Quantum Activations Apprentice Training

Welcome to Your Quantum
Activation Apprentice Training!

Three-Tiered ~ Online ~ Year-long training

Have you wanted to do a more in depth training in the quantum activations programs with a certification, but have been unable to make the Immersion trainings with live retreats?

Are you interested in a LIVE online learning environment where you can interact with Julie Renee and learn at a very deep level the transformative clearing, regenerations and accelerated processes so you can execute your quantum shifts like a master?

Do you want to be part of a global community of dedicated individuals who care about the peoples of the earth, and the earth itself, and are ready to take a stand in shifting group mind in a powerful and positive way?

Fantastic! I am delighted to say, I have heard your request and designed a 3-tiered training just for you!

In all 3 levels of the Quantum Activations Apprentice Program you’ll experience the detailed charts and presentations you have grown fond of over the past 18 months, and together you and I will get you up to speed on all aspects of the Divine Human Blueprint. You’ll train weekly to balance, restore and rebuild your blueprint to its very best.

Classes cover all aspects of the Blueprint:

  • Perception
  • Essence
  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Realms~
    • Genesis
    • Embodiment
    • Quantum
    • Amplification

And at the completion of your training you’ll have earned a Quantum Activations Apprentice Certification you can use professionally. This Certification is a great honor and says you have what it takes, the skill and the commitment to activate the quantum pleasure field and transform reality for the better!

There are 3 Levels to the Apprentice program, please review each level carefully and select the one best suited for your needs.

Here’s a summary breakdown of the number and types of classes offered at each level. Each program can be done live or as a replay. Classes are presented both live stream & telecast. Replays include video, audio, transcripts, trainings slides and charts, as well as carefully designed homework. You’ll be doing each level. After reviewing the summary, please click through to discover the specific details of each level and note the substantial reduction in tuition you will receive.

Quantum Activation Apprentice: Foundational Level

This level gets you the monthly trainings and all the basics of being an apprentice, and is perfect for the busy professional or for someone on a budget ready to jump in and get certified.

Live trainings include Apprentice level classes

  • 7 in Health & Clearing
  • 2 in Wealth & Relationships
  • 2 in Emotions & Full Self Expression
  • 3 in Spiritual Awareness
  • 2 ~ 1-Hour Small Group (5 students max) Mentoring Calls with Julie Renee

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Quantum Activation Apprentice: Essential Level

This level take you deeper into the trainings. Much like attending part-time university you will be growing and shifting rapidly as you progress through the homework and trainings.

Live trainings include Apprentice Level and Special classes

  • 12 in Health & Clearing
  • 3 in Wealth & Relationships
  • 3 in Emotions & Full Self Expression
  • 4 in Spiritual Awareness
  • Diamond Ambassador 7-Day Online Training
  • 2 ~ ½-Hour One-to-One Quantum Shift Sessions with Julie Renee

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Quantum Activation Apprentice: Trailblazer Level

In our elite level training you not only get all the trainings, we make sure that you have gone through a year of regeneration. Much like attending university full-time you will be actively moving your life and knowledge forward at an accelerated rate.

Live trainings include Apprentice Level and Special classes

  • 14 in Health & Clearing
  • 3 in Wealth & Relationships
  • 4 in Emotions & Full Self Expression
  • 5 in Spiritual Awareness
  • Diamond Ambassador 7-Day Online Training
  • Accelerate Wealth
  • Your Year of Miracles
  • 2 ~ 1-Hour One-to-One Quantum Shift Sessions with Julie Renee

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If you’re going into your second year with the Apprentice Program, here are your options:
Apprentice Year Two and the Immersion Program.




Health & Clearing 7 12 14
Wealth & Relationships 2 3 3
Emotions & Full Self Expression 2 3 4
Spiritual Awareness 3 4 5
Additional Offerings Diamond Ambassador Online 7-Day Diamond Ambassador 7-Day Online Training, Julie Renee’s Year of Miracles and Accelerate Wealth
Time with Julie 2 ~ 1-Hour Small Group (5 students) Mentoring Calls with Julie Renee 2 ~ ½-Hour One-to-One Quantum Shift Sessions with Julie Renee 2 ~ 1-Hour One-to-One Quantum Shift Sessions with Julie Renee

As you can see the Quantum Activations Apprentice Program is extraordinary and transforming. Imagine yourself a year from now, with your brain, body, love life and money life rebooted! How does it feel? I want you to get your miracles and recognition for completing a year of carefully mapped out apprentice trainings with a professional certification.

Enrollment links are included on each page of the 3 levels, I really look forward to mentoring you in your best life, with daily activations in the quantum pleasure field.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: You may use the information to help yourself and others, but you may not teach it in any way. Can we share it? no, you can use the info to help yourself and others but not teach it in any way.

A: I’m not opposed to this but I don’t recommend this practice as I’ve seen it back fire. Because others have many additional issues, you can get bogged down. It’s better to use this work on yourself.

A: You may not teach this material to the public but you may teach a group if you have a practice.

A: Yes, if you already have a practice.

A: You can become an affiliate, and provide them a product link. You will receive a commission on your sales. Sign up here. www.JulieRenee.com/partners