Getting the Horse to Drink

You can lead a horse to water….. now what’s the trick to getting him to drink properly? When faced with the daunting task of drinking 65 to 90 ounces of water daily, most folks go into overwhelm and become hopeless in action.

They revert quickly to their old dehydration habits and return to fuzzy brain headaches and fatigue, despite their awareness that the simple act of drinking 4 ounces of water every half hour would produce immeasurable positive results.

Getting the Horse to Water 

Educating and getting the horse fired up and motivated is the first task in the transformation to better focus, clarity and function for your healthy, happy brain.

Have you ever really thought about what it’s costing you to not stay hydrated? Are you losing work time? Struggling with a dark, fuzzy or achy brain? Do you routinely battle fatigue, poor hormone and brain chemistry, or nervous issues? Is your metabolism in the dumper? All of these issues are dramatically improved through proper hydration.

Want to make this a permanent change? I have found that by looking at it more closely – not just thinking about it, but by writing about it – you can help make the change stick. Take out a pen and paper and write down what it’s costing you to not stay hydrated all day long.

Are you missing the mark with financial goals? Not bringing your best self to relationships? Where are you out of focus and failing?  Awareness – having clarity about what it’s costing you is the first step. Change can only happen when you are awake to the real cost of any issue.

Now imagine being fully energized, focused and clear. What could you produce? How would your relationships be different? How would your life change?

Great! Now you’ve got the possibilities flowing. Are you at the water trough? LOL!

Okay, Now That You Are Motivated, What’s Next?

I have found that when you look at 80 ounces of water, related to the 5 bottles you need to polish off during the course of a day, most people go into a freak out mode. “I can’t possibly drink that much. I’ll be running to the bathroom all day.”

Let’s address that…

If you are a guzzler – meaning you wait 3 or 4 hours, then guzzle down 16 ounces, yes, you will pee out a lot of that water. That’s because you have flooded your system; you’ve absorbed between 4-8 ounces and the rest gets flushed.

If, however, you follow the “Sip Sixteen Method”, you are now drinking 4 ounces every 30-45 minutes all day long. This method allows you to replace the water you are losing at the proper pace, so that you will no longer spend all that extra tine running to the bathroom.

For my VIP sessions, I provide a craft of water with a small 5 ounce glass for my clients, allowing the drinking process to become simple, easy, and effortless. Clients surprise themselves as they go through carafes without noticing any difficulty.

Drinking this way is psychologically doable and brilliantly rewarding. Try the “Sip Sixteen System” by providing yourself with visual cues that make your ability to stay hydrated truly possible. You will change your hydration habits for the rest of your life.

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