Living A Beautiful Life


Become a Natural
Beauty Magnet

When you are grateful for all things, you will begin to see the blessings of everything in your life.  With this highly experienced appreciation, you can become a beauty magnet and also the beneficiary of good fortune and natural beauty.  This program is Julie Renee’s gift to you.

5 Super Simple Steps to Living a Beautiful Life
Video Series

Beauty from the inside out is achieved through the practice of grace combined with the outer expression of loveliness.  Learn the secrets to Living A Beautiful Life by watching this five part video series.



Day One: Nature and Becoming a Natural Beauty

Did you ever notice that when you walk in the forest, or spend a lazy day on the beach how amazing you look? There are some really good reasons why that is so!

Day Two: Your Beautiful Life in Balance

What is more attractive than a beautiful woman who has her life in balance? When all aspects of your life come together and sync up you are in the flow, the Vortex.

Day Three: Your Beautiful Life in Rest

We will find out why being over stressed affects your out appearance and reveal 3 fast and easy ways to create the magic of rest in your body

Day Four: Your Beautiful Life in Movement

Keeping up some fun activities that enhance the happy endorphins can rock and roll you into the body and vitality you’ve been longing for.

Day Five: Nourishing and Flourishing in Your Beautiful Life

Reverend Julie Renee gives her beauty tip for the day concerning nourishment.


Living a beautiful life requires inner and outer work, incorporating both movement and rest. Understanding the path to a beautiful life requires a commitment to move out of drama and into the flow of grace and ease.

You can take the steps needed to enhance and develop your beautiful life starting today. If you want more, if you want to elevate your awareness and nourish your inner peace you must live an examined life.



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