Awakening the Healthy Human

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Awakening the Healthy Human is a rock solid common sense guide to getting and staying healthy. I’ve included a good portion of the book to directing you Keeping your life in Balance. What I’ve learned from my many many years of mentoring students and clients is that keeping your life in balance makes such a tremendous difference in how your life shows up. When in balance you experience more vitality, joy and amazingly great health!

As we begin to look at health in new and unique ways we realize that we are more powerful than we may have realized. The thoughts we choose to dwell on and the activities we choose as the center stage activities hold the key to our health. Our health good or bad doesn’t just show up but is much more stable and more responsive to improving then our culture and common thought leads us to believe.

As you read the pages of Awakening the Healthy Human you’ll discover what I feel are the 8 most important areas of life to keep an eye on, making sure to fulfill your needs in each area. You’ll discover details of how to approach balancing your life. Many people find it surprising that experiencing a creative life is an important aspect of being healthy and aligned. Another area I point out is that taking vacations is a must, fueling your emotional tanks with rest and relaxation is a vital element to being happy and stable.

You are likely aware of the big picture as it relates to having good relationships with friends and family and as you work towards balance we begin to ask what would make these relationship even better, so that my life could be even more magnificent and enjoyable?

All of these ideas are the basics of living a fully self-expressed life, and with some focused attention, we can bring your joyful healthy you to the forefront of your life!

I know a part of our audience, readers and students are in the seniors range, over 60 living life to their very best. I can’t stress enough how very important it is stay active and to be a contributor. Once you realize being needed adds fuel and years to your life helps you feel your life has meaning and purpose and there is reason to continue, you pen the possibility of being a centurion (someone living past 100 years of age). Feeling like you belong, that your life and being on the planet at this time makes a difference, feeling important and useful is one of the vital keys to a long life.

So often I see people begin to look towards retirement and think they’re going to be more self-centered. They imagine doing life their way, getting a lot more me time. This shift from contributor to self-directed begins to pull you away from the need humans have to feel related to others in meaningful ways, and life may eventually become less meaningful or even feel empty.

And if you were to hope to live 200 years or 150 years you would not be thinking about retiring at 60 or 65. The reason for this is that people lose momentum and meaning once they’ve done all the traveling, partying and ranching (or whatever the fantasy of a great life is). It becomes a race to get it all done before a certain age. I hear folks say all the time: “we’re getting old gotta get our living in while we still can” (and these folks are in their 50’s or 60’s goodness! Before you know it they have convinced themselves that is the truth. They become more sedentary and less active and for that reason the body doesn’t continue to produce energetically or chemically, even spiritually the dynamic conditions for a long life.

Awakening the Healthy Human is a fun and easy read it really reminds you of how to keep your life working very well. There are reminders about how you speak and what you’re creating in the world from your vocabulary. Also, spiritual reminders to live with prayer meditation and spiritual community.

I’ve also included in the book some wonderful guidelines to completion with partners that you’re no longer in partnership. You’ll learn steps to ending your karma. Once that is complete we’ll take a look at how any relationship entanglements can cause problems. And of course, we’ll be looking at the role of healthy loving relationships.

This is a feel good easy read that warms your heart and escorts you back to balance and vibrant health with some useful tools and guidance.

Table of Contents

Preface: You Are More Powerful Then You Know!

Out of the Ashes – Phoenix Rising

Restoring Your Vibrant Health Authority and Spiritual Freedom

Good Choices Equal Vibrant Health

Steps to Break the Pattern of Inaction

Speaking Truth – Manifesting Health Through Your Vocabulary

Emotional Environment and Great Health

Intimate Relationships


Your Spiritual Life

How to Be Unstoppable in Your Meditation Practice

Your Life in Balance

Element One – Balance Social and Friends

Element Two – Balance Your Emotional Body

Element Three – Balance Career

Element Four – Family and Friends

Spiritual Emotional ~ Entanglements

Element Five – Finance

Element Six – Spirituality

Element Seven – Creativity

Element Eight – Health and Recreation

Clearing Entanglements From the Past

Expelling Obstacles on the Path To Love

Completing With Your Parents – Forgiveness

Love Gone South – Break-ups and Divorce

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What People are Saying

I readAwakening the Healthy Human with great joy. Please allow me to say thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for everything you have done for us. I enjoy being a student of yours. My life is changing steadily for the better. All this is thanks to you and your teachings, Thank you for showing us, that it is more than okay to be vulnerable, because out of every situation only good will come and make us stronger.


This book taught me a better way to eliminate Drama, ways to address inaction, deepen connection and create a more balanced life. I learned the incredible in depth ways to clear and address issues that we are having in all areas in your life at any age. Julie Renee’s personal stories about her experiences always inspire me to be more.

Karen Quinn


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