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Listen to these mp3s on your own schedule, and experience calmer days and calmer mind right away. With a little repetition and good habits (easy with this program!) your body will also come to a place of restoration so you can live your life with joy, vitality and love.

Live life with less stress, and learn about how the brain affects your chakras and health in four distinct ways. Experience powerful clearings you can do to release stress, and create calm for your mind and body:

Heal/restore your adrenals
Heal and clear the center of the head and your chakras
Relax deeply
Bring ease and peace to your body and activate love and abundance


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It’s never too late to live the radiant life you were meant to have!

Speaker/Author and Master Healer Julie Renee Doering continues to inspire and empower millions of people across the nation to take their Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness to new levels.

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