100% Full Body Ownership

Tuesday September 4, 11, 18, 25, 2018  ~ 10-11am Pacific

Cost: $197
or 3 payments of $69

2017 Focus

What we’ve now learned about ownership and occupation of body could probably fill a 1000 page reference book! That being said, with all the knowledge we’ve gleaned over the last year, we’ll be looking at new clearings with much larger more comprehensive charts, removing 41 interference, 13 anchors, emotions 5 timelines and so much more. We’ll also be reaching back into your past lives to locate when you might have given up being in charge of your body, setting in motion a force, group or another being partially in charge of you in every incarnation. I promise this class will be pivotal to how all of the rest of your life plays out and assist you in stepping into more personal power and effectiveness in the world!

100% Full Body Ownership
The path to a happy healthier life!

Without full body ownership you may struggle to get ahead, never really get a good night’s rest, suffer from frequent headaches, get in car accidents, endure. You’re prone to having problems with spiritual parasites, nerve pain, frequent problems with the immune system, and frequent problems with money or love.

To Own Your Body means that you are the producer and director of your own show. You are the one who chooses great health, and how much wealth is coming towards you. You get to magnetize deep love and sustain this because your body is aligned with your essential nature and you are in the driver’s seat of your life.

What does it actually mean to have 100% full body ownership? Who is actually owning what?

If you are a graduate of the Essence class you will know that your essence is more than just spirit. Essence: Spirit, Soul, Life Force and High Self, literally are the owners of your Matter, Perception and Energy systems along with your supporting realms, genesis, embodiment, quantum and amplification.

Along with clearings for owning the body we will also include clearings for interferences in the realms, especially in embodiment and amplification where we see many troubling interferences stopping your full enjoyment and expression in your life.

We’ve included some wonderful support materials with this program, charts, and articles, book chapters, Q5 meditations, No Ghost training, and Dynamism meditation. I’ve added these additional tools for you to keep delving deeper into the full ownership of the body.

After a particularly frightening and emotionally traumatic event, Julie Renee helped me feel safe again. She gave me the tools to find my own strength and faith in myself. Something that has come back to me in tenfold, just as she had said it could.

– Kelly

What’s Included:


  • 4 Weekly Sessions
  • Q5 Meditations – each with a specific purpose in mind to help you live into the restoring body ownership you are moving through. Includes Owning Your Body, 5 Senses Restored, Owning Your Life, Body Balance (read more below on each meditation)
  • No More Ghost training: Very first training given on clearing spiritual parasites and pests. Extremely helpful 2 hour video training with slides and transcripts.
  • Dynamism Meditation is the most helpful 1-hour meditation for taking charge of the power centers of the body and getting fully in as a spirit. The wonderful side effect is by doing this meditation you give the boot to squatters and dominating energies in your body and systems.
  • The Quantum Activations Core Charts: Clearing amplification, perception, emotions DNA, clearing spiritual parasites and pests, clearing chart for when things don’t clear easily, and clearing chart for anchors. These are the most powerful cutting edge charts to help you move into freedom rapidly!

WOW JULIE!I AM SO UTTERLY THANK FUL AND DEEPLY GRATEFUL for you shine your Light on me and help me so much to achieve my dreams and shine my divine Light unto others too….tears are close…

– Sharon

Here’s what we are up to in your
4 weekly training sessions:

Training One

Right permission and ability to fully own and occupy Your BODY. Well be fleshing out the programs especially from family and generational issues where you are unable to be fully in control of and occupying your body. This is a powerful training with homework!

Training Two

Making room for spirit in body. Cleaning up the body and then moving essence (spirit soul life force) in permanently as full owner occupier of your body! Getting the body clear and restoring spirit and full life force into your body in one session! This session will raise your frequency and prepare you for a 5th dimension transition.

Training Three

We’ll be removing Parental DNA bloodline / Clan programs as well as group mind to play small insignificant and underfunded in your presence. We will approach your soul family and remove the harmful influences preventing full joy and full self expression. And permission to be your best self fully embodied! Rights, abilities, and permission are the theme as we claim the right to full body ownership, full self expression and even the right to exist and take up space!

Training Four

Past Life Reclamation
We’ll be deep diving into past life, where did you give up parts of ownership, or where were soul contracts from family members made taking away your full body ownership indefinitely? and than a path to reclaiming all of you and your relationship spirit to body! We’ll move into integration of full body ownership and a plan for next steps to fulfillment of full body ownership in this lifetime!

Why This Program is For You

During the 4 weeks you will move into full body ownership in ways you never knew possible and have a clear plan mapped out for you on how to maintain, sustain and continue the quest for full body ownership. What we’re ultimately doing is increasing and improving the ease and relatedness of your essential nature, or spirit to body to the rest of your own personal blueprint and systems and super charging your ability to own your life!

Today, I am full of energy. I am not known for my high energy- quite the opposite, I have been running around taking care of business and going seamlessly from one task to the other. I have not even crashed yet, which usually happens around 3:00 and I have been up since 5:00. I have been enjoying the best sleep too. I feel happy and more at peace with myself. this has been a long time coming.

– Ellen

Thank you so very much for the answers and the incredible class i Full Body ownership! It was the kick in the bum I needed to get myself back to doing what I know I need to do. I’ve let myself go lately with not eating healthy (day 2 of being good now :), and letting my husband’s serious job woes get to me. Ugh. I feel so much better with knowing I’m 100% Spirit. I’m energized to be truly happy and full of joy. You have done so much for me in my life and I appreciate it more than I can express it. Love and Thanks.

– Katherine

100% Full Body ownership has transformed me for the better! When I regained my missing parts I became 100% Spirit and it changed my life. Doing the Embodiment and TV Clearing helped me so much I was able to clear about 80% of my sciatic pain and sleep thru the night without pain.

– Karen Quinn

Always for me I am looking for a pointing, a direction to my full liberation. I could feel Julie Renee was a Avatar. Deeper healing on all levels. So now for the first time in my life I am guided in a true way, I am being called to shine my light in confidence love, peace. I was not truly living in my body. I have now taken ownership and removed walk ins, entities that where latched on. I feel free to be me and regenerate for the first time. As a child I had abuse sexually and I feel free to be me for the first time since I was a little child. I am experiencing more of who I am and less of who I am not. Now I just be. I have faith and trust in what is. I accept what is without judgment and peace is here. Perhaps writing books, holding Satsang or just being, I present moment awareness enjoying every breath of what is now. I am pure consciousness. –Colleen

– Madonna Tobin

About the
Supporting Meditations

1. Owning Your Body

Do you sometimes feel like this is not my body? Are you wondering if you will ever feel in control of your body again? Being connected to and owning your body is essential when striving for a 100% fully self-expressed life. The life you imagine can ultimately be yours when you truly own and love your body, which is your temple. But you need to be in the present time.


  • Kicking out squatters – that which is NOT ME
  • Moving towards a male and female release – healing projects and aggression
  • Creating a center of head clear out
  • Creating the rainbow aura
  • A reconnection with your legs
  • Learning to click in your Spirit To Body

Do you currently have a beautiful connection with your body? Loving your body is the true path to healing and getting back into a wonderful world of action and even excitement. If you have felt disconnected from your body or been left sitting on the sidelines when it comes to self-love, use this meditation and experience a break through now. Say it now – I own my body!

2. Five Senses Restored

When was the last time you felt the breeze on your face, or heard a bird singing, smelled the forest floor, or profoundly tasted the unique flavor of fresh mango or papaya? More than one hundred years ago the capacity of our senses was more expansive than what it is today. In fact, I measure the loss of sense for the average tech-addicted American to be around 90%. Pleasure is so fleeting. It’s time you restored your senses and return to a sustained and enjoyable life!


  • Release Stagnation with Bombs of Roses
  • Reboot Energy From the Cosmos
  • Cleanse your Aura
  • Experience the Quantum Pleasure Field
  • Deep–Clean and Reboot your senses
  • Blissfully restore your senses

When I refer to the word “pleasure” most people assume I am talking about the sexual aspect. The reason is that sex is one of the few activities during which we still allow our self to delight in our senses. Bring the power of pleasure back into your daily life by restoring your senses and restoring your human spirit. It’s time to stop being a slave to external elements and time to start fully enjoying your journey!

3. Owning Your Life

Resetting yourself is as easy as releasing other energy, breathing in Pink and Gold and relaxing into the certainty and joy of the quantum pleasure field.


  • Breathe in Positivity, Release Negativity
  • Find Your Center and Let Go of Other People’s Energy
  • Detox the Energy Around You, Your Aura
  • Blue Corona – Burn off Excess Negative Energy
  • Affirm Your Greatness Top 10

The “Owning Your Life” Meditation guides you through a transformation that uses profound affirmations of greatness, love and power. Complete your quantum shift in the pleasure zone and feel powerful beyond measure. It’s your time to shine!

4. Body Balance

Have you been finding your chemistry a little ‘whacky’ and off center lately? This powerful tune up will give you the vital tools to kick start your inner workings and get you back on track and feeling fine!


  • Quantum Mindset Control Center
  • Become both the Director and Producer of your own body chemistry
  • Female and male hormone tune-up
  • Mastering a more peaceful inner flow
  • Restoring a more relaxed and serene state with the Quantum Pleasure Field
  • Bringing back a sense of body balance for the rest of your days

This is a gentle guide to mastering communication with your own body chemistry. There are key signals you will learn that speak lovingly to those parts of you currently presenting challenges, finally restoring a sense of grace and ease to your life.

Introducing Your Teachers

Julie Renee Doering, Reverend, CEO, Mentor Author, Mom and Master Quantum Activator

Julie Renee is the number one brain rejuvenation expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration in Quantum Activations Academy and her groundbreaking books Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum technique for regeneration: cellular neo genesis, and for her medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful DNA. Her expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors. She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven and a host of other celebrities. She trains students in her original quantum activation trainings reaching into 64 countries with the miracle of livestream trainings. Prolific, she is a best-selling author, and has more than 150 trainings and 187 transformative meditations

Adelia Rose is daughter to Julie Renee and her teaching helper. Adelia is a beloved part of our trainings, and brings both purity and helpful angels to our teachings. She has the right, permission and ability to be seen and heard, and helps our attendees feel more love, and more permission to be themselves fully expressed even if they didn’t get what they needed in their own childhood. Focusing on you and not baby sounds is great advice if you’re easily distracted.

And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them. But Jesus called for them, saying, “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

Luke 18:15-17

Joined by Adelia Rose Doering, TA, Youngest Diamond Immersion Graduate at 7 weeks old.

Yes! Count me in.

$197 or 3 payments of $69

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From the
Chat Box

Seval: I am more aware and if there are interferences I’m immediately aware and able to clear them, muscle testing works also better and I’m guided to do my next steps related to clearings because it is a lot of clearings with all this classes I’m joining. Thank you 🙂

Trinity: We had HUGE family drama in the last 10 days. I was able to be so steady people noticed my neutrality. And I did not take very much on. THANK YOU> Now that I feel more free I am feeling how much MORE free I choose to be! I feel my truest fill heart returning after this blueprint clearing. Tears. So grateful! I feel a new confidence about ‘family matters’ at a very crucial time. HUGE thanks.

Cindy: I am feeling so light and happy:)

Rosa: That was the most profound release that I have experienced during a blue print clearing. I’m so grateful!!!

PennyMay: I’m feeling much lighter as well.

Dale: How amazing to be blessed by that powerful prayer! It is so exciting to be in your classes at this time! Feels like we are right on the cutting edge! I’m so grateful to be here with you.

Trinity: Such a loving and remarkable class today. I love you both and all!

Pennymay: I have been eating and drinking more healthily as well as honoring this body on a deeper level.

Katherine: Incredible. I definitely have that interference. It’s incredible what you are picking up on lately. You’re on fire.

Jyoti: thank you for your commitment to this work and your full body ownership! wow! Amazing Julie Renee!

Karen: This explains the challenges I have been having with family. Wow Thank you so much for this Julie. Makes so much sense to me now.

Jackie: I am able to recognize when interferences are affecting me.

Trinity: I am feeling stronger and calmer as I move into a new home., previously very stressful. About to be able to take long walks again! You feel on fire today! The reminder are SO perfectly time for me! Grateful tears.

Louisa: Julie, thank you for this uplifting pep talk…I was feeling caught in apathy lately. 🙂

Toni: Thanks for the speech. It’s good to be reminded to stay centered. These are foreign influences I need to pump out.

Sindy: It makes so much sense and relieves the drama immediately.

Katherine: I’m going to replay this wonderful speech over and over again this week. Just what I needed. I’ve just back got on the feeling good path the past day or so. Very timely and I’m so thankful for you!

Jackie: I had a profound shift this weekend after last Tuesday class. I am pumping to improve my healthy body. I went from knowing I can do it, to I knowing I am doing it!

Mary: Thank Julie Renee, I have never worked so hard in my life, this has been a very profound course.

Rosa: While you spoke of asking the divine for everything I felt it’s truth deeper than ever.

Trinity: So grateful. As I have been taking several of these classes I am feeling like I am surfacing from a murky existence and into the clear light of an endless sky of possibility. I have moved from initially being hopeful, to feeling moments of absolute certainty about my wholeness restored.

Dustin: Thank you for the amazing class I am feeling more love and openness… more solid too. Thank you so much Julie Renee.

Jyoti: OMG! Goose bumping and filled with tears of gratitude for that prayer! Thank you for all this information and for all that you are doing to bring more for complete body ownership. Amazing and deep appreciation! XOXO

Colleenmadonna: Julie Renee you are amazing and I am so thankful for you in my life….so much is changing I this life and the peace and happiness is real for the first time in a very a real way…..words do not.

Karen: Since I have done Embodiment and TV Clearance charts my sciatic pain has improved by about 80% plus I’m sleeping all the way thru the night which had not been the case for the past month or so. What a relief to get rid of the pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Trinity: That’s what I was remembering, retrieval…100% Spirit is SO remarkable! SO grateful!

Ann-Mari: Julie and Louisa, I’m so looking forward to the Curing digestive disease. Most of the serotonin is from there, so get moving and feel happy we need a healthy digestion. 🙂

Louisa: it’s interesting…I noticed that the mental revolving when I’m sleeping isn’t me. It almost sounds like my voice. I started to say, “this is not me…you are not welcome here…leave now.” & I started to find that it stops immediately… & now rarely comes back. Thank you so much 4 teaching this.

Louisa: Julie…thank you so much for a lovely class today. It is so wonderful to have you young & vibrant ladies back this week 🙂 Have an AWESOME day! LOVE & Blessings to all.

Jyoti: Dearest Julie Renee, thank you so much for the information you are bringing to planet earth right now. I feel so lucky/blessed to be attending your classes. Much much gratitude and love to you and Adelia Rose.

Bea: Thank you so much for all you do. Adelia is so alert – she knew immediately when class was ending and jumped up to wave goodbye! So cute.