Technology Tune Up

Thursday, March 15, 2018
10 AM – 12 PM Pacific
Cost: $99

Do you think technology is
making you fuzzy brained?

Are you worried your cell phone or iPad are poisoning you? Have you noticed you feel sluggish or can’t see well after a stint on the computer?

In this comprehensive 2-hour training I will walk you through the steps to staying spiritually, energetically and physically safe while using technology.

You’ll learn the orange bubble technique and well as how not to match machine energy.

You got the trainings on how to use your technology, perhaps on how to maintain it and reboot it when it’s problematic, but you probably never had anyone show you how to keep yourself, bright and sparkly while using your devices.

I am a writer and I teach all my trainings online. Believe me, I know what the negative outcomes can be, and I’m excited to share with you the steps to avoiding the sluggish down fall and help you keep bright and brilliant!

Yes! Count me in.

Only $99

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From the Chat Box

Marie: Feel wonderful, thanks for offering this class at a lower price, it made me sign in.

Dawn: I didn’t know enough about how to protect myself from the technologies that I enjoy Thus this class has some good solutions.

Toni: Thanks for this class. It’s one of the best ones I have done with you.

Sharon: Wonderful class! Thank you! Love and Blessings

Ann: Thanks for the class. I feel a lot lighter.