Your Divine Human Blueprint

What You’ll Learn

This is your best guide to creating and maintaining your 100% healthy happy life using the quantum field and your original blueprint to restore and renew health vitality momentum clarity and joy here and now!

Never before has a book of this nature revealed such complete and accessible information on the entire Human Blueprint. Your Body has an elegant design with fields to support you in staying vibrant and youthful. Protocols for Cell Regeneration DNA Clearing are given in full and easy to follow instructions. The Quantum how to definitive resource guide you’ll read through over and over again!

Access the quantum field for regeneration, vitality, and emotional and spiritual freedom. Brain health. Brain fitness games. Brain exercises. Improve brain health. Brain health tips. How does the brain work? Brain power. Train your brain. Brain enhancement. Telomeres and aging. Stress relief. Chakra healing. Energy healing. How to heal.

What Others are Saying

Your Divine Human Blueprint contains one of the most powerful and valuable secrets ever discovered: How to activate the energetic blueprint of your perfect self and manifest it on the physical plane by leveraging the quantum field. The ancient wisdom delivered in this extraordinary book will transform your life. Since using Julie Renee's unique brain rejuvenation process, my thinking has never been clearer, my health has never been better, and my energy is through the roof. It's rare to find a teacher whose work is truly original and offers the potential to transform the world on this scale. I fell in love with Julie Renee and her work. Read this incredible book, and you will, too.

—Jack Canfield

From being ravaged by cancer and wheel chair bound, Julie Renee has transcended all prognosis and prevailed beyond anyone’s expectations to become a modern day “Rocky”! She has not only beat the chronic illnesses that she arduously endured, but went beyond the limits of what was thought of as humanly possible. Julie Renee has discovered the way to regenerate the body’s organic design through a quantum approach. Her book, Your Divine Human Blueprint is groundbreaking as the “definitive resource guide to accessing quantum energy, alerting DNA and regenerating stem cells.” She has created a self-healing manifesto to inform us of how to take control of your own life, health and connect with your spirit to transform into living your best life now.

Marjorie Hope

I purchased Your Divine Human Blueprint book, that came with the Clear Vision healing program. You also worked on my vision while we spoke. My vision continues to get clearer, crisper brighter. I can feel the shifts in my eyes physically. Today I was intuitively shown to use my golden rings to pulse green light into the muscles around my eyes to get them to loosen up. I can still feel it working. I even am seeing the line below a bit better on my vision eye chart. I am easily accessing my golden rings. I will tell you that my whole head vibrates while I have these rings activated. Wow! It vibrates like a hat and down where the base of skull meet my spine – the spirit access portal. As I was clearing a lifetime (3 lifetimes back), I could see the whole life clearly. It was amazing. Anyway, I am excited working with Neo-Genesis and interested in running some DNA obliteration programs. When I did neo-genesis the first time, my golden rings were on mild, but now I can get them very high. I will try that again for vision. I am also using your meditation for vision, daily. Everything is crisper and brighter afterwards. Your program makes so much intuitive sense to me. Thank you again!


Julie Renee: the most important items in Your Divine Human Blueprint for me are: The concept of the master cell, which enables one to generate new, healthy cells. How to fix one’s brain and get it functioning well again. The concept that the extent to which the human spirit occupies the body largely determines the health of one’s body. Five ways to restore one’s human access portal so the spirit can be fully in one’s body. Protocols for restoring the endocrine system, which has helped me regain my authentic self. A protocol for clearing one’s vision, something that a majority of us could benefit from.

Nan Schweiger

I loved how it pulled in both the physical and spiritual, showing me how they’re connected. Your Divine Human Blueprint is the most comprehensive book I’ve read touching on esoteric elements: auras, chakras, souls, memes, spirits and so much more. Some things I learned about for the first time, but immediately recognized the truth within. I so appreciated the exact descriptions of 5 brains and associated colors. Your detailed descriptions of systems in this book are absolutely amazing!

Leslie Rivera


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