There are a number of ways to certify in the Quantum Activations Program.



The Diamond Immersion is a 7-day Diamond Ambassador Certification.

It’s like basic training and you learn how to approach all the areas of activations in a 7-day period. You are not an expert at the end of this, however you are well-informed on the clearings and steps to regeneration and removal of spiritual parasites. You are a goodwill ambassador able to speak about the work, and work proficiently on yourself as you grow in skill. You can participate at the in-person retreat at my home in Carmel Valley, or online from the convenience of your home.

Level 1

Level one is the Foundational level giving you the basics on regeneration and clearing as well as trainings in love and emotions, money and success, and time in a small group getting to powwow with me and get your questions answered voice to voice! You will receive a Quantum Activations Foundational Apprentice Certification.

Level 2

The second level is the Essentials level and gives you a good amount of training, expect up to 2 trainings in a week. We’re addressing the needs of the practitioner and the individual who is taking this program to make a big shift in their life over the course of a year, and do it in balance. I’ve wired in some one-to-one time in this level so you can ask questions and get guidance directly related to your needs and concerns. You will receive a Quantum Activations Essentials Apprentice Certification

Level 3

Level three is the Trailblazer level and is full on! You’ll be with me in many of the trainings and we’re going for the deepest level of online training in quantum activations available. This is a great option if the immersion yearlong is just not doable because of travel. You’ll have one-to-one time with me and life will be very different, more open and free as you complete your program. You will receive a Quantum Activations Trailblazer Apprentice Certification.


The Emerald Level of the Immersion Program is distinctly designed for both the practitioner and the person who is all about personal growth and wants to experience a more intimate one-to-one experience. This is a very intimate inner circle group with two in-person retreats at my home in Carmel Valley, California. Become part of the future and a master health activator as you manifest your dreams and change the world.

To learn more about each of these programs and enroll in what is best suited to your life please click on the individual program title to read about its features, the substantial tuition reduction and your commitment.

I’m delighted to offer you the way in to certification that is right for you!

Much love,



P.S. Success and mastery happen when we commit to a worthy purpose and take action!