A few days back I opened my bible with the prayer of understanding. Why a fire? Why now? The pages opened to an Old Testament scripture I had not remembered. The paraphrased version is something like this: ‘My God is on fire with jealousy for Zion and the new Jerusalem. When it comes the holy mountain shall be known as the mountain of truth, the children shall play freely in joy and the very, very old shall walk with canes not because they are sick but because they have lived so very long and there will be truth.’

As I reflect on the meaning of this I ponder the value and timing of God’s perfect plan. Does of fire of this magnitude bring the masses together raising the elevation and frequency of all united in a common bond? Can a fire raging bring thousands of firemen, bulldozer operators and pilots to help the needs of the people? Do people’s hearts open in a greater appreciation for their neighbors’ friends and those who have stepped in to help?

This Sobrantes fire cannot be contained so the strategy is to guide it by setting boundaries away from communities and houses.

I thought about how this bible passage spoke to me personally. After the fire from God’s desire to bring a new dimension to earth there will follow a time of truth so much so that the mountain becomes the mountain of truth and God’s living promise of a new higher frequency. These burning hills, where my home is nestled in safely, are the Santa Lucia mountains, named for the Scandinavian saint who is celebrated with candles burning on a wooden wreath placed on the head or heads of the girls meant to represent the Saint.

The virgin forest with its peaks and valleys is for the first time cleansed and given the opportunity to renew once the fires have ended. And there is a reference to the children and extremely aged meaning the fellowship of those living in Zion expands greatly and with joy a vibrant health in this scripture it also refers to Mt Carmel (and here the fire rages in Carmel valley mountains.)

As all this burning and purifying does what it is here ordained to do, my home is filled with laughter, songs, stories and dancing of young children and I am soon to receive the blessings of a newborn daughter.

When I was deciding to adopt now, some folks thought the years shown on my driver’s license did not match who would be an ideal mother. Yet over and over I was shown I would live many, many years to come in vibrant health and that I would experience more energy, youthfulness and fulfillment by taking the action towards building family and daily loving of my children in my house

For several months I would hear from different sources the story of Sara having a baby at 80 or 90 and living to see her son grow to age 37 before she passed. God’s miracles are great and the plan for us does not always follow the timeline we or group mind thinks it should.

The birds continue to chirp and sing as I walk my mountain loop . They play their part in maintaining the grace and peace of this transformation. I find myself grateful for all of life, for the safety of my home, the joy of children, friends and new family. Grateful to be in the heart of change, the fire of transformation and living on the mount that shall be known as the mountain of truth!

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