January 8, 15, 22 & 29, 2018
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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Wealth Now?
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Accelerate Wealth From The Inside Out

Stop the madness! Stop taking ineffectual trainings and getting coached on how to make money fast with little or no sustainable results. If you haven’t made enough money to live the lifestyle of your dreams it’s not your fault. Or for that matter your coach’s fault. You may have problem soul contracts and debilitating DNA programs ‘running’ in your body and field that prevent you from stepping into your powerful fully expressed life.


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My Story


In 2013 I began a breakthrough to wealth journey like no other. I began developing new clearings to use along with the 21 day Accelerate Wealth program. I had been in good not great for many years and wanted to create a revolutionary Quantum Shift around manifesting growing and maintaining true wealth and lifestyle. I used my proven, tried and true ~ 21 day program and completed the program three times that year. After completing 3 cycles of the easy to use, and life enhancing 21 day wealth acceleration program, I began develop a keen sense of what was blocking me.

My field was now a powerful wealth magnet. While using my inner vision I discovered the wealth killing blocks and ‘destroyed’ them once and for all. I found millions of blocks; soul contracts, demonic curses, past life problems, group mind and group mind virus, emotional patterns and programs in my DNA that needed to be removed immediately. As I did I stepped into my most powerful expression of self.

Realize & Manifest Your Dreams

As I removed these programs possibilities opened up that were not available prior to these clearings. One such opening was the inspirational radio and global tele-summit interviews. Having attempted to go into a global market three years ago and been unsuccessful then, now the gateways flew open and I was immediately booked on 70 radio shows immediately followed by global tele summit exposure where I help shows break records in both sales and number of listens. I was even booked on several stages and local TV shows.

What this meant for me is the realization and manifestation of what had been a dream for many years. I began to have a much larger reach ~ greater influence with leaders and a larger group of students and clients to work with. I became the global thought leader I always knew myself to be. With a bigger reach I could help others make their Quantum Leaps too! There is nothing better then helping others grow.

Money Tree

Accomplish Your Quantum Shift & Attain Your Goals

It’s possible for the most hopeless and for the one on the verge of greatness. Quantum shifts are for everyone ready for a better richer more joyous life!

Asked Yourself ~ Is the 21 day Wealth Acceleration program right for me?

  • I’ve felt imprisoned

  • held back

  • stuck

  • restrained

  • unable to move myself forward

  • unable to accomplish my goals

If so, this program is the answer!

Amazing Client Transformations


For Lorraine a successful architect going through a slow mid life dip. She wondered how to get the magic back in life, business and even in her relationship? The 21 day wealth acceleration program helped her fall back in love with her husband, close a $50,000 contract, get into a healthier routine and lifestyle and bring the joy back in her life in a big ways! She even managed to spontaneously take a second honeymoon in Paris during her 21 day Wealth program.


A lovely Scottish woman ~ Jacqueline who coaches upper echelon women, used the 21 day program to help bring in new global opportunities for speaking in Asia and other parts of the world.


Mark a single father on a tight budget wanted very much to keep his daughter in private school. His wealth acceleration process brought in a $10,400 scholarship and brought in more clients during his 21 day wealth acceleration program!


Steve a skilled IT guy closed more business in a two week then he had in his entire life! Now who wants that kind of result?!!!


PJ clear a money blocked she’d had her whole life and as an Internet marketer was able to bring in 4000 new folks on her list.


Don an investment broker working for a non-reputable kind of boss was discourage by his work environment and opportunities for sales under the tutelage of a bad boss. He used the 21 day wealth acceleration program to leave his position and open his own firm. With within four days of completing his program he landed his first $100,000. contract!


Another success story comes from Anne a new Immersion Student. After attending the Diamond Level Training she was filled with hope and excitement again for her life! She dreamed of leaving traditional nursing and moving from cold Minnesota to Sunny Florida with more free time to study Quantum Activations an began a new life as a Health Activator. She used the 21 day acceleration program and her focused mockups to secure a new job with a great base salary as well as sell her boat while the lakes were frozen over! And that was realized in less then 2 weeks of starting the program!

How this Program Works!

My proven Wealth Acceleration techniques will escalate your wealth immediately. I will support you in reprogramming your wealth beliefs so you can start creating real money now.

You’ll learn the step-by-step system to attracting real money with less effort and time. You’ll also see what NOT to do and how to avoid the biggest mistakes that cause you to repel the money you want to attract.

Here’s what you receive at the basic level:

  • Accelerate Wealth from the Inside Out Fast Start Action Book delivered over 22 days. You’ll receive written chapters of the book as well as audio trainings. (Value $397)
  • Balance Your Life Now Book with video training and guide book – If you want a fully embodied, fully self expressed experience of wealth this is the key to having it all! (Value $97)
  • 4 Core Meditations – The Definitive Guide to Powerfully Generating Your Abundant Life – 4 incredible meditation downloads that assist you in clearing the blocks and Limitations that have held you back.
  • It includes a DNA Meditation to help you clear your cellular body of limitation from your genetic heritage (Value $197)
  • Get ‘er done fast meditation for a rush day (Value $27)
  • A Daily Planner Chart to super simplify and streamline your acceleration process!

That’s a value of $2009!

What will you learn?

You can use the power of the Quantum Field and the incredible spiritual tool you master in the program called ‘mock ups’ in so many different ways. Bring in a love relationship, better health, more money ~ sustainable and amplifiable, a new job or better career, sell things, open and receive new opportunities and so much more. It’s how the quantum field works. What you’re focused on and amplifying the field through some very specific techniques is what manifests.

In addition to the field amplification and refining mock ups that’s offered in the original 21 day Accelerate Wealth program you also get the added benefit of having the wealth clearings done by me personally!

We’ll clear slave and indentured servitude pictures from your DNA and past lives, problems with communication and programs that lead to a leaky bank account (you know the one that never seems to sustain money even if you bring it in ok). We’ll be working on clearing fame and celebrity and of an ability to be seen and be heard in the public. This was one issue I had to work on myself being quite introverted.

Your Commitment

If you’re really committed and I mean really committed to making a big change ~ truly a Quantum Shift in your wealth and full self-expression then you need to find a way to get into this class and participate fully in this incredible opportunity ~ an opportunity that will change your life for the good forever.

There are many amazing client transformations some of which appear in the video at the top of this page. I have shared these with you because all of these people have made their breakthroughs before having experienced the new work I have brought in on Soul contract clearings.

The powerful clearings that we’ll be doing in this four-week program are what helped me from good (a six-figure income) to great (a seven-figure income) and have helped me realize both a global vision ~ on international summits, with my career expansion, my growing team and a beautiful new home (I’ll be moving in February!)

What is it that you want to create in 2017?

What do you want to create for the rest of your life? This program will take you through the mockups ~ the field amplification and during the program you will turn your field into a wealth magnet! You’ll progress through daily gratitude exercises and get to work in the physical world in a way that opens your flow and follow through. Wealth ~ without greed ~ to be used for greater joy, expansion full self expression and a better life is what’s in store for you in this 21 day wealth acceleration program.

Forget following your dreams ~ I want you to live and manifest your dreams take them out of dreamland and into reality! Remember this is your time to shine! What would you do if you knew that you would not fail? What would you seek to accomplish, what would you manifest, who would you be, and who would you be partnered with? You can take a much more active, powerful role in how life plays out for you. Stop standing on the sidelines and get in the big game!



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From the Chatbox

Trinity: I’m so grateful to have more focus and the way cleared to be of more service. SO GRATEFUL. Thank you, Julie Renee and Adelia!

Ellany: You helped my son through a crisis in 2014 and I’ve been a fan ever since, but this is the first class I’m taking with you and so excited!

Christie: I’m into doing this training all together- the energy will be so much bigger and expansive!!

Trinity Have had unexpected money appear – yay! Feel emotionally stronger; it’s easy for me to say “I need more time for myself.” Excellent! This class is exactly what my soul requires and I am loving it!

Adrianne: 3 new clients in the first two days of our program 🙂

Leigh Ann: Everything in my life is flowing effortlessly! I feel amazing!

Margot: Sold furniture from the office. The woman came in to buy a smaller set and ended buying the biggest set

Jacquie: Very helpful I’m having mini wins and changes in discipline is improving somewhat

Trinity: I no longer feel any doubt or anxiety about being able to easily create more wealth by being authentically myself. My heart is confidently at rest. THANK YOU! Now on to MUCH more discipline and organization! Wonderful modeling, yes! Uplevel my service in the world AND no compromise on being a wonderful wife and mother. Thank you!

Kathleen Lou: I love this clearing-a-day tool. It will be useful to me. Thank you for extending it to our class.

Ellany: Loving the mockups, feeling much better, energized, things are clearer, financially – my husband closed a big deal last week. I had a great realization…in one of the homework pages you talked about context – mine I’d been living from context of “protector” and noticed how I felt that I needed to protect others and fight for what I wanted. The new context is “juicy love” – ohhhh yeahhhh, now that is an amazing feeling! I also feel much lighter in my body

Christie: More relaxed and things are getting more organized with less effort. More gratitude is changing my outlook, more relaxed and optimistic for sure!

Maria: I locked myself at home for 3 days in mini retreat and mapped out everything I want to manifest. I wrote my mockup for each goal I want to accomplish and added few immediate believable goals. I am doing my meditations daily, and before I go to bed I visualize my Mockups happening I’m feeling very energized

Bea: My mother-in-law gave me a gift of $850 last Tuesday – completely unexpected!

Annelli: One of my mock ups is that I sell things (books, shoes etc) that are not in use for some reason (reorganizing my space). Today after work, I sold a pair of shoes in grace and ease. I am happy and grateful for that!

Adrianne: My relationship has been much more loving and peaceful. You’re right ~ to be more precise the week has actually been smooth, I do meditation s twice a day , a little behind on the homework…. I had those first 3 clients on our last call and nothing all week ~ But today a new client! My old pattern is to look at what is not working so….

Anjelise: Grateful for the extra charts – thanks for thinking to do this!