Understanding Anchors & Spiritual Interferences

August 7, 14, 21, 28, 2018
10 am – 11 am Pacific

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3 payments of $69

2018! New year. New Anchors.
Big focus on learning!

I’ve reinvented our anchors class! What I’ve created is a training to get all your questions answered in the most comprehensive way on what anchors are and how interferences use them!

We know much now about these anchors:

Mechanisms, Seeds, Holographic inserts, Implants, Embedding Permeations, Portals, Wormholes, DNA splicing, Auditory scions, Nanotechnology Rays, Holographic staples, Cords, Holographic facade Tubes, Nano quad, Nano novem and alter ego.

Whew that’s a lot of anchors, but not so many that we can’t go one by one and examine them, how they work, who is able to use them, how they hook in and most importantly the best clearing techniques for each one. And you’ll be instructed on how to test to identify which ones are affecting you for a particular issue.

What is an Anchor?

If you’re new to our community you might be asking what exactly is an anchor? It is some kind of mechanisms that allows an interference or a person to hook into some part of your blueprint and can be cleared with one of 4 quantum pump hand movements.

So whether you’re new to class or have been here a couple years, this fall has been one of fiery revelation and that is why this training is brand new! And believe me there’s more to learn, understand and ultimately to clear. We’ll be looking at what we already know and mapping new anchors in this powerful training on anchors especially associated with spiritual interferences.

Join me for mapping and looking for what we do not know!

It’s great that anchors be our priority because that’s what interests me most! Thank you so much, that was very useful and I feel much calmer having this knowledge.

~ Toni

Remember how good it feels to have what you are learning explained in simple terms? That was a great explanation. Thank you!

~ Diane

In this training Understanding Anchors & and How Spiritual Interferences use them to control and dig in to you, I’m going to answer all your questions. You’ll complete the course with both knowledge and tools to clear and remove.

Practical application?

You’ve seen these on every clearing list, learn what they are:

The training is presented in a 2-hour 2-part class live stream and you’ll receive the latest chart pulling it all together so you fully understand the hows and whats of everything under the spiritual interference category.

4 Training Modules

Trainings One & Two

We’ll go through the 10 anchors one by one. Learn the nature of, when they appeared as a problem for humankind related programs, and the emotional anchor for each of the anchors. You’ll learn the areas of the blueprint they can or cannot affect as well as the interferences that most use them and how they work.

Trainings Three & Four

We continue on with our exploration of 10 more anchors. Gaining understanding on the form and number of ways they each hook into the areas or you, many not only can attach into your body, but can clog up your chakras, or affect you spirit or life force! We’ll go through all quantum pumps that work to clear each one, the most rapid clearing techniques as well as what to watch for is there is something that is somewhat hidden and can cause something to reappear. And most importantly how to clear permanently.

Do you know all our clearing techniques?

Now with the lasso technique It is confirmed. I am wonder woman.

~ Kathleen Lou

When I pump is imagine you sat with me Julie and doing it too. Speeds up over half the Time!

~ Jann

Oh that’s wonderful, you’ve suddenly become clearer on the screen 🙂

~ Pennymay

I invite you to get this knowledge handed to you on a silver platter, be equipped to know and clear all anchors, fully informed. I’m the only teacher/mentor sharing this depth of knowledge with my students, it’s a great privilege to learn the secrets of the universe and gain such incredibly mastery over your life and full self expression!

Here’s what’s included:


  • The training is presented in a 4-part class live stream and audio with replay, class slides and transcripts.
  • 6 charts putting it all together so you fully understand the hows and whats of everything under the spiritual interference category
  • 2 Q5 meditations Owning Your Body and Owning Your Life

More about your support materials

1. Owning Your Body

Do you sometimes feel like this is not my body? Are you wondering if you will ever feel in control of your body again? Being connected to and owning your body is essential when striving for a 100% fully self-expressed life. The life you imagine can ultimately be yours when you truly own and love your body, which is your temple. But you need to be in the present time.


  • Kicking out squatters – that which is NOT ME
  • Moving towards a male and female release – healing projects and aggression
  • Creating a center of head clear out
  • Creating the rainbow aura
  • A reconnection with your legs
  • Learning to click in your Spirit To Body

Do you currently have a beautiful connection with your body? Loving your body is the true path to healing and getting back into a wonderful world of action and even excitement. If you have felt disconnected from your body or been left sitting on the sidelines when it comes to self-love, use this meditation and experience a break through now. Say it now – I own my body!

2. Owning Your Life

Resetting yourself is as easy as releasing other energy, breathing in Pink and Gold and relaxing into the certainty and joy of the quantum pleasure field.


  • Breathe in Positivity, Release Negativity
  • Find Your Center and Let Go of Other People’s Energy
  • Detox the Energy Around You, Your Aura
  • Blue Corona – Burn off Excess Negative Energy
  • Affirm Your Greatness Top 10

Time to get back into the pleasure zone and get your positive juices flowing. It works, it’s fast and you feel amazing as you emerge from your positivity meditation, filled with gratitude and ready to enjoy life again. Be your most magnificent self.

Introducing Your Teachers

Julie Renee Doering, Reverend, CEO, Mentor Author, Mom and Master Quantum Activator

Julie Renee is the number one brain rejuvenation expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration in Quantum Activations Academy and her groundbreaking books Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum technique for regeneration: cellular neo genesis, and for her medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful DNA. Her expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors. She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven and a host of other celebrities. She trains students in her original quantum activation trainings reaching into 64 countries with the miracle of livestream trainings. Prolific, she is a best-selling author, and has more than 150 trainings and 187 transformative meditations

Adelia Rose is daughter to Julie Renee and her teaching helper. Adelia is a beloved part of our trainings, and brings both purity and helpful angels to our teachings. She has the right, permission and ability to be seen and heard, and helps our attendees feel more love, and more permission to be themselves fully expressed even if they didn’t get what they needed in their own childhood. Focusing on you and not baby sounds is great advice if you’re easily distracted.

And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them. But Jesus called for them, saying, “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

Luke 18:15-17

Joined by Adelia Rose Doering, TA, Youngest Diamond Immersion Graduate at 7 weeks old.

Yes! Count me in.

Only $197
3 payments of $69

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From the Chatbox

Louisa: Thank you so much for this explanation of anchors themselves not being good or bad. . Now it really makes sense to me 🙂

Karen: Thank you for clarifying this. It is starting to make more sense and feels very powerful. Thank you for all the work you do.

Kathleen Lou: This is so helpful with the cords info and clearing. Will use meditation technique for certain family members and friends who will pop up after many karma clearings. Thank you.

Beck: This is cool stuff…is it also possible to anchor emotions like joy peace love?

Dale: Beautiful prayer – your prayer always sets the tone for me.

Seval: Thanks a lot for this awesome class! So happy for all the new information, I feel like something shifted in me greatly 🙂 xoxo

Petra Sofia: So great you are describing how it works now I understand.