Healing the Sex Glands and Organs – Men

January 24, 2018
10am – 12pm Pacific

Cost: $99

I am often asked for assistance from my gentlemen followers for improved sexual function as well as reduction of enlarged prostate. Fellas I have heard your request loud and clear and we are offering this very special one-time regeneration experience just for you.

In this 2-hour clearing and rejuvenating day we will remove all programs from your body and field for low or poor sexual function, clearing energetically all of the male body of dark or controlling energies, as well as set the prostate to a healthy size.

In the first hour of our special course we’ll be focused on removing programs for low or poor function as well as illness and malfunction of your sex glands. Clan and DNA can be at the forefront of these issues. Along with curses and control energy where you would not get to as a spirit be in charge of your boy parts.

In our second hour together we’ll focus on regeneration using the cellular neo genesis technique which allows us to start a cascade of new cell growth in your penis, testicles and all related parts. This is a powerful process and will take weeks to complete, and everything you will need to know and do will be presented in this program.

The chat box is open in this live interactive course to specifically request your unique concerns and areas of focus and time permitting we will address all areas. (You are my followers, please be respectful and kind, attend this course with an open heart and know that you will get the shift you are looking for)

I’ve also included some wonderful support materials with this training.

How it’s Put Together

How it’s put together:

  • The 2-hour live stream with audio and chat box for your questions
  • Replay with video, audio, class slides, charts and transcripts
  • The Definitive Guide to Meditation Happy Hormones – Men’s meditation
  • Healing from Assault – Chapter 22 Your Divine Human Blue Print

Support Materials


Happy Hormones for Men

Restore your endocrine system to its happy, natural state with this highly effective guided meditation. Become better informed through several key lessons on how the body and glands function. When used frequently, this meditation will help tune up your endocrine system and deepen your connection to spirit, to reset your hormones and make sure they are back in balance and in their natural state of joy!


  • Tune-up for Love, Rejuvenation and Energy!
  • Rejuvenate and Reverse Aging
  • Reduce stress and experience tranquility amongst the chaos of life
  • Access greater, deeper sleep
  • Stimulate your Immune health and your Love-Making Capabilities
  • Release the Toxic Build-up of out-of-balance hormones

The Happy Hormones Meditation is a first-rate overall tune-up for you. The final session focuses on the restoration of your male glands and hormones to ensure they are at 100% function.


Virility Tune Up

“Great men’s meditation”, just what the rejuvenation doctor ordered to get you back to feeling great fast. Practical ~ it makes sense to clear blocked energy and this is a fabulous clearing for you, from the inside out.


  • Ground and Clear Your Male Body
  • Internal Clear Out Using Earth and Cosmic Energy
  • Green and Blue Male Energy Enhancement
  • Tuning Up Testosterone Better Muscles Energy
  • Better Performance and Energy for Sex

Being potent and strong for yourself and your partner can make the world of different, right? It’s not complicated. You can have your virility reinstalled and be back in the game with regular practice of this easy to follow meditation.


Better Sex

If you have been trying to enjoy your sexual experience but have had no success, this loving and straight help meditation gets you clear and relaxed. Delivering real help for what prevents pleasure, you are guided gracefully through the block clearings that allow you to enjoy the pleasures you were always meant to experience.


  • Purification Quantum Pleasure Field Technique
  • DNA Clearing Family Programs Preventing Ecstasy
  • Thought-form and Emotion Clean out
  • Men Green Gold Blessing of Restoration
  • Affirmation: I love Myself, I Trust Myself, I Give Myself Permission to Experience Full Sexual Expression

Tastefully presented with the love wisdom of the ages, renewal and rejuvenation are embodied in this incredible life shifter. ‘Better Sex’ helps you to feel the full joys that have eluded you. Heal from a high vibration and release what stops you from the joy of sex.


Quantum Shrink Prostate

I am often asked if meditation and the quantum field can help shrink an enlarged prostate. The answer is Yes! When you imagine getting the field to support the shift, you create a new reality in your physical body.


  • Stress, Excess Energy Release
  • Shrinking Blue Cool and Comfortable
  • Female Control Energy Removal
  • DNA Removal of Prostate and Cancer DNA Process
  • Cascade of refreshed cells with New Helpful DNA

It’s time to start feeling good in your skin again! This meditation will quickly help you feel more like yourself. Imagine sleeping longer, or not having to urgently pull over to find a rest area. Feel great and on top of the world. Use this meditation regularly as repetition helps get you to your goal!

– PLUS –


Included Book Chapter

Chapter 22 from Your Divine human Blueprint “Healing From Assault”

Yes! Count me in.

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From the Chatbox

Benny: Thank you Julie, this is one of the best classes you’ve ever given, because it’s something that doesn’t get addressed at all for guys.

Toni: Thank you so much. That was all very helpful. This was really one of the best classes you have given!

Philippe: Really great class again today, thanks you so much Julie Renee!

Jerry: Thank you and Infinite Blessings!