Wednesday May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2018
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I fell in love with Julie Renee and her work. She truly is the brain rejuvenation expert. Her work is profound. Nothing short of a miracle!

—– Jack Canfield

Hi I’m Julie Renee, and I want to personally invite you to quite possibly the most important and life changing class you will ever attend. ESSENCE: RESTORING SPIRIT, SOUL, LIFE FORCE and HIGH SELF.

Your Essential Nature is that which is ‘you’ as Spirit. In the Human Blueprint there is a beautiful program for embodiment of your spirit into your body. With this elegant designed you as spirit happily inhabits your physical body for a lifetime. Learning about your Essence and restoring all elements of essence to 100% will make your life and expression/actions more potent and powerful.

It’s often the part people forget to address when looking at getting healthy, wealthy and falling in love, and I promise you it’s a very important element to living fully.

I’m extremely excited about this amazing four-part program. In this program we will not only do some very powerful clearings, we’ll restore your diminished soul, retrieve broken off parts of spirit, increase your life force to 100% and reestablish your connection with High self, and your Divine wisdom.

In Essence I will help you restore your Essential Nature to 100%! Now for many that will be a complete miracle, and for others it will strengthen you and your work in the world!

Be sure to register today. I hope to see you there! Blessings,


Restoring Spirit, Soul, Life Force and High Self

ESSENCE: RESTORING SPIRIT, LIFE FORCE, ESSENCE & YOUR HIGH SELF will help you to increase your Life Force to 100% and retrieve the missing parts of your spirit so you can restore light to your body. You will be able to revel in the experience as you reclaim your dynamic energy through a powerful Kundalini boost and balance!

Learn how to repair the Soul (the protective chalice of the spirit) and restore the connection to your higher self. You’ll also learn how spirit can be damaged or reduced and experience the quantum process of restoring missing parts of spirit back to you! Religions don’t teach this, mediation groups don’t share this important information and it certainly not a subject matter explored by western medicine practitioners.

Isn’t it time you got clear and connected? ESSENCE: RESTORING SPIRIT, LIFE FORCE, ESSENCE & YOUR HIGH SELF will help you break the static block and get you back on track! It’s time for you to have this powerful knowledge and time to restore your essential nature to 100%.

About the Live Class
& the Program “Essence Live”


There are two parts to this amazing ‘Essence: Restoring Spirit, Soul, Life Force and High Self Connection’ offer.

The invaluable first part of this program is the live four-part training and clearing course.

Each of your four trainings is carefully prepared with home study materials to help you fully comprehend what you are learning, enjoy guided imagery to help your subconscious integration and to fully make and embody the shifts we are generating in our live classes.  

Here’s what we are up to in your
4 training sessions:


Training One:

Spirit Restored

This training will rock your world especially if you have had a troubled past life history. What most folks don’t realize is as they have been abused or seriously harmed as a being in a past life, part of the spirit can be damaged and broken off. I will help you to retrieve 100% of your spirit and do a spiritual surgery of a kind to restore your reassembled spirit to fully operational and as if you had never been separated from your (spirit) parts. Following this process we restore spirit 100% to body, most folks have never felt this, and it is indeed a beautiful experience.


Training Two:

Restore Soul and Life Force to 100%

Your soul and life force are intimately connected to each other and to you. You can think of your soul as a protective chalice for your light nature ~ essentially your spirit. It protects you from the darkness of others and dark places and keeps you intact as a spirit. This very blessed mechanism prevents more breakage and keeps your light from growing dangerously dim. Life force is directly related to how well the soul is performing for you. Life force does not need to drop till right before your leaving your body, but unfortunately many folks walk around with this way to low feeling weak and weary for many years. We restore your life force to 100% and you feel more vibrant!


Training Three:

High Self and Divine ReConnection

Understanding who you are as spirit, and how your Divine connection and high self fit into the picture of who you are the gifts you bring are what we address in this training. You’ll learn about your high self, the wisdom you bringing and have access to and we will open the channel for Divine connection as we open your connection and communication to your higher self.


Training Four:

Kundalini and Prana Upleveling

Kundalini in the East Indian tradition is an additional feature of life force, starting at the base of the spine in a double helix rising up the spine. If you have very healthy kundalini this force of energy often seen as green will rise up your spine, fountain out your crown chakra and then spiral around your body encompassing you in your own vibrant God energy. We will awaken and clear the path of your kundalini and learn about pranic breath and prana which is intimately related to kundalini. Both are considered important spiritual aspects of your life force.

Client Transformations

I wanted to thank you again and say how grateful I am. The last week was probably the most life changing I have ever had. My life had shrunk to a pretty small universe. And, now I see possibility everywhere, sitting in a room and seeing an actual ripple of energy is beyond words. I cannot thank you enough

– Anne Larson

I know in my heart and feel that I am different in many ways and I know that the effect of these meditations is cumulative and I feel very blessed. What more can I say if not that yes I am in the Garden of Eden!!!!…and I just can’t get enough of it…Heartfelt appreciation and gratitude!

– Marie Ippodimonte

I want you to know how Grateful I am to have finally found you and your teachings. I know I too came back to life January 2013 because I have gifts to give and work to do here on the planet. I had given totally up and was begging to be taken. I am so grateful I found my way to Essence class and I’m already much brighter (have pumped along Essence class all day to day). Thank you Rev. Julie. Love love love and abundant blessings!

– Elizabeth

I have spent a great deal of my life disconnected from my body. Between stress eating “junk” while I was going through school, and spacing out a lot due to my intuitive abilities, and all of the traumas I’ve experienced in life, particularly in childhood and young adulthood from being “sensitive”, I just haven’t been very grounded, despite all of the visualizations and meditations I had previously done. The very first class, Julie Renee PLOPPED me into my body and the other work further enhanced the shift. The difference is palpable. It feels so much more comfortable being on this planet suddenly. Thank you.

– Sue in California

Essence: Your classes seem to have helped with the the lyme issues I have had for years

– Nancy


– Deb

I began to notice that I was processing the events of my day in a whole new way. I was looking for ways to co-operate instead of ways to prove that I was right. In place of taking offense, I started stepping back, questioning my reactions, and inviting deeper understandings. Almost daily, I would ask myself, “Who is this stranger pretending to be me?” I think that most people who know me would say that I’m a pretty nice person, but what they couldn’t see (I hope) was the internal grumbling and grudging and competitiveness that was so much a part of my old inner dialogue. Now those grungy old layers are perceptibly melting away, and I actually FEEL like the nice person I used to have to pretend to be. I’m enjoying the best version of me since childhood, and I am absolutely basking in the joy and pleasure of my own company. I’m excited about EVERYthing because now there is a new “normal” for me. If I get out of balance and start to struggle again, I know I can recover myself. It gives me the confidence to answer the question “What can you do?” with the answer “Anything I choose.

– Dale Allen

Your Support Material

This Fast Quantum Activation personal growth training will help deepen your understanding of your Essential Nature. Essence: Spirit, Soul and Life Force are covered in great detail with the 5 chapters from Your Divine Human Blueprint.

In this profoundly informative and deeply detail oriented training you’ll the also receive Five Super Effective Quantum Shift 5-Minute Meditations and transcriptions.

These meditations are designed to help fine tune your inner being and have you fee Absolutely Amazing!! You will brighten your own light as you access the Quantum Pleasure essential nature!

Your Integration Program ‘Essence’

Module 1


When you’re needing a fast and sweet entry into the Quantum Pleasure Field, you’ll want to practice this guided meditation. Release everything that blocks you from enjoying the pleasure field and become revitalized in your waking hours.

Module 2


You don’t have to experience another day disconnected, lost, and alone. Remember you are cherished, you are loved and cared for. It’s about time you accept it and live it right now! This is the fuel everyone needs when their spiritual connectedness is waning. This is the time to quickly check in and experience the splendor of being human in a spiritual body, connected in love to the Divine.

Module 3


Imagine getting it! Your authority and confidence become established as you release what has held you in stasis and move toward your magnificent earthly mission. Powerfully centered in truth, you will be clear and open to the magnificence of your mission and your authority to act right now. Be ready for a flood of inspiration and have a notebook ready to capture your revelations. Empowering!

Module 4


When was the last time you were in absolute and glorious bliss? Have you been distracted from one of the greatest pleasures humankind is meant to experience on a daily basis? Quantum Bliss reminds you who you are and that your Divine birth right is to feel joyously blissful everyday.

Module 5


Are you ready for your next Quantum Leap? Quantum shifts are accelerated with this amazing meditation in the areas of business, love and health. Let’s bring balance and celebration into your vision for the next big breakthrough! Remember, total fulfillment begins in the mind. What you vividly imagine is amplified by these powerful quantum field techniques and will become real. All things are truly possible.

The book “Your Divine Human Blueprint” delivers the Protocols & Techniques for Quantum transformation

  • Introducing never before revealed techniques and protocols for stem cell regeneration and DNA removal.
  • The answer to autism, what went wrong and how to bring normalcy to life
  • How to reverse aging using stem cell rejuvenation (Cellular Neo Genesis).
  • Resources guide book for restoring, rebooting and regenerating everything that ails you ~ with step by step instructions.
  • Brain regeneration ~ eliminate fuzzy brain.

You receive 5 Chapters of the Book in this Program

If you like them and want more, CLICK HERE to order the book.


Introducing Your Teachers

Julie Renee Doering, Reverend, CEO, Mentor Author, Mom and Master Quantum Activator

Julie Renee is the number one brain rejuvenation expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration in Quantum Activations Academy and her groundbreaking books Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum technique for regeneration: cellular neo genesis, and for her medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful DNA. Her expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors. She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven and a host of other celebrities. She trains students in her original quantum activation trainings reaching into 64 countries with the miracle of livestream trainings. Prolific, she is a best-selling author, and has more than 150 trainings and 187 transformative meditations

Adelia Rose is daughter to Julie Renee and her teaching helper. Adelia is a beloved part of our trainings, and brings both purity and helpful angels to our teachings. She has the right, permission and ability to be seen and heard, and helps our attendees feel more love, and more permission to be themselves fully expressed even if they didn’t get what they needed in their own childhood. Focusing on you and not baby sounds is great advice if you’re easily distracted.

And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them. But Jesus called for them, saying, “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

Luke 18:15-17

Joined by Adelia Rose Doering, TA, Youngest Diamond Immersion Graduate at 7 weeks old.

Yes! Count me in.

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More Happy Students!

I am so happy! I know you’ve heard this a million times before,but I think what you do is absolutely wonderful for our well being and indeed not only life changing for us but for the entire atmosphere we live in.

Thank you so so much!

– Doolin

I loved how it pulls in both the physical and spiritual, showing me how they’re connected. Your detailed descriptions of systems are absolutely amazing!

– Leslie Rivera

Julie Renee is a life saver! Julie Renee is such a gift. She really does have super powers

– EC, Dallas TX

I wake up full of joy and excitement and am more aware of the birds singing, the flowers, and smells, when I am out walking I see new seeds being planted and new dreams emerging, or old dreams in a new light

– Siobhan Foster

From the
Chat Box

Janice: I saw lights going on all over class and inside each person. Your essence was like one huge beam of light. I also saw swarms of black bugs with wings flying away but unhappy and gnashing their”teeth”. I also saw a pink and purple (magenta) pyramid traveling with you ~ I cried and felt such a deep, deep gratitude for this tremendous gift you are giving me (all of us) and what it will do for me and bring to me in the future. Can’t stop crying. I just feel so much love, peace, joy and gratitude. Thank you, Julie Renee. You are a true gift!!

Eileen: Amazing, Julie. I laughed the whole time

Rose: BLISS! TY SO Much! Gone Gone Gone, tingly laughing crying gold light pink light, pulled barbs from knees feet, frontal cortex 3rd eye. WOW!

Margaret: Thanks Julie! my whole body is buzzing, especially around my heart

Cindy: Lots of laughter and lightness Jamie: Yes buzzing and feel like I’m floating

Peter: felt guided to chant the entire time

Jacqueline: I feel much lighter and elongated! As if I see clear and wider

Abdulghaffar : My body got hot

Nancy: I saw my higher self like a balloon with a string attached that was being pulled back toward my body after having floated far away. My higher self feels fully present.

Sharon~: Wow! That is incredible. Thank you!!!

Severina: This time I was just crying all the time at loud , I can’t even explain. I just felt so much love and appreciation for you doing this for us. I feel so humble and grateful

Nazeen: Lots of tingling rushing down the back channels of my body, Goosebumps in back f neck and slight shaking and tensing and releasing in the neck area

Robin: Very powerful, Julie. I kept seeing giant knitting needles patching the “skin of life”!

Janice: I saw green with golden zig zag lines of light going through. I felt like and could see figures like angels above us watching or witnessing the transformation. I felt really cold waves going through my body.

Trinity: I feel tingles from these clearings and especially love the songs:) I’m just really, really happy!

Ilme: I have been feeling light and vibrant, especially after the second Arthritis class – huge clearings done. Thank you!

Cindy: AMAZING!!!!!!

Sharon~: Thank you Julie Renee – Beautiful! Felt a shiver go up my spine and a short burst of laughter. Saw green spiral

Megan: I felt chronic neck tension let go with a spasm – now my neck feels free!

Barbara: Thank you Julie! I felt an energetic sensation run up through me ! Also , at about that time my cat woke up meowing : )

Eileen: I was laughing when you went through the 5th chakra!

Marysia: Thank you, Julie. This was an amazing experience!

Janet: Thank you. Just felt wonderful nice energies , happy, joyful joy.

Rose: amazing! feeling light, very peaceful. Julie Renee, Thank you. this class has been amazing. I feel so much stronger now than when I started.

Janice: I cried and cried – so very grateful. I felt enveloped in the arms of love and enlightenment and peace. Shaky now.

Paula: It was an out of this world experience. I was aware of the higher plane of existence and felt the presence of light beings around I feel renewed

Darshan: I saw a lot of colors in the beginning and the it all went really bright white light.. At some point I was dropping in the pump. thank you

Ilme: Thank you, so beautiful – I am almost burning with the warmth and love inside me and around me!

Neela: I was shaking, laughing, so expanded, happy, beautiful beyond words. I”m so grateful, thank you and much love !

Margaret: Feel expanded , light & floaty, peaceful with a bit of sadness hari: With my eyes closed I saw green and violet. Beautiful meditation! Thank you!

Ilme: Essence class has been life changing and uplifting for me. It has deepened my self-confidence, my optimism and my faith in the possibility of miracles. I sense the presence of my spirit in my physical body. It makes me feel bliss and joy. Thank you so much!

Jyoti: Thank you so much, what a wonderful way to end this series love and kisses.:) xoxo

Ann: Thank you, I felt shifts in this session, lots of love to you both.

Seval: Thank you!! I feel more love and joy in my body. The meditation was wonderful, the kundalini feels great 🙂