Quantum State of the Union 2017

Recorded on Saturday January 14th, 2017

Cost: Free

The Quantum ‘State of the Union’
Global Visioning Address

Free Event with Julie Renee
Global Leader and Quantum Health Activator

Please join me for a revealing and candid conversation about the upcoming trends and energies for 2017. This is NOT an astrology or psychic reading, and although those also might be interesting, we’re going to take a gander into our global quantum field, glean and relay the wisdom coming through how this year is set up perfectly to serve the needs of the global community.

It’s my intention to deliver some extremely helpful information to you so you may with grace and ease embrace and approach with understanding the challenges that are facing the planet and the actual timeline of 2017 so that you can make your plans accordingly.

If you knew there would be moments of great light where you could really go for expanding your dreams and ideals, and there would be times of sluggishness and some level of more darkness where you could reach back into the past and resolve old issues easily with the quantum clearings, would it be helpful to know when the transits are happening in the upcoming 12 months?

Join us for the second annual Quantum State of the Union Global Visioning Address on Saturday January 14th.

Covered in this Replay

  • Actual State of the World ~ Global Vibrations ~ Dimensional Shifts
  • The vibratory settings for 2017 and supporting energies and shifts available In the coming 12 months
  • Plans for the Quantum Activation Global Engagement, what you’ll see coming out of our academy this year to support the global community
  • 150 Certified Apprentices and Year of Miracles

Annual Quantum State of the Union

Global Visioning Address is Saturday

The time is now to be informed and to strategically plan out your life in 2017 and where best to direct your physical, spiritual and energetic resources.

Who’s Listening to Julie Renee?

Global leadership Endorsements from Peers

It’s rare to find a teacher whose work is truly original and offers the potential to transform the world on this scale. I fell in love with Julie Renee and her work. Tune into her, and you will, too.

—Jack Canfield

Your eyes will be opened to the wondrous possibility that we all have the power to heal our bodies and deepen our connection with this vessels of life. Julie Renee continues to be a leader in the spiritual awakening that is unfolding.

—Jane Dueber

Julie-Renee is a global thought leader in the field of quantum level healing. What makes her work so extraordinary is that her system is so masterful and her results are so rapid. You are in for a luscious treat when you open yourself to the tremendous healing of her work. She is indeed a precious treasure.

—Eli Davidson

It’s rare to meet someone so gifted and clear about who they are and what they are here to do on the planet. She’s bringing a unique body of work to the world that is an important contribution to humanity.

—Marci Shimoff

Julie Renee is the most extraordinary healer alive today. And I say to everyone, run to Julie Renee versus walk – Run!

—Berny Dohrmann

Julie Renee saved me. She’s a miracle worker.

—Barbara Niven

Just when you think you have heard it all, you haven't. Not until you read and experienced Julie Renee. Her unique and powerful formula for designing your life, for your greatest expression, is in your hands. What a gift! Julie Renee is a leading-edge teacher connecting with thought and business leaders who are ready to finally say YES!

—Rae Zander

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Cost: Free