than men.

Low numbers in the third brain could indicate:

  • Injury or concussion to this part of the brain
  • Inhibited ability in creativity
  • Two left feet.. so to speak, in all areas of creativity

Practical improvements of brain three returning to or becoming 100%:

  • Full expression of creation including all arts and crafts
  • Joy and the expression of joy
  • Collaborations easier as this aspect that enhances generosity increases

Brain Four

Brain four is the logical brain.  It is located on the upper right side of the brain.  It is responsible for calculations and reason, flow and systems.  Brain Four is higher in men as it is enhanced by male chemistry that keeps men driving forward to provide and protect.

Low numbers in brain four could indicate:

  • Injury or concussion
  • Challenges with math, science, logic
  • Difficulties managing or understanding money
  • Inabilities to create systems or structures
  • Over analyzing, monkey mind

Practical improvements of brain four returning to or becoming 100%:

  • Ease with figuring, calculating and comprehending science, mathematics
  • System’s, understanding and creating them, using them productively
  • Language arts
  • Logic, focus, one pointed momentum (potential)


Brain Five

Brain five is the genius or angelic brain.  Is the out of the box thinking that all great masters come from. Located behind the forehead,
is called the frontal lobe.  Most susceptible to injury.  Low function is 2 to 9%, average function is 10%-14% high use of this area without the quantum improvements is 15%-19%… rarely do I see anyone who has this brain over 17%.  Function is similar in men and women.

Low numbers in the five brain could indicate:

  • Injury concussion
  • Lack of use
  • Inability to reason beyond the confines of physical reality
  • Trouble sequencing

Practical improvements of brain five returning to or becoming 100%:

  • Great capacity to create beyond what you know
  • Light open possibilities
  • (I feel unstoppable, like I can do anything) MD after brain regeneration


What Is Fuzzy Brain?

“When I say Fuzzy Brain, what comes to mind? Lost momentum, unclear thinking? A sense of hopelessness? Does it stimulate depression or anxiety in you? Perhaps you know your brain could be different, but physical evidence is not lining you up for a powerful win.

Fuzzy brain is the inability to remember names, important details, calculate items.  In fact, Fuzzy brain has been known to produce symptoms of ADD in healthy adults.

It’s important to remember that Fuzzy Brain is not your fault. The good news is that the cure may be so much easier then you realize.  In fact could be just as simple as not drinking water at the proper intervals during the day.

Most people consume 32 ounces of water daily, but Is that enough? Did you know you are losing about 80 ounces of water daily through breathing, sweating and urinating.

Your brain can’t store water. What does dehydration cost your body and your business? Well the cost could be the difference between success and failure!”



Get rid of “Fuzzy Brain” with the ‘Sip Sixteen’ system



In my research I have discovered millions of Americans are experiencing cognitive decline – in other words, their brains are increasingly not performing their tasks wells. I became interested in the brain because I’ve had the worst brain problems that you can imagine. I’ve had two traumatic brain injuries and to add insult to injury, as a child, I survived atomic bomb exposure.  As a result, I ended up with multiple cancers, 17 surgeries, and death itself. Being profoundly ill, taking prescribed medications and radiation poisoning are not good for the brain. I’m here to tell you, even if you’ve been to hell and back, your brain can give you 100% function all day long! I’ve had brain function as bad as it gets and it’s the reason why I developed a process to remedy fuzzy brain.

What I discovered in my research is that once the brain is up to 100% function, all areas of health and life can rise to 100% and hold there.

In this article, I won’t be able to give you the full 500-page dissertation I wrote on how applying quantum energy can upgrade your brain function to 100%, but I will give you the most important and simplest step you can implement today to get your brain working so much better.

Let’s talk about proper hydration

Are you a guzzler (meaning you guzzle 8-16 ounces of water after not drinking anything for 4 or 5 hours)? Or are you a sipper? If you’re a sipper you drink 4 ounces every 30 minutes all day long. By the way, hydration is water intake, not coffee or green tea, which serves to dehydrate you.

If you are only 1 percent dehydrated, you will likely have a 5 percent decrease in cognitive function. If your brain drops 2 percent in body water, you may suffer from fuzzy short-term memory, inability to focus and have trouble calculating. Know that dehydration is linked to attention deficit in healthy people.

Imagine the long-term toll on your brain if you starve yourself of proper hydration for years. Could this be a factor in the rising numbers of people who are being affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Are you now convinced that you need to change your drinking habits? Do you want to know the best way to do so?

The “Sip Sixteen” System

Water must be taken into your body in its pure, natural state. Optimally, you will drink half your body weight in ounces daily. For example, if you are 130 pounds, drink 65 ounce of water. If you were drinking this in 4-ounce increments, you would take sixteen 4 ounce water enhancements daily. I call this the ‘sip sixteen system’.

The Miracle of Water in the Body and Brain

Water gives the brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought and memory processes. If you experience memory lapses, drink more water. Water is vital to energy production in your cells, and in your overall metabolism, production of hormones, nerve function and neurotransmission.

When your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, and you’ve taken in sixteen 4 oz water enhancements with the ‘sip sixteen’ system, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity all day long.

If you suffer from fuzzy brain, you’ve lost hundreds of hours of productive, clear focused work time. I challenge you to follow the simple ‘Sip Sixteen’ system for the next 21 days and watch your fuzzy brain disappear. Good health and better brain function are already within you. The choice is yours: how good could your life be with a better sharper brain? You choose!

KINESIOLOGY is a “Verification Tool”

It originates from the root words “kinein” meaning “to move” and “aisthesis” meaning “perception”. Kinesiology originated in the 1960’s through the work of a chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart, whose aim it was to enhance and improve the quality of his work.

I began to use kinesiology 7 years ago when I discovered the gift of the Divine Human Blueprint. It made sense to me to test the physical body to verify what I could see in my minds eye, and gave me a solid way to measure a level of function prior to working with an individual and then again to test the results.  I developed a charting system for working with the kinesiology results and have since taught this to members of the medical and scientific communities.

I love using kinesiology because it is a tool everyone can use and refine. It requires no intuitive skill to be successful at reading and charting body strengths and weaknesses.


Kinesiology uses the scientific knowledge of the functioning of the cellular body and all it’s aspects, as well as the energetic body and everything related to the human experience. It is an accepted system for identifying areas of blockage and imbalance. As a highly skilled kinesiologist I am able to identify, specific to you what has caused an imbalance, and why, and then to restore those compromised areas using quantum energy to restore balance and harmony. Our goal is to get you to your 100% best life.

What Is Meditation?

“Find a comfortable quiet location where you can close your eyes and completely relax and focus inward. As you prepare to go into your Quantum Shift allow your breath to deepen, breathing in pink and gold energy to signal to the brain and nervous system that this is time for you. Let go of any extraneous worry or concern and allow yourself to drop deeply into the process. Breathe deeply in and out to begin then allow yourself to take the journey.

You may wonder why our meditations feel so extraordinary and differ from others you have tried. You are experiencing my own unique meditation, listening to my voice and listening to my playing the harp. This unique situation positions the meditations perfectly in sync at a high elevational, vibratory rate. This rate is sometimes referred to as, Christ consciousness. Rest assured, my voice can, and will take you where you need to go. Love and blessings”



  • Lower blood pressure/slows down cardiovascular system
  • Restores balanced function to the digestive system, aiding absorption of nutrients
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Diminishes the nervous energy
  • Diminishes intensity of headaches/migraines
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Frees the mind from self-doubt and internal chatter
  • Releases fears
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves depression
  • Generates optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation

How to Meditate

I have energized each activation in the meditations to ensure you feel profound shifts.

You may tingle and feel cool or warm or you may feel completely and totally at peace. Anything you experience is wonderful.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel as much. Mindset and certainty will help you with your Quantum Shift. I promise, you can’t get it wrong.

Just follow my voice, take the journey and you will complete the process. At the end of the meditation, you will return to a much better place than where you started.

Below I have prepared an outline of the basic extra steps you need to take to ensure you achieve your desired result.

Give yourself five minutes of uninterrupted peace. Turn off your phone ringer and lock or close the door.

Remember, do you best to forget about being perfect!

Follow These Extra Steps

  1. Be sure you are hydrated, avoid sugary or caffeinated foods and beverages as  well as alcohol prior to your meditation.
  2. Best position: Sit comfortably, spine erect and feet on the floor. Alternate postures that work are cross-legged (lotus position), resting on a bed above covers or relaxing on a sofa.
  3. Breathe in 3 cleansing breathes of pink and gold energy.
  4. Relax and follow my voice.
  5. In the beginning of your practice the process will appear to move very quickly, however once you are used to moving rapidly your inner guidance system will adjust and it will become natural.
  6. As you come out of meditation observe your body, emotions, feelings. You can journal any insights or awareness’s that are coming through as you bring yourself back into consciousness.
  7. Although you are able to step into a meeting immediately after the meditation, it would be great if you could sit quietly and focus on the outcome you are looking to create. You will begin to experience grace like never before. You will begin to gain great power and be able to manifest your innermost desires.
  8. As you complete the meditation, it is helpful to rub your hands on your legs, feet, arms, neck, belly and chest to feel fully present. There are no rules, some people tap on their body and enjoy the energizing feeling of fingertips on reawakening skin.
  9. Know that you can create a Quantum Shift.
  10. The more you practice the better your meditation and Quantum field skill become.