The Sound of Truth Live Training

Nov 15th & 22nd, 2017
10 – 11:30 am Pacific

Cost: $197 or
3 payments of $69

Access the quantum field in one of the oldest ways know to humankind, through chanting and recitation of Mantra. One more wonderful and uplifting way to shift yourself to a new and brighter level!

photo 3Many years ago, at the age of 33 I made sacred pilgrimage to mother India. I was in the middle of ‘sick and tired’. Having gone through 9 years of cancer and radiation treatments, also having had endured the loss of my 3 children to an abusive ex, I had grown weary from life and struggle and I actually thought this might be my last journey. I knew it was so important for me to go, and I knew I needed to remember some things that I did not have access to. I started my journey in Bombay at the Siddha Yoga ashram, where I spent a month praying and chanting and doing seva (selfless service). There are many wonderful stories from that month, but we’ll save that for another time. I was asked to meet with Guruji Keshavadas and to be part of his Peace pilgrimage and international conference.

I had the opportunity to speak to thousands at this wonderful Indian gathering of those longing for a new more peaceful world. And I was very warmly greeted, and welcome with deep love and respect by all I met. It seems India and her people did remember me, even if I did not remember myself. As we traveled through the country to sacred and important places, I began to remember my life in the palace as a queen. And as we returned home to Nepal I remembered my life as a Goddess. I was getting a sense of myself I had not known before, or at least hadn’t felt before. But the most important thing was I was in meditation and prayer daily. Prayer in an ashram uses a long repetitive chant this has a specific focus. Just prior to the chant you are clear on the shift or change you are intentional on bringing about. Sometimes it is so simple as to continue to know God and raise my energy frequency, while other ties it is a need to disappear cancer cells. The chant can go on for some time, some go through the night or even for days. Than when all the sounds, all the seed syllables all the heartfelt offerings have been spent we move into a soundless profound stillness and union with the Divine.

While I was living in Bangalore India I had the privilege of staying as a personal guest of one of the big Gurus who recognized me from previous incarnations as I was a teacher in the east in 2 of my incarnations! I was both honored and delighted to stay in his daughters room in his private home. He said to me “Veda, where have you been? I’ve been searching for you a lifetime and now when I am an old man you finally appear.” He felt so strongly I would need all the initiations he had the power to give, so he took on the task of flooding me with this ancient and powerful wisdom. I believe it was just a reawakening to knowledge I had already acquired, you too may feel this way as you hear the mantras chanted.

He asked me to stay and take over for him at his passing, and although there were literally tens of thousands of followers waiting and hungry for more, I felt that this was not a match for me. The Guru system is old and outdated. There is a cord still used, and anchor from guru to all devotees, also considered an interference that we in this new age do not need to use.

On the request of Guruji to the ashram priests they were instructed to train me in the proper pronunciation and words to the pushpam mantra and than I began learning numerous mantas. Over time I was blessed to train with swamis, Yogis and Brahmin priests on the proper use of the mantras. What I learned there was how to pronounce and recite these incredible statements of positive and powerful transformation that resonate with the vibration of truth, and transform reality. What I gifted the priests was the presence of ‘Love Devotion’ as I sang these powerful words. They had not experienced the Love frequency I brought to my chant, for them an important job, reciting mantra all day had no feeling, it did have respect and commitment, the yummy love thing was entirely new, and I know they were very pleased to have this as part of the days we spent chanting scriptures from the Vedas and Sutras.

Free from Guru cords I offer you the powerful and ancient wisdom and quantum tools for transformation and healing. The 15 mantras I have selected are powerful vibrations of truth and transformation. They were used to shift issues in all areas of life. Imagine: just like using the quantum pump but with your voice to activate the quantum field! Mantra, especially Sanskrit mantra, resonates with the truth vibration and elevates the individual.

photo 2Mantra becomes a wonderful ‘bonus’ to amp up your clearings and regenerations! you can use Mantra while using the quantum pump to shift your frequency for the better.

The Guruji invited me to bring these sacred mantras sacred words into the west, and released me from the constrictions that had existed in India that women not be taught these words of great power. You’ll experience the wonderful clearing charts, and matric verse in this powerful live program the Sound of Truth training.


My Students of Indian descent
have said to me:

I have heard some of these mantras before, but never like this, I play them in my house all day long and chant along with you.”

The incredible blessing of these mantras is that that highly accelerate all clearings and regeneration. Shorten your time of clearing and regenerating by chanting and listening to these powerful words of truth. Shift the energy of your home, aura work space, wealth, love and vibrant health rapidly.”

Here’s what’s included:


  • Replays video, audio, slides and transcription for both live sessions.
  • The entire program “The Sound of Truth” which includes all the 15 mantras, phonetically spelled out with instructions on how and when to use them.
  • 16 hours of incredibly beautiful recorded mantra…recorded in a professional sound studio, made into a temple for the recording.
  • Charts for clearing right permission and ability to own understand and use these powerful tools for transformation in your life now!

I absolutely Love the Tryumbakham Mantra…for many years. I need to do it more 🙂 Thank you for doing it with us. P.S. I would love to do it for about 20 minutes straight with you.

– Louisa


Live Training:

Training One

Full 90 minutes! (with Pre-work) we’ll be chanting the Puspam, Tryumbycum and Lakshmi Strotam along with other mantras in this first training. In your pre-work you’ll get a chance to work on a chart and listen to and chant along with the mantras you’ll be learning in our live training. Your pre-class clearing chart opens your right, permission and ability to use mantra in the most powerful effective way with 100% great results for health and love removing apathy, damage, Evil, Illusion, suppression, delusion and intolerance!

Training Two

Full 90 minutes! (with pre-work) we’ll be chanting the incredible Devi Mahtma along with Ganesha mantras and the Gyatri. Our second class focus is on Mantras for improving wealth and removing blocks to abundance and great joy and awakening. You’ll receive prior to class a chart and mantras to work on so when you come to the training you’ll be prepped and ready for a fabulous heart centered 90 minutes of blissful Sacred connection!

One more wonderful way to improve your quantum pumping skills and increase your speed while in a blissful state of connection and union with the love field. Enjoy your practice of quantum pumping in Bliss, Grace and Unending Ease..

Introducing Your Teachers

Julie Renee Doering, Reverend, CEO, Mentor Author, Mom and Master Quantum Activator

Julie Renee is the number one brain rejuvenation expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration in Quantum Activations Academy and her groundbreaking books Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum technique for regeneration: cellular neo genesis, and for her medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful DNA. Her expertise also includes the complete removal of spiritual parasites and anchors. She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven and a host of other celebrities. She trains students in her original quantum activation trainings reaching into 64 countries with the miracle of livestream trainings. Prolific, she is a best-selling author, and has more than 150 trainings and 187 transformative meditations

Adelia Rose is daughter to Julie Renee and her teaching helper. Adelia is a beloved part of our trainings, and brings both purity and helpful angels to our teachings. She has the right, permission and ability to be seen and heard, and helps our attendees feel more love, and more permission to be themselves fully expressed even if they didn’t get what they needed in their own childhood. Focusing on you and not baby sounds is great advice if you’re easily distracted.

And they were bringing even their babies to Him so that He would touch them, but when the disciples saw it, they began rebuking them. But Jesus called for them, saying, “Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

Luke 18:15-17

Joined by Adelia Rose Doering, TA, Youngest Diamond Immersion Graduate at 7 weeks old.

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Only $197 or
3 payments of $69

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P.S. Learn from the Female master charged to teach these sacred words to all humanity with the greatest power of these use of the mantra and the proper way of using the voice and heart.

P.P.S. Speed your quantum activation for every other area and every other training! Accelerate!

Thank you, Julie-Renee, for these two wonderful sessions on mantras. I love getting to see you on my screen when we have these sessions. You have such a beautiful, calm energy about you.

– Nancy Battaglia

First, I want to thank your for the Sounds of Truth class. I’m finding myself challenged in finding the words to properly convey the beauty, grace, peace and truth that I felt, the purity that moves through you as you teach and share. I felt myself transported into the space of the temples, where I am deeply nourished, blessed and in Honor of the Grace and Love of the Divine. I want to take the time now to express my gratitude. Thank you for sharing your truth and light!

– Linda Besserman

When I heard the Tryumbicum Mantra I couldn’t stop listening to it and went into a trance like state. When it stopped I wanted more so I listened to it again and again. I couldn’t get enough of it. The first morning I felt happy and detoxed from within. I have also been listening to Om Gam Ganapataye Namah for removal of obstacles as feel stuck. I listen to this for 30 minutes and can’t get enough of that either. For some reason I feel the Ganesh mantra soothes I seem to be turning into a mantra junkie!

– N. P.

I love your explanation of the mantras. Your angelic voice really amplifies mantras. Over time the mantra becomes easy and natural to remember without thinking about it. I have found myself waking up with mantras playing in my head. (this morning was Om Shanti) The day after listening many times prior, I notice it’s running in my head like a record non stop, and I like it, because I feel that my mind is in meditation mode and no other thoughts can occupy or take over my thinking pattern. I think my brain is using mantras as a shield of protection from harmful other people thoughts that have nothing to do with me. Every time I use mantra it goes in my subconscious mind. It is also so powerful. To a person who is very tuned in like me mantra, specifically your way of teaching gives me an amazing tool. My body feels more relaxed, calm, peaceful and serene. So grateful to the Sound of Truth Mantras!

– Elena

I love The Sound of Truth program. I listened to all the mantras and feel very light and uplifted. It is a very strong sensation in my 3rd eye and crown chakras. My 3rd eye chakra was pulsing, and I felt the opening of crown chakra as well. I like the format of the program. Very good and accurate description of the mantras. Also I like that you can download each mantra in 4 minute and 60 minute length. And certainly, I love Julie Renee’s voice. It is so calm and very powerful at the same time.

– Snezhana

From the Chat Box!

Such a feeling of deep stillness and opening … 🙏 Feel both grounded and uplifted – Nazeen

Huge shifts going on after this mantra thank you. Beautiful experience – Sharon

I feel so peaceful and blissful – Colleen

Thank you Julie. This session was very emotional for me. – Maryann

Thank you Julie for the heartfelt mantras – Mari

Felt very very different and special indeed! 🙏 – Marie

Love you Julie for bringing light to so many confused souls:) – Dije (Dia)

I am from Indian heritage and these mantras are so beautiful and are so pure, for me the word is sacred – Aysha

Felt like I was in a different dimension – Catherine

Reminds me of the chants I heard in the synagogue when I worked there. So touched by all of this. Tears flowing. Thank you from my heart! – Janice

I have been enjoying the beautiful Mantras! Love and Light – Joanna

Tryumbicum Mantra is BEAUTIFUL! – Chris Cornelissen

Absolutely Beautiful, Sensational and Brilliant! I am Grateful! – Randy

Thank you, Julie! I had chills all over while chanting. 🙂 We’ll keep pumping! 🙂 – Evelyn

The power of this is incredible, feeling chills – Trinity

I listen everyday and have on as back ground during training for my new job. The mantras are calming, powerful and shift the energy depending on which one I listen to. I am addicted to listening. – Anne xoxo