Radio Interview Questions

Press Kit
  1. How did you come to your skills as a Master Health activator?
  2. You have an interesting health story; you had multiple cancers and died?
  3. What is cellular quantum mechanics?
  4. How do you regenerate the body? Isn’t that impossible?
  5. What is a Master cell?
  6. Why do cells break down to begin with?
  7. You have a book, what is the gist of it?
  8. What was you defining moment? The moment you knew you were more then you seemed?
  9. What is Fuzzy brain?
  10. Can you give the listeners a few tips, actions they can take right now to cure their fuzzy brain?
  11. What can our listeners do to avoid afternoon brain fog?
  12. How does the 100% formula work?
  13. Do computers cause sleep disorders?
  14. Advice for staying 100%? Is being 100% even possible?
  15. What gave you the strength to carry on and be who you are? Most people would have given up.