Pinocchio: Are you telling the truth?

Personal power and fulfillment: speaking truthfully

How is your truth telling Barometer these days? Are you always impeccable with your word? This is a lesson in increasing the power of your words. Just do your best and don’t stress. Over time as you practice these concepts you will get better and better at them.

Do you want to increase your manifesting power by 100%? …..

Take out a piece of paper and a pen or your lap top and notate the answers to the following questions:

  1. When I relay information, do I embellish the truth to suit my needs?
  2. If you answered yes; In the embellishment does some part of the communication become untrue?
  3. When late or put on the spot, do I make excuses that are unrelated to the circumstances?
  4. Do I have the belief that sometimes telling the truth is cruel?
  5. If you answered yes; Is there a shift in how I perceive truth telling where I could think of it in terms of loving respectful communication, the kind of communication that would be beneficial to all parties involved?
  6. When I speak about the truth, is it truly the only truth?  For example is it a truth based entirely on my perception that I think others should believe, rather than enjoying the diversity of view point?
  7. Have I lied to myself while answering any of these questions? (remember do your best and don’t stress.  The goal is to bring a consciousness into your relationship with truth so as to increase your manifesting power.)

Think about a time when someone told you something that you knew was or suspected was untrue. Are you in the feeling of being lied to?

Notice what are you feeling and where in the body you are feeling it.

Perhaps you felt…odd, dull, angry, offended, disrespected…? All of these feelings and any others you are noticing are in the lower frequency of vibrations. Think about this, something somebody shared with you just lowered your spiritual wattage possibly dramatically. Imagine walking around all day lowering your wattage a bit here and a bit there. Each time you tell an untruth, you lower your wattage. Will the universe want to believe you when you claim your outrageous abundance? Will you be bright enough to match that energy of your abundance picture?

Going a little deeper

into this concept let us think about each of us humans as Beings of Light.

The DVD “‘Messages From Water” by the Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who experimented on water molecules and the effect word and music had on them viewed by freezing the water molecules and observing them under a microscope. Positive words like love and happiness made beautiful lacey ice crystals. Quite the contrary to the beautiful words had on the ice crystals, negative words made ugly spider webs and dismal manifestations.

When you contemplate the fact that our human body is over 90% water, you can get a good idea why we respond so strongly to those loving communications, or those negative ones, our cells literally change.

Our natural state is that of light and love,

so when speaking truth you move easily into this state of light, the state we know as the state of creation or perfection.

Neuroscience has discovered that our brains were wired to be social or to respond to other brains. Nourishing relationships have a beneficial impact on our health. From the book, “Social Intelligence” by Daniel Coleman, as the book progresses he states that we can catch an emotion, just like a virus.  So if someone emoted on you, your brain and then the cells of your body would come down to that negative state. On the other hand, if someone smiled at you, your brain and body would lighten and respond to that higher emotion. I mention this to bring home the point that we are deeply responsive beings and all have the ability to go to the lightest vibration. If someone shared their negativity with you, you could reboot by focusing on a positive feeling, or something beautiful in nature to reset yourself.

In David Hawkins’ book, “Power Verses Force,” he uses kinesiology, which is basic muscle testing to test the vibration of many things for their relationship with pure truth. One of his findings was that Hinduism had the highest vibration of any of the larger religious practices on planet earth. I have a few theories as to why this is so.

  1. The religion in some form has been practiced for thousands of years
  2. The prayers are spoken in Sanskrit which is the language of truth, meaning that the sounds/words are actually the vibration of the thing or concept. Very cool!

While in India I had the privilege of studying with Brahmin priests in the Vishwa Shanti Ashram. The scriptural texts are the Vedas and the Yogic Sutras along with other divine texts. The Vedas are considered the highest truth. There are four Vedas. Each of these treatises are complete in themselves and represent a unique branch of study of the truth.  Three of the Vedas are visible and available for study. The fourth Veda is a sacred book of incantations that remains hidden to the world. In this book, contain the words and sounds that control the physical world and are left in the hands of the most holy individuals.

If you are interested in a Hindu text of pure truth, that is accessible and of truly the highest vibration, I suggest you read the Yogic Sutras of Patenjali. These beatific thoughts, truly poetic, have stimulated in me many euphoric and blissful moments.

Thinking back again to the concept of language as truth, Sanskrit being our perfect example of that 98% true, we compare the English language in its basic spoken form and surprisingly discover it in the 10% range of truth. The fact that the English language is more a descriptive device then a language of truth means that our words don’t line up as the vibration of the concept or thing we are talking about. This may encourage an overall cultural theme of speaking untruths within our social structure.

You can, with clear intention use the English language to speak truthfully. It takes clear intention and attention to all the little details.

(Remember what I said earlier do your best, don’t stress) Drop your perfect pictures. This is raising awareness and consciousness and is not a process meant to be done over night but rather a profound lifelong learning. Your best effort at any given time is enough.

Our ultimate goal out of this lesson is to increase the power of your word in the universe. When you increase you truth ratio, you increase your power resulting in your ability to use your word as a powerful tool to create your wondrous reality.

The vibrant health of your emotional body leads to your feelings of knowing you live a blessed life.

When you are on track in this area you are often in a state of bliss and feel so grateful for everything coming to you. You have a sense of love and anticipation for the wonder and goodness of life and you live in a gentle flow of grace and ease.

Are you mostly in the state of bliss? Are you content, connected with the Divine, and feeling that all is well in the universe?

Let yourself get in touch with your feeling body. Reach out with your thoughts into the recent past. What were the recurring feelings that surfaced through this past week?

On the low end of the emotional segment is sadness, melancholy, depression and anxiety. At the extreme low ebb we find bottom of the barrel emotions; thoughts of suicide, ongoing pain and anger, jealousy and unrelenting self criticism. Sometimes folks get so low they just wonder if life is worth living. If you find yourself in the low range, it is definitely time to start taking some action to improve your happiness and satisfaction.

Pick a number for yourself.  There is a big range in emotional contentment and ease. If you are under 50%, you will find that there is something else on the wheel that is also out of balance. Maybe its creativity, like you are not spending enough time painting or dancing… or maybe its finances or recreation. When you are looking at true abundance, you are looking at a emotional segment that is pretty rockin’.

  • Getting your feelings into the good, over 75%.
  • Let yourself notice all the good you have in your life.
  • Stop talking about poor behaviors of others.
  • Start talking about how loved and lucky you are!
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Create a bulletin board of all your happy adventures, or all the wonderful cards you receive from those you love
  • Send a love  letter to an older relative, let them know how much their life and examples have meant to you
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter
  • Be a Big Brother or Sister, or adopt a grandparent
  • Get out in nature, hike with a friend, go mountain biking take a ski trip
  • Babysit and have fun getting into the playfulness of life
  • Forgive everyone
  • Forgive yourself
  • Plan a trip around the world
  • Go dancing
  • Dress up
  • Turn off the TV
  • Avoid Violence
  • Avoid sensational news and radio shows
  • Listen to classical or mellow music
  • Watch a romantic comedy or a really good documentary
  • Find reasons to laugh (the average child finds 300 occasions a day to laugh while the average adult 3 times or less, kick up your laughing quotient.)
  • Light some candles, enjoy a fresh bouquet of flowers
  • Spend some time in prayer and meditation
  • Journal

Helpful supports for when action is not enough

If you have been in a low vibe for a long time, get a neurotransmitter test. Find out is your serotonin and dopamine levels are high enough. You can take natural neurotransmitter supports from Neuro Science labs

Alternative products to improve brain chemistry:

  • Essential oils grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin (quell anxiety stimulate productivity I like Amrita Oils.
  • Sam E, St John’s Wort, Rescue Calm and Feild of Flowers (from Energetix)
  • If you are prone to mood swings look into balancing your  hormones. Use my Happy Hormones CD to tune up your entire endocrine system (for women and men).
  • Experiment with herbs Black Cohosh, Evening Prim Rose, Borage Oil, Dhea and Wild Yam Extract

One of the sure fire ways to raise your satisfaction in this area is to start loving yourself the way you are. Praise and bless yourself for the little steps you are making. Sometimes it takes courage and discipline transcend an old pattern. You can do it. Remember a time when against all odds you rose to the occasion and took a stand for yourself? Remember how good it felt then? Use the memory of that to fuel your steps up into pleasure and ease.

I encourage you to be the scientific researcher in the area of emotions and get to your happy space. Take your little steps and be firmly focused on the happiness coming in. This area must be fortified for true peace.

Remember Bliss it’s an inside Job!

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