Earth Day Global Activation

Recorded April 22, 2017
Cost: FREE

Earth Day Global Activation

Earth Day 2017 is dedicated to clearing the curses negatively affecting Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. On this call, we’ll remove the curses from our atmosphere. You’ll learn how to pump to clear an area of earth, or of buildings, as we move through the transformation of illuminating the land we live on.

Each student will actively be working their homeland and community and we’ve had students from 64 countries participate in our programs so I’m hoping we make a gigantic impact in the frequencies surrounding the earth, and in our supportive environment.

The influencing energies of the atmosphere can uplift or drain you of your own vital energies. Mother Earth did not ask for us to put holes in the OZONE or poison her field with chemtrails It was mankind who embedded a darkness around her. Let’s make restitution today and pump her field free and clean once more.

Please join me and enroll.


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