In this age of quantum health activations things previously thought impossible are now becoming a reality. We are experiencing tremendous breakthrough’s and what would be considered miraculous results in our nerve regeneration process.

The conversation around nerve regeneration starts with pure science. We look to the Stanford genetic scientists exploring the regeneration of skin stem cells. In the Crabtree laboratory at Stanford the scientists are diligently working on a process of taking skin stem cells cultivating them over months in a sterile laboratory conditions over time turning them into human nerve cells. We know that skin brain and nerve cells are formed early on from the same embryonic materials, so this make perfect sense.

While visiting with my friend and top Genetic Scientist Jerry Crabtree who is the head of Crabtree laboratory he explained why this break through is so exciting. Being able to turn skin stem cells into nerve stem cells means 15 or 20 years down the road science may be able to replace a full nervous system! Hundreds of miles of nerves would be available for folks who have illnesses that currently have no cure like Parkinson’s disease.

I am excited for science and the exploration of what is possible and it seems to go hand in hand with what we are accomplishing using the quantum field and the human blueprint. I have developed protocols yielding incredible results for students and clients that are yielding truly amazing results and some pretty miraculous transformations.

The protocols for nerve regeneration include clearing programs in the field of amplification, perception and emotions that are informing the nerves to malfunction or function at less then optimal performance. In this first step, we remove the programs of disease and illness. Unlike science we also remove the soul contracts, curses, past life influences and emotions that directly influence the nerves.

In addition to these clearings we preform DNA Obliteration, which is the removal of poor performance DNA encoding informing the body to experience nerve issues. This DNA process has cleared cancer DNA, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating genetically influenced illnesses freeing up clients to live with greater ease knowing they no longer have these influences that can potentially spring up as full blown illness.

Step two includes the removal of unwanted energies, entities, and dominant dark patterns in the nerves. Again we are addressing things that science may not have a container for. And yet the individuals are very aware that not all of what is happening to them is them.

Step three in the process of completely healing the nerves and restoring them to their healthy state is cellular neo genesis. This is the actual regeneration of the nerve stem cells. Cellular Neo Genesis includes the restoration of the master stem cell to 100%. This technique requires the use of the quantum field and human blue print. Once the nerve master stem cell is restored to 100% it is mirrored to the surrounding cells. This step improves the immediate function of the system. What is truly exciting to me is the actual nerve regeneration. With the 100% healthy Master cell a program is activated in the mitochondria starting a cascade of new cell growth! This final step
continues to produce new nerve cells for many days often 70-140 days! Growing a restoring the current malfunctioning nerves to health once more.

Early in the development of cell regeneration, I thought that the regeneration of nerves was more difficult and took longer than the regeneration of other kinds of cells. What I’ve discovered is that nerve cells are highly intelligent and responsive cells that are intensely affected by all programming and energetic influences. If time is taken up front to remove all the programming and unwanted energetic influences, then the nerves return to there healthy state once more. Making nerve regeneration a viable and powerful procedure with amazing results.

It is important to note that nerves are so directly connect to what is happening in the brain that I have found the best nerve restoration results follow a full brain regeneration.

Neuropathy, nervousness and anxiety as well as Parkinson’s and all nerve related illnesses are greatly improved by this process.

I’ve had the joy of helping two lovely women get the feeling back in legs and feet as well as restoring a traumatic brain injury patient his feeling in legs and feet. A pentagon employee who suffered from panic and anxiety was completely cured of her struggles with this technique. And a Parkinson’s sufferer experience wonderful relief and a slowing of symptoms. This was years ago what’s so exciting is I have discovered more of the pieces to solving the mystery of nerve illnesses and I now have many new techniques that address the issues in that had remained unknowable until now.

Nerve regeneration is possible!

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