Prostate Reducer

Cost: $149
or 3 payments of $54

Through my many years of working with clients, about 10% of the gentlemen I work with bring up the issue of an enlarged or troublesome prostate. In this powerful, one-of-a-kind training I’ll mentor you on both clearings for prostate health and on shrinking a troublesome, enlarged prostate.

Fellas, you’ll be so happy when this issue is resolved. You can sleep through the night and needn’t working about the frequent need to urinate. As the prostate reduces in size, and great health returns to the areas, you can rest easy and focus on what really matters!

What you’ll receive in this very special training:

  • Clearing programs informing the body to cause the malfunction of the prostate
  • Removing inflammation and regenerating the healthy cells of the prostate
  • Resetting DNA and other programs for a normal healthy prostate

I’ve had excellent results with the men I’ve worked with and trained through the years and you too will get those great results!

What you get:


  • Results, over 90 days your prostate will grow smaller
  • 2-hour training
  • Audio and video for your reference use for years
  • Clearing charts and assignments for keeping the shift
  • 3 bonus meditations to help you feel great and grow younger while shrinking your prostate

“Taking part in Julie’s prostate session recently, I was totally unprepared for the deep cleansing and healing that took place within minutes right across my survival systems, body and mind. I didn’t even know these systems were so in need of release and renewal. Julie was always on top of her game – now she’s way ahead of the game.”

– James


Q5 Meditations To Take Your Work Deeper

Quantum Shrink Prostate

I am often asked if meditation and the quantum field can help shrink an enlarged prostate. The answer is Yes! When you imagine getting the field to support the shift, you create a new reality in your physical body.


  • Excess Energy Release
  • Shrinking Blue Cool and Comfortable
  • Female Control Energy Removal
  • DNA Removal of Prostate and Cancer DNA Process
  • Cascade of refreshed cells with New Helpful DNA

It’s time to start feeling good in your skin again! This meditation will quickly help you feel more like yourself. Imagine sleeping longer, or not having to urgently pull over to find a rest area. Feel great and on top of the world. Use this meditation regularly as repetition helps get you to your goal!

Growing Younger

This wonderful meditation uses the presence and energy of pink and gold to help you grow younger and more vibrant. If you are feeling older than your years and want to stay youthful from the inside out you’ll love this revitalizing meditation.


  • Breathe in Pink and Gold the Colors of Age Reversal
  • First Chakra Reboot ~ Survive to Thrive
  • Reptilian Brain Reconnect to Your Regeneration Ability
  • Revitalize your Skin inside Out

Becoming younger is not just a passing thought. Nowadays we know the body can regenerate itself with the proper mindset and nutrition. Start your age reversal with this relaxing meditation focused on energizing youthfulness through a pink and gold breath technique. Listen and grow younger. It’s that easy!

Virility Tune-Up

“Great men’s meditation”, just what the rejuvenation doctor ordered to get you back to feeling great fast. Practical ~ it makes sense to clear blocked energy and this is a fabulous clearing for you, from the inside out.


  • Ground and Clear Your Male Body
  • Internal Clear Out Using Earth and Cosmic Energy
  • Green and Blue Male Energy Enhancement
  • Tuning Up Testosterone Better Muscles Energy
  • Better Performance and Energy for Sex

Being potent and strong for yourself and your partner can make the world of different, right? It’s not complicated. You can have your virility reinstalled and be back in the game with regular practice of this easy to follow meditation.

Yes! Count me in.

Only $149

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