Quantum Shift of Arthritis

Monday April 17, 24; May 1, 8, 15, 2017
1 PM Pacific
Cost: $249 or 3 payments of $89

Why Are You in Pain?

Living with poor joint function and pain can be a miserable state. You’re unable to fully enjoy the active life you once had and are often held back from some of the simplest activities. It may affect your self esteem, you may feel embarrassed or like you have to hide. But mostly it’s about something taking over, that is not you, kicking you out and causing you pain and limitation.

Brand new 5-part training to help you have great function and health of ALL joints in you!!!

  • Training One: Big Clearing on programs and interferences informing the body to have painful deformed joints.
  • Training Two: Interferences and Emotions. Are these anchored in making a shift difficult and of course clearing it all!
  • Training Three: Neck, Spine & Jaw: Getting to the areas clearing and erasing that which is not you.
  • Training Four: Hands, Elbows & Shoulders: Learn the daily activations to make permanent change, reduce bone anomalies and feel really great again…
  • Training Five: Hips, Knees & Feet: Strengthen your stepping forward by removing pain and problems from your next steps and have an easier time of moving everything in life forward!

I’ve added some amazing program supports that you start with right away, but the trainings and clearings are going to be the biggest jewel out of this program, changing you and the way you live life permanently!

Precious Pain Reducing Program Supports


From Your Divine Human Blueprint:

  • Chapter on Pain

  • Chapter on Musculoskeletal System


The Definitive Guide to Pain Free Living

Clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain with this natural pain reduction meditation. Meditation and transcript.

From the Q5 Meditations Series!


Body Balance

Have you been finding your chemistry a little ‘whacky’ and off center lately? This powerful tune up will give you the vital tools to kick start your inner workings and get you back on track and feeling fine!


  • Quantum Mindset Control Center
  • Become both the Director and Producer of your own body chemistry
  • Female and male hormone tune-up
  • Mastering a more peaceful inner flow
  • Restoring a more relaxed and serene state with the Quantum Pleasure Field
  • Bringing back a sense of body balance for the rest of your days

This is a gentle guide to mastering communication with your own body chemistry. There are key signals you will learn that speak lovingly to those parts of you currently presenting challenges, finally restoring a sense of grace and ease to your life.


I Am loved

This is a beautiful and soothing meditation that will bring you back to the place where you feel completely loved, cherished and understood as a human being. It is the sweet reminder and clearing out of all that is not love in your field.


  • Being surrounded in the pink pleasure field of love
  • Undergo a separation release of all that blocks you from a sense of love
  • Refreshing your self view cherished loved and inner confidence
  • Discovering the source of love that is in YOU!
  • Initiating a Mudra for self-love and self-affinity
  • Bringing forth the affirmation of I love, trust and express my unique self

This is the time to clear away the self-doubt, disconnect and fall back in love with you. This amazing guided meditation will tell you how to meditate properly and to receive love in return. By letting go, you will be guided towards releasing those blocks to full restoration and arrive at being your best self!

Owning Your Body

Owning Your Life

Resetting yourself is as easy as releasing other energy, breathing in Pink and Gold and relaxing into the certainty and joy of the quantum pleasure field.


  • Breathe in Positivity, Release Negativity
  • Find Your Center and Let Go of Other People’s Energy
  • Detox the Energy Around You, Your Aura
  • Blue Corona – Burn off Excess Negative Energy
  • Affirm Your Greatness Top 10

The “Owning Your Life” Meditation guides you through a transformation that uses profound affirmations of greatness, love and power. Complete your quantum shift in the pleasure zone and feel powerful beyond measure. It’s your time to shine!


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