Mothers Day 2017 Free

Monday May 22nd, 2017
1 PM Pacific
Cost: FREE


Healing the Mother Wound Quantum Activation
Free Community Training

If you have felt a deep disappointment with the way you were cared for and nurtured in your early life, and want to make peace with this circumstance, then this session is for you. Having  incompletes with your mother means never really being completely happy in any other relationship. And a karma, an actual debt, is created for you to come back in another life and work it out with her. I know that’s not something you would want to do…right?

If you:

  • Didn’t get the love and nurturing you deserved
  • Find yourself ruminating on the love you didn’t get
  • Wish for an internal landscape of peace so you can finally relax and love yourself

Please join me in this very special community training, livestream and audio.

In this training we’ll…

  • Lead you through a meditation helping you release the disappointments from your relationship with mom and get you feeling more in charge of your inner world
  • Clear bloodline and DNA around not being able to have the kind of nurturing you would like to receive in present time
  • Do an emotional release process using the Quantum Pleasure field, sure to help you move forward in your relationships and with self love

Please share this with your loved ones and friends.

It is a free call and we want to share the love in a big way just before Mother’s Day!

I love and believe in you and your capacity to heal!

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Comments from Students:

Thank you for this class today. I feel so much more peace around my Mother and myself. I really appreciate You taking your time and energy to give this gift to our community. Love, Eileen

Thank You So Much for this call. I viewed the replay on Youtube, as I was working when you did the live call. When I did the Quantum pumping (I did it with both hands), I was doing it at the speed you were doing it. Then, my hands took on a life of their own, and accelerated. My whole body was shaking and twitching! A lot of junk was being removed. Thank You for You. Many Blessings, Renee