Illumination: The New Rosary for the Awakening Heart

Illumination: The New Rosary for the Awakening Heart

What You’ll Learn

Illuminated Christian Tradition: feel the presence of Mary and Jesus as you bring devotion and sacredness into your daily life.

What Others are Saying

Thank you for creating the transcendent “ILLUMINATIONS” series. I was raised Roman Catholic. I was raised Roman Catholic. I stopped attending Mass because my heart didn’t agree with the doctrine that refers to us as subservient sinners. Illumination Rosary is such a blessing!!! It reunites my deep need for communion with Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. THANK YOU!!”


Wow in practicing Illumination Rosary I feel quite a transformation taking place! I am letting go of gloom, darkness and heaviness from my space and am starting to feel more bright and energetic.”


I AM SO UTTERLY THANKFUL AND DEEPLY GRATEFUL for Illumination through these prayers the Light of God shines on me and helps me so much to achieve my dreams and shine my divine Light unto others too… tears are close…”


WOW! After reciting Illumination Rosary I felt such a release especially around pleasure. I realize that I have been living in a pattern of sadness, loss and in such a low vibration for so very long. I am experiencing a good kind of crying. It’s the soul recognition of letting all the heartache go, giving myself permission to feel pleasure again.”


I am reaping beautiful results from using your Illumination book. Thank you so much for writing it!”

Dale Allen