Quantum Removal of Infection

Thurs: August 9, 16, 23, 30;
September 6, 2018
 10am-11am Pacific


Cost: $249 or
3 payments of $89

Part of having great health is being free of infections, yet most folks have several infections running at any given time. They may go unnoticed, but they do ultimately weaken your system over all and pull on the immune vibrancy reducing your stamina to ward off additional infections while lowering your vitality and joy.

As you heard in the video, this is the first time I am pulling the curtains back and training a group on how to remove infections. I always like to train on how to restore great health to the body, but in the case of infections, especially the tough ones, it is good to have this in your health activations tool box.

Training One ~ Bacterial (Appreciation)

Removal of programs supporting the infection and the activation of uplifting frequency, in this case appreciation that dissolves the hold of the infection on the body.

Training Two ~ Viral (Love)

Removal of both the programs allowing the viral infection to embed in the body, removing spiritual interferences and removing the infection. Review how long in between clearings and how many clearings typically to full healing.

Training Three ~ Fungus (Compassion)

We continue to follow our format and clear the programs informing the body to allow or hold onto and infection, then clear spiritual interferences, the infections themselves and activate the higher frequency vibration in the body to stave off the fungal issue. Identify remaining clearings needed for full transformation.

Training Four ~ Yeast and Parasite (Grace) & Micro plasma and the odd infection (Agape)

We focus on yeast and parasites as two types of infections can be very pervasive and hard to clear. They are addressed in the blueprint essence, matter, energy, genesis, embodiment. Amplification must each also be cleared to fully remove this parasitical infection. For the second hour we identify and clear the odd infection and weird diagnosis (resembles this type of infection, but is not this). You’ll learn the steps towards removal and clearing for any future problem as well.

Training Five – Micro plasma and the odd infection (Agape)

We’ll identify and clear the odd infection and weird diagnosis (resembles this type of infection, but is not this). You’ll learn the steps towards removal and clearing for any future problem as well.


I joined the Quantum Removal of Infections to l​earn how to remove multiple infections I have including Candida, Lyme, Babesia and Epstein Barr Virus. I had some unexpected transformations. I am doing the follow-up homework for all of the infections we’ve addressed so far regularly. I am watching 2 infections gradually disappear. One is under my eye and has been there several years. I’ve had it “burned off” by the dermatologist twice in the past and it never healed for the past 6 years. It just peels. After doing the clearings, I am watching it fade to almost nothing. That really is a miracle! The other infection is a nasty boil on my left thigh that never would heal. I am watching that one heal with every clearing. It’s still there but smaller, less red, no drainage. It has given me confidence and faith in the healing power of the Quantum Field to heal the rest of the infections. I also was able to understand and follow the homework for the first time since last year. That was awesome!

– Carole Mistarka

I retook this class from last year as it was so incredible. There was a ton of extra information on clearing infection and a deepening of how to clear all the infections from the body. This was another big breakthrough for me. With Crohn’s disease being difficult to shift, this class was a must in clearing any infections. We are mid way through the class but already the bacterial infections have gone down from 7 to 2, all fistula infections healed and 2 Viral infections cleared also…i’m thrilled! This is a groundbreaking class and I’m so grateful to have been apart of it.

– PennyMay Griffin

I’m happy to say that my doctor tested me negative for Lyme disease.

– Joan Campagna

Support materials include:

  • Five Special charts – one weekly for each type of infection includes the name of infection, spiritual interfaces, anchors and hand movements to clear infections
  • Five Q5 Self love enhancement meditations to help restore a loving field from which to heal.
  • From our Divine Human Blueprint second edition Chart relationship of Organs to Emotions

Part of the improved inner landscape for sustaining and warding off infections is the ability to love the self, and clear away negative programing of family, unworthy, unlovable, shame and guilt which can interrupt your ability to have a fully functioning immune system.

1. Love, My Secret Sauce

Lost your “north” when it comes to love? This tender meditation will bring your love compass back to true north and your heart singing a happy tune once again. More than just a sweet meditation, these divine powerful tools will move out congested energy in the emotional centers of the body and restore with the golden God energy that brings all things back to normal.


  • Happy Breath
  • Heart Chakra ~ Fourth Layer Aura ~ Restoration
  • Emotional Brain Clean and Brighten Up
  • Pink Divine Female and Green Divine Male Love Shower
  • Ownership ~ Becoming the King or Queen Of Love

Feeling disconnected and unloved can foster isolation and devastation. Join the love train! It’s as easy as a five minute reboot to restore your faith in humanity and start putting out the right signals to draw love to you once more. After all ~ YOU ARE SO LOVABLE!

2. I Love Myself

If you feel like your life has been spinning out with negative self-talk and you want to find the ‘joy of you’ again, then this is a meditation designed for you. With gentle guided imagery it will help you remember just who you are and how much you have been blessed.


  • To restore and rest in the Parasympathetic System of Regeneration and Health
  • For females to find a release of hysteria and that sense of being overwhelmed
  • For males to release the inner competitiveness and aggression
  • Center of Head Survey the Wonder of Your Life
  • To move from a sense of struggle to opportunity and finally to freedom
  • Returning to your Throne of authority and a love of your life

This meditation is perfect for when you want to quickly and easily fall back in love with your life. Reclaim the blessings you deserve and push away your negativity doing it’s best to convince you otherwise. Use this meditation and take back control of your life. Saying “I love my life!” can be the way you start each and everyday!

3. I Trust Myself

Trusting yourself gives you the power of confidence and self-assuredness that translates in what you do as a successful mover and shaker in the world around you! So many individuals I have worked with have lacked this one important component in their persona and have subsequently lost out in relationships, jobs and money simply by not exuding an aura of trust.


  • Release of Heartaches and Blocks to Self Trust
  • Self Love ~ Trust, Subconscious & Commitment
  • Knees ~ Symbol of Honoring Your Divine Wisdom
  • Internal Clear Out and Intuitive Belly Release
  • Center of Head Clarification to Throne of Authority

If when you say ‘I trust myself’, you become uncomfortable, then this is the meditation for you. The ‘I Trust Myself’ meditation will help you align yourself with your truth in the present time. Release old hurts and disappointments from the ‘old’ you, so you can make way for a new found confidence.

4. I Express My Unique Self

If you have been self editing and feeling disappointed that you are not in the flow of the mover and shakers, or just not getting into your own personal mission then you will love this meditation. Expressing your unique self is vital in your journey towards an awakened and fully expressed life!


  • Undertaking Mudra for the empowerment of full self expression
  • The Quantum Pleasure Field of love and support
  • The awakening to your unique gifts and blessing towards others
  • Giving you the permission to be magnificent
  • White Sand Beach Clearing
  • The permission to freely express your unique self

This meditation is suitable for everyone. You will discover the hidden blocks that are shutting you down, allowing you to once and for all release them. With the powerful Mudra (Indian hand gesture for embodying change) you will ultimately assume the driver’s seat and enjoy full self-expression.

5. Ease

The word “ease” triggers a sense of grace and serenity. If you are ready to shift from where you are to a calmness of mind and ease of spirit this is a perfect meditation for you today.


  • Grounding Breath
  • Releasing Stress from your Legs: Muscles and Bones
  • Feeling Safe in an Inner Shower Of Relaxation and Peace
  • A Sandy Beach Moment
  • Grace and Ease
  • Trusting of Self, Strong and Soft

Ease is the sought after state of grace trigger, when one is in the flow of life. If you have found yourself falling out of sync with ease, then this will get you back in the game once more.

Introducing Your Teachers

Julie Renee Doering, Reverend, CEO, Mentor Author, Mom and Master Quantum Activator

Julie Renee is the number one brain rejuvenation expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration in Quantum Activations Academy and her groundbreaking books Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum technique for regeneration: cellular neo genesis, and for her medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful DNA. Her expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors. She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven and a host of other celebrities. She trains students in her original quantum activation trainings reaching into 64 countries with the miracle of livestream trainings. Prolific, she is a best-selling author, and has more than 150 trainings and 187 transformative meditations

Adelia Rose is daughter to Julie Renee and her teaching helper. Adelia is a beloved part of our trainings, and brings both purity and helpful angels to our teachings. She has the right, permission and ability to be seen and heard, and helps our attendees feel more love, and more permission to be themselves fully expressed even if they didn’t get what they needed in their own childhood. Focusing on you and not baby sounds is great advice if you’re easily distracted.

And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them. But Jesus called for them, saying, “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

Luke 18:15-17

Joined by Adelia Rose Doering, TA, Youngest Diamond Immersion Graduate at 7 weeks old.

Yes!  Count me in.

Only $249 or
3 payments of $89

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From the chat box:

Trinity: This class has changed my life forever, ALREADY! So grateful for your powerful knowings on regeneration – wonder-fully languaged!

Jyoti: infinite blessings and thank you so much for bringing this information to the world much love and appreciation

Cathie: Thank you so much! Your talking about love and then SMILING brought tears to my eyes. Feeling love and joy! So good! Many , many thanks!

Carole: Oh my fish, your love always comes thru! I’ve been listening to your meditations every night and just your voice and care makes me feel calm and loved.

Shanna: I turned all you said into a positive affirmation statement so bring it ON! YES!

Ilme: All the hours of homework done – feeling much, much cleaner and lighter. Thank you for this amazing class. What a blessing!

Christie: big changes after first session.Thank YOU!

Pennymay: thank you Julie Renee for this wonderful class, love and appreciate you xx

Rachel: Really appreciate that you teach this course. Thank you!

Ben: I understand so much clearer now 🙂 thank you for all the explanations and patience 🙂

Trinity: Brilliant explanation of right to know and how to absorb God info! LOVE IT! Conscious Agreements! Your presence in my life has been a lovely response to a prayer I have had for quite some time! SO grateful. AND CONGRATS on your new baby! So much love!

Carole – Ok, wow. Thanks! The infections are gradually healing since doing this process thru the last year. I’ve had a bacterial infection in my right great toe for years with damaged nail. Since focusing on the clearings the past several months, it’s actually healing now for the first time. It’s wonderful to watch and feel the healing.!

Emilia – Thank you very much Julie Renee for all your kindness, support and teachings. Lots of Love and many blessings.

Karen: Thank you so much for the gift of permanent removal. Julie Renee….love you for all you do.

Carole: That’s fascinating how far the infection source goes back in my spirit and family life.

Karen: Empathy vs compassion very valuable information. Thank you for the clarity.

Heather: I am so glad you are teaching this class for us. This fungal thing is big for me and I am so glad to be getting a handle on this and then clearing it completely.. Thank you Jules for this great class

Cathie: So be it! Your ending to class brought tears . Absolutely wonderful! Many thanks!!!

Trinity: Your work makes more sense to me than anything I have done. So fascinating that TIMElines can be so related to fungus and THYME essential oil is what is used to clear fungus! So glad to be in this energy field again!

Sharon: Really appreciate the awareness you created with the negative emotion explanation.

Carole: These classes are helping me so much! I can feel a change 🙂 Wow, these emotions make so much sense. I have been working on forgiveness and making good progress

Roberta: Thank you for blasting, you are so so loved for helping us

Sharon: Your repeat classes always go much deeper each time. Excellent classes each time – never ever regret repeating a class of yours. Thank you Julie Renee. Your work and dedication to humanity and the Universe are so appreciated. Love. xxoo :-)))

Cathie: I had a delayed effect from the Blast. Just now, shedding sweatshirt as feeling SO HoT.. What an amazing experience this course has been!

Amy: Noticing a big difference, Thank you!

Jyoti: Thank you sooo much for the blast and this class! so powerful. millions of thank yous and love. wow!!! a miracle! thank you from my body and heart !!!!

Ilme: Feeling much cleaner and lighter. Thank you for this wonderful class. God bless you and your dear coming baby. Much love.

Julie C – This class is in perfect timing. I’ve been dealing with a recurring infection in my thumb.

Sprice – Wow. Amazing how many infections everyone has. This is so important. I did one of your healing meditations. It helped me so much!

Colleen madonna: Julie Renee I am learning so much when I just stay quiet and in the moment to your pointings thank you …i am now able to express compassion with unconditional love…..no attachment.

Katherine: This is really fascinating about the compassion comparison.

Carole: That’s helpful about clearing one infection at a time.

My problem: a severe cold and important travel plans. I hoped taking this training would help me to overcome it. I was blown away as the cold disappeared very fast! This quantum shift has freed me up liberating a lot in my life. I am very confident that this will be a permanent shift.

I feel much freer now, and notice that my life is going upwards. I am confident that I will be much healthier and much more in my power over my choices and how my life plays out for me in the future.

— Toni Setzer

I loved your explanation of empathy verses compassion and of mentorship verses teacher. I’m very inspired by all that you have come through and what may be possible for me too. You really walk your talk. which is so very reassuring to someone like me who needs to turn my own serious health situation around. Super Kind Regards!

— Lisa Rodek, Melbourne