As a child I was exposed to the cruelest health killer imaginable; Atomic radiation. As you can imagine I experienced the worst possible health conditions known to humankind, from multiple cancers, a year in a wheel chair and even death itself. This difficult passage took many, many years of my life, actually years in a hospital bed; with no doctor thinking I would live another day. Yet even when faced with death I refused to die. I said to the angel of death ‘get thee behind me Satan… I know you’re not Satan, but I’m not coming with you’, and the angel of death left.
Eight years ago I found myself fatigued and exhausted. I was almost ready to give up the fight. I was emotionally discouraged that I had not been able to get my bigger message out into the world, nor had I been able to enjoy the journey of life. My adrenals were fried, my brain in a constant fog; my life, even by my account, was not worth living anymore. Now that’s pretty bad, I am an optimist by nature, but I couldn’t imagine going another day in the kind of suffering and exhaustion I was in. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, and that was a dark week. Then I began to awaken from my own illusion. I woke one morning with absolute certainty that God had promised me a Garden of Eden life and that I needed to collect.

I went to my own little garden in prayer and meditation and just like Buddha, determined for my own enlightenment, I demanded God take me or make me well. From that very first day I began to receive downloads of regeneration and the human blueprint. I had access to how we were designed, and how we were meant to live hundreds of years based on our design. My body began to regenerate (heal) and after two short weeks I had no pain in my body. Within a few weeks, I who had previously walked with a cane, had asthma and a heart condition, could now run the mountain trails and dance on stage with a local rock ‘n roll band.
Developing the mission: 5,000,000 minds!

It was fascinating to me to understand each and every process, (I’m a combination of class president and actress for those of you who know about character codes) and I was driven to learn more and more. When I had really healed my own body to a large extent, I started to use the techniques I had developed with my clients. The fascination grew to a magnificent obsession and I began to apply the principles to the profoundly ill folks who were coming in droves to experience my regeneration gifts. I was saving lives. WOW.
As I worked with the ill folks, I realized my real desire was to return to the women; the ladies who were going for it. I found myself mentoring and restoring health with woman leaders, housewives and wise elders who were still very much involved in the transforming planet! A consistent thread was all these women wanted more, they refused to play small but so often were being held back because of exhaustion, healthy issues, and the demands of overly active schedules. I found myself taking these amazing women leaders from sometimes total depletion to absolute miraculous break through! As time has progressed, I have learned so much more in mentoring women and men all ages to live richer deeper lives. As I progressed I realized that we could as a race restore the wellness and purity of our human blueprint by reaching and aligning five million minds!


I found a common thread with my tribe. First off they were brilliant. They were awake and aware, meaning they knew that life isn’t just black and white, there is a spiritual component to things, and not everything that affects your success is seen or visible. Self-accountability was another key to these amazing women. They sometimes accepted responsibility for things that were failing in their life, even though they had no awareness of where the problem stemmed from or how to ‘fix’ it.
When they came to me, they were exhausted and smart enough to know they needed help to keep up their momentum. I would hear over and over, “Julie Renee I don’t want to work so hard, I feel like things should get easier, that I should be feeling a sense of joy and balance”. Then I would hear about the problem and how they couldn’t afford to play small. “I feel like I am stuck on a hamster wheel. On my days off I am so tired I crash, it’s not uncommon for me to sleep well into the afternoon. I am embarrassed that I can’t remember important facts, details and names when I am so tired. To make matters worse, with my fuzzy brain I can’t write, so I am behind on my book writing commitments.”
They asked me if it was possible to have momentum without the struggle and effort? Could they be happy? Could they feel energized and healthy like they did before they started to really go for it? Would they ever be able to return to sleeping well at night?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

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