Quantum Activators Leadership Council


My goal is to get the Quantum Activations work and the Human Blueprint out into the world in a faster more profound way. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes our Quantum Activations community to launch this work out to 5 million minds.

As our graduate and certified activators community grows I will need help with both clearings and ideas from our very committed grads. We have a great team already in place to support our Quantum Activators and we’ll be developing a base of senior students to assist with helping the vision move out into the world powerfully and joyfully with speed and efficiency.

I’m inviting you to consider being part of our Leadership Council, which will involve a monthly meeting and a commitment to help clear for the community and Gable Kennedy. I also imagine your input to the leadership council on ways we can make training more appealing and fun to the population at large, and increase our numbers to 5 million minds more rapidly.

Please fill out this application if you’re interested.

With great love and appreciation,

Julie Renee