Illumination: The New Rosary for the Awakening Heart

What You’ll Learn

Illuminated Christian Tradition: feel the presence of Mary and Jesus as you bring devotion and sacredness into your daily life. ​If you’ve been raised in the Christian tradition, Catholic or Protestant and have left for a time feeling you can’t align with some of the I’m going to call ‘political’ structures of the church, I want you to know that those structures were man made, not directed
from the Divine.

From early childhood I had mystic experiences with Lord Jesus who I would enjoy company – I would enjoy both conversation and companionship. I was always at church doing something as a girl and was part of the Jesus moment winning souls for Christ as a teenager. I was a youth minister, leading services going to nursing homes from very early on administering to and helping the sick and in need. Something happened I could not have imagined – at age 24, sick with terminal cancer, leaving an abusive marriage, I was asked to leave my church. It was definitely a shunning experience. I was going against the group mindset by leaving my marriage, and my ex-husband’s family had founded the church 130 year prior.

It was devastating. My heart and life were there in service to God, partnered with Lord Jesus and now, my comfortable home was no more. I cried to tears of loss, having lost my church, my children and my voice (the cancer operations had paralyzed my vocal chords). Slowly I began to recover myself. I traveled to India on a holy pilgrimage studying with the Brahman priest learning the ancient sound healing techniques with Vedic and Sanskrit mantra, studied with the Native Americans, Gnostic’s and Essences. I even studied with the Mormons. In my pain, I was asking who am I without my church, who am I without my identity? what am I to do with all I know and all the love i have for humanity.

In my 20’s I came across a Christian mystic Carol Parrish who had created a lovely Rosary she called the mystic rosary. It was the first christian rosary I had said, and began using it as a practice. My grandmother Grace Gable had prayed the Catholic Rosary her entire life sleeping with her rosary beads under her pillow. I felt guided to create a rosary filled with light love and a sense of belonging. To have a rosary I could pray that would connect me with Divine Mother Mary in the most beautiful way, and so I begin to work towards a rosary that would help me make sense on my world and feel my life and the journey made total sense.

And of course it did. I was meant to live a Christ like life, not necessarily a christian life. There are studies of the 18 lost years of Christ and it is believed that Jesus studied in Egypt with the Essences and Gnositcs as well as in India with the Brahmans and Europe too. I had done this, broken with group mind and moved out to learn and grown and be come more then my DNA and religious heritage had initially designed for me.

Prayer book you’ll find beautifully presented in these easy-to-recite book 3 sets of prayers revealing 15 mysteries that can be said with rosary beads or just recited with devotion.

  • Joyful Mysteries
  • Challenging Mysteries
  • Glorious Mysteries

along with study questions and all scriptural references to where the 15 mysteries come from out of the Bible.

Whatever your journey has been along your path of spiritual seeking these prayers are meant for everyone.

*Perfect pairing with the Illumination Prayer book as a gift set for yourself or a loved one.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Rosary Prayers for the Awakened Era

Section One: Context

History of Repetitive Prayer

Mary’s Prayer the Beginning

Power and Importance of the Rosary

Rosary Elevation: The Language of Christ Consciousness

Section Two: Prayers of the Rosary

Hail Mary

Love Wisdom Creed

The New Lord’s Prayer

Th e Great Innovation

Final Prayer: Oh Clement

Section Three: The Mysteries

The Joyous Mystery

Angel Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary

Visitation Mary Travels to Support Elizabeth

Nativity: The Birth of Jesus – Spiritual Poverty

Dedication in the Temple

Soul Purpose: Passion of Young Jesus

The Challenging Mysteries

Agony in the Garden

Jesus Misunderstood and Dishonored

Jesus Crowned with Thorns

The Weight of the Cross a Heavy Burden

The Crucifixion

The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection

The Ascension

Pentecost: The Outpouring of Spiritual Gifts

The Assumption: Mary Ascends to Heaven

Mary’s Coronation of Heaven and Earth

Section Four: The Illumination Rosary

The Joyous Mystery

The Challenging Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries

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What People are Saying

Thank you for creating the transcendent “ILLUMINATIONS” series. I was raised Roman Catholic. I was raised Roman Catholic. I stopped attending Mass because my heart didn’t agree with the doctrine that refers to us as subservient sinners. Illumination Rosary is such a blessing!!! It reunites my deep need for communion with Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. THANK YOU!!”


Wow in practicing Illumination Rosary I feel quite a transformation taking place! I am letting go of gloom, darkness and heaviness from my space and am starting to feel more bright and energetic.”


I AM SO UTTERLY THANKFUL AND DEEPLY GRATEFUL for Illumination through these prayers the Light of God shines on me and helps me so much to achieve my dreams and shine my divine Light unto others too… tears are close…”


WOW! After reciting Illumination Rosary I felt such a release especially around pleasure. I realize that I have been living in a pattern of sadness, loss and in such a low vibration for so very long. I am experiencing a good kind of crying. It’s the soul recognition of letting all the heartache go, giving myself permission to feel pleasure again.”


I lost my sense of love and devotion for the Divine through an extraordinary, painful set of circumstances. And then I bought Illumination in the hopes of restoring those deep feelings of love for Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Father God and all connected with this subject. I have been listening to the music, and your words. I keep finding myself crying as I listen. It is the same crying that I experience when I watch the movies about St. Bernadette, my beloved friend. I ask myself why am I crying. And I realize that it is the cries of my Spirit in longing to embody the Christ Consciousness Light in my life, permeating my highest expression of truth. In answering my Spirit, I say “yes” as I pray the mysteries. I do positively want my gifts back, but above all and foremost along with this, I want to focus on answering the cries of my Spirit in developing and embodying my Christ Consciousness. And in this my third goal is to recover my memories better especially of my lives with Him and St. Bernadette, as well as other essential lives. Nothing else matters to me, not riches, nor fame, nor glory. But the quiet journey to my truth path and living and expressing this in my human life. It is for this reason that I followed my Beloved Issa when you were there with Him, and my Beloved St. Bernadette. Hugs


I surely must’ve met you in a past life. As I read your book my heart fills with joy and love and compassion. I shed tears and my heart just is so affected by you. When I read that you participated in the first holy Communion I knew it was right. I’m thinking wasn’t that the last supper? And who were you? I feel that I should be sitting at your feet. I have been told and I have felt in my heart that I was alive as a follower of Jesus the Christ. I always love the Bible, and I especially always loved the disciple Bartholomew. There was a time when I was deeply devoted to God. One of my reasons for coming to you is in the hopes that my feeling of devotion will return. Many, many years ago my spirit seem to have died for prayer and devotion. I got your illumination prayers and audio tracks in the hopes of restoring this in me. That was always a great sadness for me I know I am on the right path and I thank you so much that you came back to help us.
Love and blessings,


I grew up in a tradition that revered Mary as the mother of Jesus, mostly at Christmas, but it didn’t go much further than that. I have felt drawn to Mary for the past few years as a source of help and encouragement, and I started praying to her, but didn’t feel my relationship to her was as deep as I wanted it to be. When I first received this prayer book, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. Going through a whole cycle in a sitting felt like too much for me, so I broke it down and started doing one mystery each day plus the prayers This discipline quickly became the most joyously anticipated aspect of my morning healing time. The prayers are exquisite and resonate so deeply. Each time I use them I feel transformation taking place I’ve been trying to memorize them to bring them even closer to me. Each morning I write three concerns on a little paper heart and place the heart in the book until the next day. Most of those concerns have vanished. Solutions come more quickly and easily when I take them to Mary through the Illumination Rosary. I expect I’ll be using this beautiful book to the end of my days. This book reinforced for me that when I seek help from the Divine, I get it. Like a lot of people, I’ve prayed prayers that didn’t seem to be answered (though when I look back from a distance, I can see that they were answered). I sense that the rosary, and in particular this beautiful, truth-filled rosary that Julie Renee has written, was a missing piece for me – something I’ve been needing and didn’t even know about.

Dale Allen

I wanted to start the rosary again ….To go deeper in prayer and chanting. My learning was in the power and effectiveness of the prayers. They are very different when I do them faithfully. It helped me feel the Deep peace provided by the Rosary I experienced as a child. The practice always brings up tears, sometimes of letting go of old patterns and sometimes of such deep peace.


The Rosary of Illumination created by Julie Renee Doering is very transformative! This book can easily be overlooked or pushed aside by most people when looking for tools to help themselves or who do not believe in the power of the rosary or prayer in general. And then there are people who know the value of the rosary but may think that only the official rosary approved by the Catholic Church is the only way to say the rosary. I belong to the latter group. I can attest that I thought in a similar way and wasn’t open to letting go of the Catholic version. I was fortunate enough to be in the physical presence of Julie Renee Doering attending one of her Diamond Retreat classes. She started her retreat with this Rosary of Illumination. I knew of this new rosary but I was fighting it and didn’t want to change. She asked us to really visualize the Light and the Love coming from our Third eye area and from our heart area to let it flow to the earth during the part of the Great Invocation of the Rosary of Illumination. Afterwards I was so filled with Light it was amazing. Julie Renee looked straight at me and I think she knew what an incredible affect this Rosary of Illumination had made on me and she smiled. Later on I read the Introduction of this book. In it she says this rosary has the power to clear away negative programs and entities. Once I was back at home I started to say the Rosary of Illumination on a nearly a daily basis and I can attest that it helped to purify my mind from interfering negative mind chatter. Julie Renee Doering also mentioned that this Rosary of Illumination has the power when said on a regular basis to increase our vibration to 1000 – that of Christ Consciousness. What a great tool and a way to bring Light and Love beautifully and effectively in one’s self and into the world! I also like the words that Julie Renee has chosen for her Rosary of Illumination because they reflect much more the New Area of Enlightenment and the supporting feminine energy that we are going into. It is much more positive and encouraging than the old way of suffering and the patriarchal world which is very much reflected in the standard rosary. This Illumination rosary is a bit longer then the traditional one but well worth it! The illumination affects are noticed very fast. That there is more than one format for a rosary that is effective and will be heard by Divine Mother and responded to. Just pure experiencing it. My body was filled with Light and Lightness!

Petra Sofia De Benedetti

Transformation is happening quickly for me and sometimes it can be intense. I was looking for Grace and Ease when I was guided to pick up your book Illumination prayer book. I felt a sense of peace come over me while I was reading and reciting the prayers. It reminded me that in times of overwhelm, I am not alone. I found the prayers comforting and empowering. It inspired me to reach out more and to pray more often, not only when I am in need.

Margot Carrera

It helped me to feel a palpable presence of Jesus and Mary in my life. The beauty and power of the rosary as a spiritual practice. The deep feeling of being loved that gave me the confidence to move forward in my life. Actually, to move forward more deeply into my Christian faith now that I am feeling a more tangible presence of Jesus, Mary, and of the divine grace of God in my life.

Amy Goldstein

I am reaping beautiful results from using your Illumination book. Thank you so much for writing it!”

Dale Allen

The Rosary is wonderful. Especially during the Christmas Holiday season, it gave me inner peace. I feel doing the Rosary has made me more connected to the divine energy.

Katie Tweedale

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