Love Wisdom Creed

Love Wisdom CreedThere is one infinite God/ Goddess vibration of love that creates everything seen and unseen. This all prevailing presence is light, love, miraculous creation, and the sacred expression of inclusion. Divine love embraces all humanity, regardless of religious preference or any other human selective difference. Heaven is here on earth.

I am free to live a life of spiritual freedom and full self expression liberated in love, gratitude and mastery in this body here and now. My spirit is limitless. I am responsible for any limits I experience in this body and have complete access to the divine through prayer and contemplation to release myself from any human bonds I have worn as spiritual clothing that no longer resonate with my essence

I enjoy direct mystical access and divine union while practicing spiritual rites. These sacred rites belong to all humanity. In the Christian tradition they are known as Baptism, Rebirth, the Communion of Saints, the Sacrament of Communion and the Mystical Bridal Chamber. I follow the sacred path towards Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Transmutation and Ascension in this life.

I experience the presence of the Christed one known to me as Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ was Avatar, Teacher, Guide and friend. I revere blessed Mother Mary, who is compassion, love, forgiveness and healing. I trust in the existence of Holy Spirit who is essence living in me as life force.

I trust in the reality of the Holy Ones, the Divine Male and Female Deities who have sprung forth from all the great and lesser known spiritual paths to teach and guide us on the path of Love Wisdom.

I am ageless and timeless. My life continues in or out of this human temple I call my body. Whatever I have done willingly or unknowingly to myself or others that does not resonate with pure truth, can be washed from me through the power of forgiveness and the unending limitless power of LOVE.

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