As the number one brain rejuvenation expert, I’m very excited to see the transformations we are getting with improved brain function in both capacity and use for clients and students. The unique process of brain regeneration is done through a technique that I developed over the last seven years working with the individual own stem cells and the quantum field.


The brain is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system enclosed in the cranium serving to control and coordinate the mental and physical actions of the human body.

Brain regeneration involves a six step process. The results are consistent though we see a variance in how much the individual is able to incorporate. When an individual is very ill there is a longer projection for addressing related issues and system wide challenges. Each illness or malady with its own unique causes may be resolved by following the procedures laid out in the protocols found in Your Divine Human Blueprint.

Brain regeneration does not change your personality and in itself does not make you smarter. What it does do is raise the set point of surviving, learning, emotional ease, creativity, understanding logic and problem solving and access to your own genius to 100%. What that means is with brain regeneration you can learn and grow without the limits you were born with.

…Improving your brain capacity includes the removal of programs that first caused the brain to malfunction.

– Julie Renee

First we remove soul contracts, demonic curses, group mind, (memes) group mind virus, (miasma) black magic, curses, traumatic episodes from past lives, emotional programs and finally DNA. With the exception of DNA you might think of these programs as powerful thought forms negatively influencing our being. Once these programs are completely cleared out, the individual is ready for regeneration.

Step 1 involves clearing the large group of though forms along with step two DNA obliteration – the removal of harmful or negative DNA programs must be completed prior to regeneration for it to hold. For example if you had a program for dementia in your DNA and left it there – it would still lay in wait to spring up at some future date.

body-diagramStep 2 is brain regeneration. Step 3 is the removal of all dark energies and spiritual parasites. Spiritual parasites are the topic of an entire book, so suffice it to say – just like the unseen dust mites that live in your eyelashes – there are entities and the like that inhabit body and brain. We clear these out using the quantum field. The experience is usualy very pleasant.

Step 4 is cell regeneration. The proper name for this step is Cellular Neo Genesis which is a process which requires working with the master cell – one brain at a time.

Starting with brain on the survival brain (also referred to as the reptilian brain) using the quantum field we bring the master cell to 100% God state.

The process might be understood better by thinking of an image of a torn leaf. Using kirlian photography you will also see the image of the torn away part of the leaf. It still exists. You’ve likely also heard of amputees having phantom limb pain. It’s because the limb and the emotional trauma related to the limb have continued to exist. The human blueprint in its perfected state exists as an accessible template from which regeneration is possible.

Step 5 involves mirroring the healthy master stem cells to all surrounding cells. Amplified with gold energy this helps the fatigued and low functioning cells take a big step up and function at a much higher level.

Step 6 is where the magic and transformation is amplified. Up till now we have used the quantum field to clear and restore we use the field of genesis in the restoration of cells and finally in step six we use the field of amplification to promote the cascade of new cell growth. This process is stimulated by activating a program for regeneration of cells in the mitochondria.

Part of this process is to mirror the healthy 100% restored stem cells to the surrounding cells. This mirroring delivers a big boost to all the surrounding cells. The mitochondria is the fuel generator of the cell and it is in this part of the cell where the program for regeneration is contained. This mechanism supports us to begin a cascade of cell growth. From brain regenerations inception we were originally getting 70 to 90 days of cell growth and years latter we are witnessing cell growth up to 150 days. This is an extraordinary breakthrough from which the client, whether healthy and alert to begin with or a traumatic brain injury survivor experiences profound and very deep shifts and changes. We have created a foundation for incredible renewal and revitalization!

Steps 4, 5 and 6 are repeated in each brain.

  • Survival Reptilian
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Logical and
  • Genius

One of the most popular results of this generation is the quiet mind balancing, Participants experience a deep peace and a new ‘emotional generosity’. Life continues to happen with it’s ups and downs yet people who’ve gone through the brain rejuvenation process experience an incredible sense of well being regardless of their circumstances. Most folks are 100 times more able and ready to cope with the challenges that arise with a sense of ease.

Additional benefits include more brainpower to solve problems and expanded sense of creativity and divine connection, clarity and sharper focus, as everything in life seems to works better. The freshly (grown) brain finds excitement in learning – it’s easier to grasp new concepts and ideas. Life becomes more enjoyable as the 100% brain capacity returns the individual to their natural divine intelligence.

Brain regeneration is truly the wave of the future and is for everyone. If you think about being a child ~ your brain is constantly growing and making brain leaps ~ why would we want this to end in our 20s and live with a brain that no longer gets stronger and smarter? This technique allows you to regenerate and if properly nurtured will continue to improve for up to 20 years! Imagine your bright future. We are using both cellular neo genesis and DNA obliteration to successfully grow ‘new brains’ for every participant with 100% capacity as the final result for each and every participant.

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