Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles

Are you ready to feel energized and sparkly again?

YES?! Then I invite you to take a look at this comprehensive and absolutely life-transforming year-long program dedicated entirely to you! You’ll experience uplifting transformation as we rejuvenate and regenerate you from head to toe. By participating in JULIE RENEE’S YEAR OF MIRACLES you’ll be part of a growing community of like-minded folks who know the body can grow healthier and younger. And, you’ll experience the powerful shifts that ongoing support over the course of the year can provide you!

And the big bonus to all the regeneration is you will have more focus, clarity and energy! Wahoo!

If you are an ‘grow healthy enthusiast’, ready to reboot your life, restore your body and regenerate your cells Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles is perfect for you. In our monthly mini retreats we focus on you, getting you to the place of more health, joy and freedom. Regeneration of your body will take days, weeks and months. The beauty of this program is we have created a beautiful program to guide and mentor you step-by-step through the restoration of your body and your whole being over the cycle of one full calendar year. During this profound year, you will change and grow and become more of who you were meant to be, in a gentle easy shift.


  • All ages are welcome
  • Rejuvenate all of you with 12 monthly ~ 3-hour Quantum Activations mini retreats
  • Affordable tuition for quantum activations far beyond a price
  • Dedicated year to deeply explore and create the quantum shift you’ve been imagining in all aspects of your life
  • Grow healthier and younger while doing your regular life
  • Loving group of like-minded beings
  • Consistent and ongoing transformations and health upgrades
  • Start any time during the year and progress through your 12 months.


Here’s What You Will Discover

Transformations through a year made just for your full self-expression:


This month is dedicated to the Energy Body, Chakras, Aura, Human Spirit, Access Portal and Golden Rings.

In this amazing 3 hours of restoring and rebooting the energy body you will discover what your chakras actually do, their shape and location, as well as the meaning of color in each chakra. The 7 body chakras will be tuned up to 100% function. We will do a brightening and cleaning of your aura and bring it into a place where it is serving you. Most folks have an over extended aura: over extended auras become thin, weak and loose the ability to protect you.

Next we work with your human spirit access portal and open it to 100% so your spirit can enter your body easily, and turn on your halo activating at least three of your golden rings!


When looking into flexible healthy joints, there are a number of factors to be addressed: DNA and programing for poor or degenerating joints, emotional and mental anchors inhibiting the health of the joint, interferences hanging out and anchored into the joint and finally injury and dis-ease. 2/3rd clearing of the joints with powerfully effective new charts and 1/3rd regeneration of joints, cartilage, fluid  and bone. You’ll also be given a homework chart for specific techniques on important areas like hips and knees with specifics on how to keep the momentum going and keep improving over time.


There is much more to the digestion then one might imagine. In our helpful mini retreat we clear many blocks to a healthy high-functioning digestive process and restore the function of all parts of the digestion, salivary glands, mouth, gums, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, large and small intestines, liver, gallbladder and rectum Now that’s a big clearing! In addition we look at and clear the emotional influence and group controls they may prevent healthy processing.


Metabolism and Immune system are our very important April mini retreat topics for clearing and regeneration. Both areas affect how good we feel on a daily basis. We’ll be first addressing metabolism and its positive effect on our vitality ,body temperature and weight. In our second half we’ll dive into the components of the immune system starting with the thymus, both doing clearing and regenerations to helping you live more comfortably as well as being more healthy overall.


Body chemistry balancing is another much needed area of improvement, and we begin the process of tuning body chemistry, both hormonal and neurotransmitters. This is a huge project and in this program we are able to address the how ‘tos’ and direction for moving forward. To improve chemistry in the body, you must first clear, then regenerate the source of the chemical, then work with the settings of and production levels of the chemical. There are several thousand chemicals in a human body helping it function at peak performance. We touch the surface here and you are given a plan of action should you wish to continue to work chemistry over the course of a year or more independently.


Lungs, Bladder, Kidney, tune up ~ regeneration. Both of these areas are highly influenced by emotion – Lungs (having the right to exist) and Bladder (the reflection of ease or anger, i.e. pissed off). We clear these important areas of all degrading programs and then regenerate the entire respiratory system and bladder and kidneys in a day of growing healthier and improving body function with some very key players in your human system.


Inner and outer vision regeneration is about being able to see well, reverse the process of needing corrective lenses, and healing the eyes of anomalies and illness. While we are in the region working the eyeballs, lenses, optic nerve, and visual cortex we also work to open inner vision from the center of the head and an ability to see in the mind’s eye as well as with the physical eyes. Many miracles and vision improvements come from this training. When you have good vision and eye health this strengthens the entire system.


Five Brain Regeneration and Nerves. During this retreat we will plow through the removal of degenerative brain and nerve programs and get the master cells and stem cells of the 5 brains on a regenerative path! We will work the survival brain first, followed by the emotional brain, creative, logical and genius brains. The cascade of new cell growth will progress for 180 days as you become more focused and clear as your memory improves and you are able to learn in areas that may have been a challenge or even impossible for you prior to the brain reboot.


Bones, Muscular Skeletal System and Arthritis Clearing. Growing bone back or mending bones is a unique process and unlike the master cell process we do in other regenerations, we approach the area of the bone challenge with a quantum activation in the connecting areas much like tree roots growing and melding together. We also address the clearings related to joint illness and arthritic programing along with restoring health to the muscles.


This is the month for the systems that help both nourish and remove waste from the outer regions of the body and extremities. We address the lymphatic and circulatory system giving special attention to the heart. We focus on the delivery of rich, oxygenated blood to the brain and all parts of the body. The ability of the body to fight off infections and clear away debris falls to the circulatory system. The lymph also plays a key role as our plumbing system, meaning it is largely responsible for the removal of waste in the body. Both take the debris and dump it in the liver and kidneys for processing out through the digestive paths. Powerful and extremely helpful clearing improving many aspect of top function in your body.


There are eleven glands and organs that make up the endocrine system and today we will clear and regenerate all parts. Especially important are the adrenals and the pineal gland for good sleep. We address the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, heart, stomach, pancreas, adrenals liver, ovaries and testicles. It’s a whole heck of a lot to clear and regenerate so we’ll be moving rapidly through the processes to get the very best results for you!

SKIN, NAILS & HAIR – December

This is a much asked for training in which we address the largest elimination system in the body (skin) and improve the hair and nails. We clear programs for all failures and poor hair, skin and nails, remove balding programs as well as anomalies in DNA for poor skin, hair and nails. All three areas will experience a full regeneration and new programing. Having beautiful skin, hair and nails adds so much to a person’s confidence and joy, as it reflects a healthy happy you to the outer world.

Please note that Classes are set 2 years in advance. Once in a blue moon we need to shift the day to the following Friday, and would let you know a week in advance if that were to happen.

BONUS: Students who opt to do the full tuition receive the year of replays with transcripts when they join the program as a very special thank you!

Since this is a year-long process and each regeneration may take weeks or months you are asked to make a full commitment to JULIE RENEE’S YEAR OF MIRACLES and we use a simple document from Docusign, which you acknowledge your commitment to the year process.

A personal message from Julie Renee

The day we began the Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles program in 2015, I wondered how taking a group of folks through a group quantum activation would work. I had just started teaching and training folks online and it seemed that if we could make the regenerations work in the livestream group setting, my goal of impacting a larger number of folks would be realized. Back then, as I struggled with my overbooked scheduled, with many one-to-one people needing help, and I was beginning to burnout from the sheer volume of clients I was helping, Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles came into being.

With this amazing program we are able to help many folks transform their body and their life over the course of one very powerful year. This program is more than just monthly mini retreats. You will receive weekly support emails, be invited to the community calls with first-come access, and invites to all our happenings. Our loving support staff is always there to help you resolve your tech issues, give you a little encouragement and stand for your success! And, if you love the community and the rejuvenation, graduate students are invited to review the course as many times as they like at a very reduced tuition.

Dear one, I want you to know that you are a radiant being of light! If on some days, or even most days, you wonder where your sparkle and shine went, I know it’s still there and together we are going to get it back for you!

I also want you to know with absolute certainty you can and will return to a more vibrant version of you, with the way back to more 100% youthful, flowing energy through JULIE RENEE’S YEAR OF MIRACLES Quantum Activations Rejuvenation Program.


JULIE RENEE’S YEAR OF MIRACLES is designed just for you.


I have recently worked with Reverend Julie Renee, and she is absolutely phenomenal in what she does. I experienced her rejuvenation program completely going over all my systems and have me just be at peak health and peak performance and it's just been phenomenal. I'm so filled with energy and so much zest for what I do, it's just incredible I can't recommend her highly enough for you.

—Linda Mercier

I had quite an event happened to me. I was in Vietnam, and ever since then, this cloud has been coming and going all of my life, mainly when I get around to a lot of people or something like that. I participated in Julie Renee's Miraculous Program, she did a clearing and unbelievably I've never been happier. That veil is just gone, it's remarkable. I would HIGHLY recommend her. If you're a vet or have any post-traumatic stress, go see her as soon as possible!

—Bill O'Brien

Vision improved
I experienced the floater in my right eye start to fade.

I purposely started to meditate for a transformation in my emotions. I used the dynamism meditation almost every morning before work and I become grounded, balanced, peaceful, and calm. I am filled with gratitude.

Year of Miracles
I am signing up for a second year of miracles as I enjoy the feeling of grace, peace, and calm after every session. I want to be the very best I can be and I look forward to continue to participate in this great community.

—Susan K.

I have been passionately driven to rejuvenate and regenerate my body.. My mission was to turn around loose skin under arms and weak lose muscles! This training Increased my muscle mass to fit my skin.. NO LOOSE SKIN NOW! I did replay several times to achieve this. Also doing the Lungs regeneration did wonders, My lungs were not extracting enough oxygen from the air I breathed, I was out of breath after running 2 to 3 hundred meters. This fact concerned me, I was a diver (occupation 14 years) I could hold my breath five and half minutes, so you can imagine my concern. Having now done course and replays several times I back up there.. running 4 to 6 kms with ease!

my goal is to do the VIP course. Regenerating / rejuvenating my body to its youthful state. I am currently doing year two of Year of Miracles… I have not as yet achieve the full potential of all in the years schedule… I totally intend to…. (as in a head full of natural colored hair.. still work to be done) and 20/ 20 vision)! I have hope and know it’s all possible.

—Trevor Lee


I believe in you and your capacity to heal.

This is the perfect time to step up, jump in and start experiencing the magic with Quantum Activation from Julie Renee, the #1 Brain Rejuvenator!

Here’s Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles Schedule!

12 Monthly, 3-Hour Mini Retreats
(Easily accessible from your computer)

*Subject to change (replays available).
Fridays, 9am – 12pm Pacific


March 16  – Good Digestion
April 13 – Metabolism & Immune Systems
May 18 – Happy Chemistry
June 15 – Respiration & Bladder
July 20 – Vision
August 24 – Brain Rejuvenation
September 14 – Healthy Bones & Muscles
October 19 – Cardio, Circulation & Lymph
November 16 – Endocrine System Reboot
December 14 – Skin, Nails & Hair


January 18 – Energy Body
February 15 – Flexible Healthy Joints
March 15 – Good Digestion
April 12 – Metabolism & Immune Systems
May 17  – Happy Chemistry
June 14 – Respiration & Bladder
July 19 – Vision
August 23 – Brain Rejuvenation
September 13 – Healthy Bones & Muscles
October 18 – Cardio, Circulation & Lymph
November 15 – Endocrine System Reboot
December 12 – Skin, Nails & Hair

Yes!  Sign me up.

Pay in full: $1900 (receive 2 months free) or
Pay for $190/month

Enroll Now!

Deep Gratitude for the encouraging 3 hr. session (Miracle) today. I had almost given up hope – the challenges have been so great on every level. But I was reminded that miracles are possible and that the passionate vision I’ve long carried for myself and for our world, this Wonder is indeed possible. I haven’t abandoned faith.

Bless you, dear one.
– Kelley Kelsey

I Want To Thank You for making this day extra special. Earlier today, I watched and listened to the first of 12 months /3 hour webinar on The Golden Age . You see, today was also my 65th birthday. What a day! With the healing for three hours, the Equinox, Super New Moon, Eclipse of the Sun and my contribution to a Global meditation for purification of Earth’s waters, my day has been one of the most peaceful and fulfilled day of receiving and giving!

With much gratitude and appreciation,
– Barbara

Brain Regeneration: I already feel more clarity and it reminds me of itself every minute, I do feel different. I have become more aware of how blessed and protected I am and what beautiful and promising opportunities there are for me. While meditating I feel more connected to the Divine. I am sure there is more to come! Thank you so, so much for this wonderful class!

– Ilme

I have great news to share- I am in Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles and we cleared the lungs last June and she shared the chopping technique. I am happy to report that in a recent CT scan, my lung nodule shrunk 3mm from 15 -12mm. I am very grateful. Now I am hoping to shrink it even more. Blessings to you all.

– Susan Doe

Even one class, one area of the body or one system at a time is really effective. We go through the whole clearing process and right into regeneration during the three hour (mini-marathon) class. From my experience these are really healing & uplifting classes 🙂 Thank you, Julie Renee

– Louise

The mini retreats in the Year of Miracles are so important! They spark my frequency to stay high and remind me of what is true. They enhance my Divine Connection. They make me happier, healthier, more connected. They paint my reality a lovely color and pattern of real love and truth.

– Trinity Thomas

This program with 52 weeks of comprehensive support is very much an answer to my needs! I need the retreats for feeling good, the meditation to keep up by myself and the weekly communication to remind myself of what to do.

– Jane

I find the homework finds a way to get done so naturally! This may sound strange but I believe I do much of my homework in my dream time I wake up in the middle of the night singing one of Julie Renee’s songs.

– Hughie

From the Chat Box

Your Year of Miracles – Brain

Heather: Beautiful deep class. Thank you Jules……I can feel my head integrating and my spirit more embodied in my head. Lots of love
As you are working in silence, I feel a deep stillness within me. I have always longed for and have had glimpses of..

Trinity: Every time I take a class it so far exceeds my expectations and hopes that I find my worldview upgraded! Thanks be to you for all that you ARE THANK YOU! HUGE! EPIC! 100% Brain and Access Portal Ownership for Humanity. Wowness. I can actually feel my brain, higher brain opening to, as you would say, cascades of knowledge. As I think a question a cascade comes… We are seedless! What you are doing feels HUGE for the whole field of humanity, beyond this class…

Julie: Thank you so much. Felt a lot going on at one point wanted to go lay down. Feel more at peace. Love, gratitude and appreciation.

Joan: could really feel the change. Feel this will be big. Could feel myself hanging out there and then realized I shouldn’t be here. Interesting

Audrey: I did have the physical sensation that my brain was clearer and lighter. Thank you

Linda: Tears of Joy! Thank you for this clearing in the human blueprint for All!

Louisa: All of this charting is helping me understand more about making charts…what to include together, etc 🙂 Thank you!

Petra Sofia: Wow how fast it can leave if all anchors are covered! It is good to have the written explanations as well.

Kathy: I feel like I’m vibrating at a higher level Yes really like seeing the written explanations as well!

Mary Ellen: That did feel quite miraculous/Divine. Bliss and gratitude These moments have brought me to greater unity and harmony with the One and the All.

Melissa: I am so happy it has gone so fast for us!

Petra Sofia: Your last class with Healthy Hair made a difference in the way my hair feels and my scalp feels. I am looking forward to more for the skin, hair and the nails. Thank you for doing this mini retreat for us! It is so nice that you always give us an overall way to be ! Like good tips from like being our mother! Thank you for doing this for us! Thank you for the longer clearing time!!! It is so important!

Ilme: You have tickled me and injected momentum and confidence – I started giving English lessons again, this time private lessons at home and started with my morning exercises again. I am 73, feeling motivated and full of energy. not old. Thank you, Julie Renee! The explanation-teaching is wonderful 🙂

Petra Sofia: My legs are so much better since you did the diamond retreat

Louisa: I have been feeling better & better each day waking up with energy & initiating 1 or 2 things each day (that were a real challenge to do before) I went through feeling hopeless to hope & joy. And I am also finding that after doing the general clearings with you in classes; if I go back to the topic & create my own chart on my specific statement it is powerful & I feel major results from just putting my attention on it.

Caryll: Thank you for your diligence and attention to detail. What a gift you have

Trevor: Wow that was super tingly, when you in fixing the access portal, I said to myself ‘Dear God Inside’ support Julie Renee, this sent wave after wave of blissful tingles through me, now I’m feeling clear as, what a cool feeling…

Heather: After we did the first clearing of forgiveness with lungs, I found that the unforgiveness was actually lodged at the base of my pelvis. That cleared and opened up the energy to flood my legs more. What is so cool now is that I can now do the tree yoga posture on one leg which in I was always wobbly. Now I can stand on one leg for almost a minute! Feels so empowering and excited to try all these other one legged postures..!

Joan: Everything your saying so true! I realized last week that the trauma from my father was still sitting in my body. I was unaware it was still there. So need to release to be clear. Good thoughts about tapping into is the anger or resentment? Releasing those feelings.

Sharon: I also had emotions show up and realized that it was the way I was viewing and asking. Your explanations were so clear and detailed revealing more truth and depth.

Laurel: Thanks for blasting. Am happy it’s moving fast! Wow! Thank you for such deep healing.

Sindy: Awesome charts, so precise like never before. thank you so much! And I love the one with the permission to own my eyes. I often felt that they don’t belong to me, now I understand better. Maybe this time my eyes will heal fully.

Louisa: 🙂 YES! Yes, I would really appreciate these extra charts. Thank you 🙂

Susan: Thank you so much for the info on anchors. grateful and wow.

Louisa: 🙂 Yes…I like using all of the learning modalities. The written out version helps when it is hard to focus, etc.

Katherine: I swear doorknob is my favorite as I feel I’m really going to town on inviting all these ‘thing’s’ to leave my body!

Louisa: I absolutely Love the Tryumbakham Mantra…for many years. I need to do it more 🙂 Thank you for doing it with us. P.S. I would love to do it for about 20 minutes straight with you.

Katherine: I picture pink and gold flooding into me when I’m in the shower with the water cascading down then again with the cream and potions I put on. I try to remember to do that to fall asleep. it’s such a peaceful way to remember the Divine.

Trinity: LOVE the singing! And feel the power… So much comes through your voice

Louisa: Julie, I AM starting to sense that everything in my body will heal…that it is possible! Yay! I feel “HOPE’ in every cell.My heart must be healing…right now! I feel such peace & joy & being without effort. The apathy & t.v. chart & embodiment chart have made a huge difference as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Petra Sofia: Not many can walk in your shoes, the strength it took to get through your life!Thank you for hanging in there for us to teach us now!