What you don’t know could be sabotaging your livelihood

From time to time, everyone faces adversity and trial. What you do with that adversity will affect the quality and happiness of your life.  Will you choose a path of blaming, “meaning making” or personal responsibility? Depression or elation can come out of the same adversity.  It’s time to ask yourself,  “Which response would I rather choose?”

Many of my clients seeking to feel and be 100% healthy share with me how a difficult relationship they had with a parent or relative has affected how they view the world and their ability to feel the freedom needed to live life large and powerful. Childhood abuse, physical or sexual is a common theme in these conversations. It is one we are not taught how to deal with. Given no real guidance these circumstances often produce the inability to forgive and move out of darkness into light.

Here are three possible responses and interpretations to this challenge. You will notice that how the loss of personal power – freedom to express their authentic self and the freedom for emotional bliss – expansive living can come from the exact same situation.

Anger, Resentment and Bitterness

Have you met someone who carries a banner of pain and suffering in their very essence? This person will have a response/belief system that is based on blame and lack. The individual feels that the odds are stacked against them and they use the incident or problem as an excuse to avoid being more then they are. They want others to make exceptions for them and they live in an unreal world, where their lack of success is someone else’s fault. They are blind to the natural order of business and miss both an important mental attitude as well as appropriate timely action to accomplish their task.  They  are depressed and disappointed when life doesn’t give them what they ‘deserve’. They are fond of thinking of themselves as a good person, innocent and on some level in their imaginations they have done everything they could to succeed, yet success is obscure and unrealized.

You are not wrong if you are in this position. But, as you can see, you are in a weakened condition and are prone to struggle. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual struggle are encompassed in this ‘thought form’. You cannot truly succeed because you have a thought form dominating your consciousness that is against the natural order of abundance and joy.

Fuel From the Struggle

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 8.52.16 PMThe second response to the problem is to believe that you are powerless, but you will turn lemons into lemonade. You think the problem is a difficulty or curse that you had nothing to do with creating, yet you are churning the adversity into something you can show others you have overcome. You get fuel from the struggle. You publicly ‘show and tell’ people that this problem is one that you have nothing to do with. You are versed partially in the law of attraction so you are turning the failure into fertilizer for your better future.

In many ways, this second choice is what we, as a culture, understand best. We are listening to hear this kind of a story from those who touch, move and inspire us. The mess to success story helps us to relate to another, who is ‘just like me’ somehow. This is an excellent place to speak from for the general populace to understand the concept of turning adversity into something good or even great. If you tell your story understanding and implementing the third approach to embracing adversity, you will have the most power.

Personal Responsibility 

The third response, perhaps less popular, but is by far the most powerful response, is to take responsibility for what has happened.  With no blame, anger, or resentment present, you create the thought form of greatness and a vibratory response of truth.

This step requires the space of emotional generosity and a willingness to understand a much bigger picture. You cannot respond this way if you have not fueled your emotional tanks. You must love yourself so much that you know everything coming to you was designed perfectly to give you what you needed for full enlightenment and full ascension in this body.

Begin to step into this phase of truth, by asking;

  • What is it I wanted to have happen from this experience?
  • What did I seek to learn from it?
  • How did I want to grow?
  • What is the highest interpretation of this challenge?
  • Did I need something huge to wake me up to my divinity, something that would be so far from who I know myself to be that I could say, I am not that!?

100% Healthy is possible when you really go for it. Try new things. Take more responsibility than you possibly could. Fuel your emotional tanks. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. Live to your greatest potential. Love to your fullest capacity and pursue 100% of your Healthy life every single day!

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