Julie Renee DoeringThe Five Key Improvements for making the next year, your All Time Top Financial Year

Dec 2011
Preparedness is the Key to a Profitable New Year

Five key shifts to skyrocket your results in the New Year

Did you know that the same trait that distinguishes a world class athlete also defines the top notch entrepreneur?  To be practiced, ready and aware, focused on your end goal is what distinguishes a winner from everyone else in the game.

If you keep playing the game of life with the same information you have always used, you will continue to create the same results. If however you are able to shift, to make a change, to alter your world and your life in a big way, you will undoubtedly create new opportunities and success beyond your scope in present time!

The Five Key Improvements for making the next year, your All Time Top Financial Year

Improve Your:

1. Mind

In our current economy, many people are being challenged to find alternative venues for income. This can be an exciting adventure if you approach it with an enthusiastic attitude.  Group mind is be a powerful hypnotic force, however you can choose to unplug from memes (group mind) and miasims (group viruses). Be individuated and create your own authentic standard of wealth, health, joy and beauty!

You can fortify your ‘mind shift ‘  by absorbing and engaging in new intellectual content found in: apprentice and mentoring courses, home study activation programs, books, articles and audio programs. Allow your mind to match the knowledge of your teacher’s information. Make a concourse shift to move out of negative or self defeating patterns and raise your thoughts to a new mindset.

2. Aura

Your energetic signature emanates from you.  Are you like the cartoon character Pigpen in the Charlie Brown comic strip broadcasting a dusty cloud of foggy funk or are you sending out a bright healthy sensation of positive optimism? The folks that you live with and the ones you work with feel your signal. In terms of a seven layer aura, your sixth and seventh layers on the outside edge of your energetic bubble reveal your trustworthiness, self confidence and overall achievement barometer.

I had lunch with business associates today and I noticed that the business and marketing experts were quick to bring in a negative conversation about the style of another marketing expert. That negativity is stopping the fulfillment of several looming contracts that never seem to come to final agreement. The universe and the folks you interact with pick up on your energy signature. Can you brighten it up more?

3. DNA

You may be wondering how in the world you can change your DNA???? The family programming that literally runs through your cellular body can be a force for good or a cause for self-defeating actions that are unending and unresolved. Ending DNA patterning is not as difficult as you may think.
Case study

70ish woman, born to a loving Christian mother, brought up well with virtually no details of father as her conception happen during a rape. This woman lived a good life but was constantly met with challenges, and never enjoyed the freedom of her heart’s desire which was to be a leader in the health and wellness industry. We did a comprehensive 2 hour session removing the pieces of DNA through a ‘deprogramming technique and replacing the negative information with signals of trust and greatness. Each healing was sealed up with a beautiful golden pulse of divine energy locking out the negative data and locking in the new path.

Accelerate Wealth from the Inside Out introduces this style of DNA clearings and is a good place to delve more deeply into the process with the advanced program offering up to 8 hours of clearings. Read more about this program http://julierenee.com/product/accelerate-wealth-from-the-inside-out-2/.

4. Habits

What are your habituated ways of being? Are these habits sending out the signals of a mover and shaker, and powerhouse, a force for good in the Universe?

As the New Year approaches and folks make their resolutions, pounds drop off as gym memberships and diet programs leap. After 6 weeks the frenzy of activity dies down and just the old faithful continue their health regime. Why not approach everyday as your best ever day?

Years ago, my daughter and I spent New Year’s together and she introduced me to a DVD exercise routine I could really make work in my active schedule. From that day to now, I get up every day and the first activity I do upon rising is put on my work out clothes and press play.  I have maintained a fit and healthy body even while undergoing tremendous stress and strain with my life style and love my youthful health body because I have habituated working out.

Another awesome habit is daily meditation. To become still to clear the mind, to clear the energy channels in the system are amazing. Beautiful from the Inside Out is our brand new meditation program for reversing aging. Want to avoid plastic surgery and get amazing results through 30 minutes of rejuvenating meditation, check out: www.JulieRenee.com

Keeping the environment clean and tidy, creating an order to the operations of your business, making health food and life style choices part of your daily habit can make the difference between chaos and profound satisfaction

5. Connecting Style

Social networking, while it may be fun is not social connection. You need to reach out, call friends and clients and let them know you care. Sending hand written cards can mean so much to another.

A couple weeks ago my sound engineer canceled a session saying he with ill and contagious. I immediately sent a get well card with a note of appreciation for all his good work and blessings for a fast recovery. Several days later I receive a call from him thanking me for the card.  He repeated his thanks again, and said it really made a difference in his recovery.  How powerful we are and how many times do we let an opportunity to contribute slip through our hands? With universal law for these good actions and good works we draw the same back to us.

Are you really connecting with those who are important to you?

Are you a blessing in your world?

Preparing and strategizing now in the weeks before the New Year can lead to truly the best year of your life. Shake things up, get a little uncomfortable and step up into a deeper level of fulfillment and connection. Wealth, Health, Beauty and Love are yours for the asking.

Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to have it all!

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