Client Miracles

Client Miracles


Carolyn Stevens Raised from the Dead


This miraculous case study describes how close to death Carolyn was, what was wrong with her and how the miracle of working with Reverend Julie Renee brought her back to a full life of good health, energy and plans for new life with a family that loves her.

Interview with Husband Chuck Stevens about the healing his wife experienced.

2 years later

Medical Proof Adrenals Restored to Normal with Julie Renee

Holly Hill, an enthusiastic participant of the Miraculous Healing one year program suffered from adrenal stress and adrenal failure. She received the best news of all when her pet scans revealed a full healing of a shriveled adrenal. Holly credits this reversal to the healing she received in the healing weekends.

Hello. My name is Holly Hill. I have been enjoying the privilege of receiving healing work from Julie Renee since August of 2012. This video is being made February of 2013. A little before meeting Julie Renee I had clinical findings that are considered, in the medical model, to be extreme. I was having PET scans regularly to look at the condition that was diagnosed. Ancillary to this, it was showing the conditions of my liver and my adrenals and so forth.

The adrenal on the first PET scan last July showed that one was shriveled- the left one. Now progressively between the time I started working with Julie Renee and to the last PET scan I had, Christmas-time, it showed that one adrenal continuing to improve and the end of December scan, it showed adrenal normal! And everything is getting better too. Thank you Julie Renee and thank you God!

PJ Van Hulle


Getting ready for List-a-palooza, marketing genius PJ Van Hulle knows she can do it better with a 5 hour up leveling of brain and energy function.

Hi I’m PJ Van Hulle with Real Prosperity Inc., and I booked a VIP Day with Julie Renee because I was exhausted and I was right in the middle of my big launch for the year and I was talking to Julie Renee and she said ‘how can I support you, how can I help you?’ and I said ‘can you make my brain work”? and she said ‘why yes I can’ and so I booked a VIP day with her and it was absolutely amazing within a few days I had way more energy, clarity and focus, just the ability to actually think where before I felt like I was moving through a fog and so I am pleased to say my launch is going very well people are signing up for my stuff every day I have added over 4000 people to my list in a matter of weeks and I don’t know if I could have done this without the help of Julie Renee and now that I have this clarity and focus and energy I feel like I can see this through to the end and move forward to the next level of my business.

Rochele Lawson

Completely relieved her of cramps permanently, Dr. Rochelle experiences health activation on the spot and feels no menstrual cramps.

Roland and Christine

Roland and Christine share their joy as they have better eye sight and health after attending a Miraculous Living weekend.

Bill Obrien

Viet Nam Vet overcomes PTSD
I would HIGHLY recommend her. If you’re a vet, or have any post-traumatic stress, go see her as soon as possible.

Miraculous Brain Healing with Marty Doering

After a fatal motorcycle accident Marty Doering lay in a coma for weeks and eventually came back into the world of the living. He had lost much of his brain function, unable to feel his feet and in excruciating pain. 8 years later discovers his life as his brain awakens and his life opens back up!

Hi, my name is Marty Doering, and I’m a week out from going to the Miraculous Healing conference, and at that conference, I had a healing done on my brain by Julie Renee, and when I had the healing done, I saw a light coming on in my brain, my forehead felt so much lighter, and I could really feel that something had changed.  I can feel my brain getting better. I was doing data entry today, with lots of numbers, normally this would be a slow process, but I was flying through it without having to look at each key. Almost done entering 14 days worth….feelin’ good;)

Today, we’re at a park, I walked up some dirt road hills without a cane, I’ve walked with a cane now for three years, because my foot wouldn’t feel the ground. My brain was injured enough that it didn’t know where my right foot was. This IS miraculous; I am feeling so much better. I haven’t felt the bottom of my foot for eight years after an accident, so this is FANTASTIC! Thank you! Also, I have big scars on my knees. When I came here a week ago, those scars were purple and angry-looking, and they have almost disappeared now, they’re just pink and happy, and they’re disappearing. My body is going through a whole healing process, it feels good, I’m walking again. So that’s what I have to say about this.

Thank you Julie Renee!!

Dr Crystal Gifford

Dr. Crystal Gifford on her experience with Julie Renee’s wealth clearing.

Grace Echo

Her healing from Lyme disease, overcoming anxiety and increasing energy with Julie Renee.

CJ Matthews

Enjoys rose petal ice cream now after 15 years of dairy allergies.


Jacqueline Wales Getting Wealth Movement

Jacqueline Wales author of the Fearless factor shares her elation as she takes on the 21 day Accelerate your Wealth Meditation. She loves the practices including; gratitude and manifestation meditation. Her new energy is no short of a miracle. She loves the new energy in the air, doing the Accelerate Wealth Program is doing the right thing she says as she enjoys more clarity and movement and learning the secret law of attraction!

Hi. I am Jacquliene Wales, The author of, The Fearless Factor. I have been working on Julie Renee’s 21 day wealth awareness program.

The process I have been going through day by day with the gratitude’s, with the meditations, with the real deep thinking on what it is I truly want to manifest in my life has been nothing short of a miracle. Things are really starting to open up. I am getting connections to people I have never spoken with before. There is an energy in the air that says whatever it is I am doing I am doing the right thing. I am getting real clarity around this.

I want to thank you, Julie Renee for helping me get some movement on this and for sharing your gifts that you so abundantly share in this wealth abundance program.


Lorraine Francis Wealth New 50k project and wealth in all areas of life

Hear about her experience with Julie Renee’s Accelerated Wealth Program.

Hey. This is Lorraine Frances. I just finished Julie Renee’s Accelerated Wealth Program last month. It was an incredible tool that really helped me with my life to take it to the next level. What was great about it was that I really dedicated the 21 full days to myself. Doing the meditations and exercises every day was really incredible.

Actually, On the 21st day, on the wealth side, I created a new project that was $50,000 of revenue for me and my company, which is really great! But it wasn’t so much just The Wealth, I think it actually created wealth in all parts of my life. I really got to look at my health and my career and my relationship with my husband and my family. Actually all that increased over the month. Working on the mock ups every day has been a great tool to help to set it into my soul. I always loved Dan Harding’s book, The Compound Effect. What I love about that book is being dedicated to yourself 7 days a week instead of 5 days a week or 4 days a week. Julie’s program really helped to instill that into my soul and make me grow. I am starting it again next month. I look forward to seeing what else can happen with it.

Thank you Julie Renee for being a master healer in my life!