End of Allergies

Four Part
Home Study Program

Cost: $197
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Stop struggling with hay fever and food allergies.
Get into owning your body on a whole new level with clearing and rejuvenation DNA focus.

Do you have allergies and sensitivities and wonder where they came from? Are you convinced there’s no solution other than taking more allergy pills, sniffing more nasal spray, and dousing your eyes with drops, or worse getting more shots that will someday sensitize you to the world so you can live it and breathe deeply?

If you have serious allergies like I used to, you feel like you need to live in a hermetically sealed bubble with a feeding tube…because the air you breathe, the fabrics you touch and the food you eat can all put you into shock.

I was so crippled from allergies the doctors had no solution other than put me on disability, heavy meds and tell me to stay away from everything.

I learned some great things back then, for example sleeping on cotton sheets, wearing cotton and silk clothing and avoiding the foods that caused the troubles. I got the protective bedding for reducing problems with dust mites and in all ways cleaned up and purified my life. It was a big job. If you have gone down this road you know what I’m talking about.

Back then I was in and out of houses, I was a realtor, and the cat dander allergy was the worst. I had two episodes that both put me in the emergency room. Life was so hard back then. My business was booming, I was showing and selling as a top producer, and I was desperately sick from allergies. I finally surrendered and took two years off on disability so I could get my life on track and feel better.

It took some time for me to figure out the allergy issues and how to resolve my challenges and I am excited to share with you what I have learned about living without or with profoundly reduced allergies.

Some of it is related to stress and emotions, while other sources are related to DNA Bloodline and evil spirits and curses.

In this powerful 4-week program we will go through the causes  and source of your sensitivities and clear them, rebuilding your internal relaxed state of wellness.

End of Allergies Training Include


Training One ~ Hay Fever, Pollens and Dust Mites.

When you can’t breathe, you just can’t live a quality life. In addition to the clearings we’ll do a fortification of life force and body ownership. Many of these allergies have anchors, so you’ll be receiving a special clearing chart identifying the cause, anchor and way to clear.

Training Two ~ Foods ~ Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Berries.

and much more covered in this training as we look to the programs and patterns running in the body making your food become dangerous and a toxic substance in your body. Your food should deeply nourish you. Emotions play an important role in healing this type of allergy. There will be a special blueprint clearing in this session.


Training Three ~ Fabrics and Chemicals.

In this training we’ll be addressing your sensitive skin clearing away the over-sensitive to life programs that make you recoil and recede from your happy outward living and restore your skin programs to healthy responsive and calm, taking the programs of inflammation down many notches.


Training Four ~ Animals and Dander

This is a common and challenging allergy to experience as many have pets, or loved ones have pets. If you’re sensitive it means you have to be medicated to spend any significant time with the ones you love in their environment. We’ll be working on brain programs, emotion, histamine responses and rewiring you for more ease with our furry friends!

When you’re experiencing allergies you feel as if something else has taken over your body and is now in control. You may reach for drugs to suppress the histamine response, or pull back from life, nursing yourself back to calm and ease, isolated and alone. Let’s change that! You can be in charge of your body, breathe deeply and enjoy all the wonders of life!

Program Support Materials:



The word “ease” triggers a sense of grace and serenity. If you are ready to shift from where you are to a calmness of mind and ease of spirit this is a perfect meditation for you today.


  • Grounding Breath
  • Releasing Stress from your Legs: Muscles and Bones
  • Feeling Safe in an Inner Shower Of Relaxation and Peace
  • A Sandy Beach Moment
  • Grace and Ease
  • Trusting of Self, Strong and Soft

Ease is the sought after state of grace trigger, when one is in the flow of life. If you have found yourself falling out of sync with ease, then this will get you back in the game once more.

Relax and Release

Have you been feeling stressed out and disconnected for too long? Maybe you could use some time to reconnect and come back to your core but you are finding it hard to carve out hours of time to make it happen. Relax and release is sure to transport you into your happy zone and restore the balance and joy you have been longing for.


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Grounding for Freedom
  • Golden Sun Healing of Adrenals
  • Restore your Nervous System to Healthy Electric Blue
  • Clean Out Your Control Center, the Serene Center of Head
  • Support of Pleasure Field and Feeling Wonderful and Refreshed

When it’s time to relax and you have little time to do so, this is the answer.  You will achieve great results in very little time. Yes plan a vacation soon, but enjoy this brief meditation to maintain the joy in your step and the twinkle in your eye when time is of the essence. Life does not have to be a struggle. Having a few strategic tools in place can help you resolve suffering.


Let go of what you cannot control and embrace your field of peace and pleasure. This meditation delivers a serene and happy healing to body and being. As you glide through this sweet “grace filled” meditation you will notice an increase in your wisdom as your stress falls away, quickly and easily restoring order and ease to your life.


  • Breath of Positivity, Hope and Love Release of Stressors
  • Grounding Cord Release of ‘That Which is Not You’
  • Rainbow Color Fields of Healing Light
  • Restoring the Nervous System to Electric Blue
  • Aura Healing With Blue Corona
  • Seat of Soul ~ Center of Head Ownership ~ I am Serene

This amazing multi-faceted journey brings you to a place of serenity, guiding you to the release points needed to help you get back to your core. If you are tired of being agitated, worried and living with drama, and feel you are losing control, this is the meditation for you. It will help you get you back to your center.

Yes!  Count me in.

Only $197 or 3 payments of $69

Home Study

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From the chat box:

Maria: Yes I did see you do stuff and felt so safe…it was like a mom taking care of her little ones…you had a red hood on. Thank you so much….once you told me that you will always come on the astral plane and I have often called out to you…thank you so much for all

Amy: Thank you Julie Renee. I feel much calmer and more at peace!

Dionne: So grateful to you, Julie Renee! I felt so nurtured and great bliss when you were activating the divine blueprint.

Seval Maria: I’m so excited and motivated to learn more about the Divine Human Blueprint! I can’t wait :))

Jyoti: thank you so much Julie Renee, this is absolutely key for me much love:)

Sindy: Ursula says thank you to you, she is overwhelmed what you did for her

Seval Maria: I love this Blueprint shifting!! I can feel and see how you work on the Blueprint and I can feel oneness between me and the whole group, there is no distance between us. Awesome!! Thank you so much!! Love

Pennymay: The energy in this body is moving a lot, readjusting, thanks so much 🙂

Dionne: Medical control energy is something I have experienced for a long time. Thank you for explaining it. I feel that I can address issues with my health more successfully now. I very much enjoyed watching you work with the blueprint! So interesting!

Sharon: Thank you Julie Renee! What came to me – Be in a heart space of gratitude at all times. See thru eyes of gratitude and unconditional love.

Heather: My belly and digestion feel lighter and more clear. Very wonderful. Thank you Jules! Lots of love

Sindy: Thank you sooo much for the blueprint-shift and for this class and great work.

Sharon 2: Thank you so much Julie….awesome class….now I can really get to work…sending love to you

Jyoti: thank you so much for clearing with us for us. it accelerates the clearing so much really appreciate this nudge. wonderful class. thank you so much love and appreciation

Amy: Very powerful class! Thank you Julie Renee

Louisa: WOW, WOW, WOW Julie, I LOVE the in-depth teachings! Thank you so much! 🙂 Really cool about life force activation…that is the first time I looked at it this way! Thank you.