Serene Grace in an Active World

Love Wisdom CreedAs I pondered the meaning and presence of life, my thoughts went to the idea of stillness or silence. What is it truly to have the ’peace that passes all understanding?’ is it just a quiet mind or is there more to this peace of God?

In the stillness, In the quiet,
In the open heart, there I am.

I am essence, I am breathe,
I am light of God, I am I am.

Let’s start by imagining the presence and meaning of four key words related to internal quiet.

Silence ~ quiet lacking inner and out chatter
Stillness ~without movement or action
Serenity ~awareness of perfection and ease in the state of imperfection
Peace ~ a state of grace and a calmness of heart

These are not dictionary definitions, but rather notions of truth resonating in the ethers, coming through to my own quiet mind.

Starting with Silence we think of quietude. In this quiet there is no inner or out chatter. Silence is the gift we give ourselves, often while in the presence of divinity. Perhaps you would experience it following active prayer, meditation or chanting. Simon and Garfunkel immortalized this idea, “echo’s the sound of silence’, though I am guessing this deeper peace may not have been part of the motivations behind the song lyrics. Knowing the highest vibration of silence is knowing joyous vibrations of Divinity.

When we are in Stillness we are without movement or action. It reflects the expressions of the body, the opposite of movement, and requires a stilling of the muscles, a relaxing of active body. Motion ends and stillness begins. For some, the only time they are really still is in sleep. There is a great blessing in experiencing stillness, spirit in body. The aligning and attuning spirit to an un-moving body can strengthen ones life force and restore purpose in a time of loss.

Serenity requires a person who has at some point lacked ‘peace of mind’. With serenity one has both awareness of emotions in an idyllic or perfected state and ease in living in the state of emotional imperfection.

Peace as a state of being reflects an individual filled with grace and a wearing a calmness of heart. Can peace be more than the opposite of war, hatred and fighting? Can it align the hearts of all to loving kindness generosity and true charity? All I think yes. Which brings us back to a scripture quote: the peace that passeth all understanding. This is a peace of Divine connection. Peace that is not responsive to the lack of, but rather the blessing brought from a disciplined balance spiritual life. From a life of love and serviced balanced by times of reflection and calm quiet mind. I wish this deep peace for you.

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