Innovation: Breakthroughs from the Quantum Field


Cellular Neo Genesis

DSC9393_1613-copy-e1413696700454-300x200Revitalization of existing stem cells and the genesis of new stem cells. This technique uses the master cell this is the original stem cell for the area being regenerated and hold a great deal of information about how to grow new cells.Using the quantum field and a hand movement called the ‘quantum pump’ the stem cell is brought to 100%. Cell regeneration is brought about by activating the perfected master cell in the human blueprint than moving this cell into physical reality. For example one might imagine it as the perfected cell is replacing the old unhealthy cell or the master cell from the blueprint is taking form where no cell currently exists. Medically document regrowth of a failed adrenal and new growth of a surgically removed colon.

dna-strandDNA Obliteration

This is the process of removing harmful DNA information from all cells of the body using the quantum field. This technique supports a healthy future, removing items like cancer and dementia genes.  Two techniques, one guided imagery, second quantum pump, slide movement. Medically documented removal of Cancer DNA.


Definition and Removal of Spiritual Parasites & Pests

Defining unpleasant life forms attached or inhabiting human body or auric field: entities, evil spirits, ghosts, demons, transmortals and alien’s along with mechanisms, implants and seeds. Providing quantum tools for the successful and permanent removal of the offending unwelcome energies.  Six unique hand movements for removal and erasure.

Definition of Curses and Removal Techniques

Defining the thought forms that adversely affect a positive flow in life and providing the quantum techniques for the removal of said thought forms. In the field of Amplification: soul contracts, soul contracts of others affecting one negatively, demonic curses and evil spirit curses. In Perception: memes (group mind) miasms (group mind virus) black magic (what you say about yourself unfavorably) curse (what others say about you harmfully) and traumatic episodes from past lives. Emotions: emotional thought forms that affect you negatively.  Quantum Pump Technique for clearing and removing all harmful thought forms.

Quantum Field Techniques for Wealth Acceleration

Quantum techniques based in the quantum pleasure field, including hand movements and guided imagery for the greater manifestation of wealth and the removal of DNA, Bloodline and curses preventing full self-expression. Aura technique, creating a surrounding field of energy magnetic to your wealth thought forms. Six and seven figure financial leaps by individuals actively using the tools in a 21 day period.

stem cellCell Regeneration and Revitalization Anti Aging Replaces Cosmetic Procedures

This technique geared toward women uses both guided imagery and quantum activations to alter improve the vitality and appearance of the body parts and skin most associated with beauty. Documented breast growth 3 inches in 45 days through guided imagery. Skin tightening and brightening.

Quantum Field Transformation Delivery Methods

Quantum shift meditation from as little as 5 minutes of guided imagery participants are guided into the quantum field and experience radical shifts in consciousness and health improvements.
Quantum hand movements
Quantum Pump signature technique for both creating new cells and new healthy programs to removal and disappearing of illness, dark energy, entities and harmful thought forms.

Energy Body Formation and Development

Defining the energy body development from pre-birth to full development, including chakras, nadis, golden rings (halo), aura, human spirit access portal. Practical quantum techniques for testing level of energy body function and restoring 100% vitality and clarity to all parts. Reviewed as the most complete guide to the energy body every written. (Your Divine Human Blueprint)

Comprehensive Quantum Clearing for Love and Relationship

Using both guided imagery and quantum pump hand techniques, cords contracts agreements and Karma (past life entanglements) are permanently cleared from both parties and emotional freedom follows naturally.


Defining and Restoring Chakras

Most comprehensive definition in color function and meaning as well as purpose, the chakra system defined from development source by physical DNA. Repair and restoration techniques for energizing chakras to 100%.

Human Spirit Access Portal

Located one inch above where the spine meets the skull the human spirit access portal serves as the portal for human spirit to move freely in and out of body. Quantum techniques both guided imagery and quantum pump hand movements including colors for clearing and restoring.

Golden Rings

Defining the human halo it’s energy, and purpose and quantum techniques for activating dormant rings. Directions are provided for using the Rings  in health activations. Defining level of enlightenment and guiding direction for acceleration of illumination.

Tools for restoring essence spirits the life force myself connection with God