Part One

Several years ago I found myself exploring my recorded history and experience of time as I progressed through a 5 mile run around my favorite pristine mountain lake. I was at peace. The crystal clear stillness of the lake seemed to expand my access to Divine mind and higher concepts of the natural and super natural world. As my steps moved forward on the rugged trail my fifth brain was actively pondering concepts of time. I noticed time which had become our standard human measure was accurately responsive to ‘time mechanisms’ like clocks and timers, yet did not seem to progress at the same rate. There were days that flew by at an accelerated rate and seemed to be experienced in a quarter of the regular day: while other days crawled by at a snails pace and seemed doubly long.

In the Stillness

In the stillness

In the quiet

In the open heart

There I am

I am essence

I am breath

I am light of God

I am I am


As I reflected I could attribute some of the anomalies in the experience of time speeding up could be attributed to an organized schedule with a focused list of accomplishments needing fulfillment, while other times the state of emotions/the psyche could seem to slow time as depression or sadness ruled, or sped up as excitement and love seems to accelerate time.

The idea of time management made sense: if one was out to accomplish a great amount in a specific cycle of a day or week or for that matter any cycle supported by a plan of completion, this structured time would seem to command the powers of time. And the opposite unstructured time would play out as influenced by the thought forms and momentum of previous cycles or influencing factors.

So understanding the lassoing of time by a structured plan explained part of my experience of time bending but there were other occurrences I had observed that would not fall under this explanation.

Access to the concept time bending from the previous discussion in the most linear of exploration is affected by the human mind and the belief or need to accomplish tasks or perhaps dally in difficult emotion.

All time variances are experienced in the field of amplification. In the simplest understanding of this field it is the field law of attraction enthusiasts use to draw all good to them. It supports an accelerated drive towards manifesting in all realms of human needs, wants and desires. It is not limited to the physical accelerations and can be a great force for change. The Realm of Amplification is than experienced though amplified emotion, conscious direction and a third stimulator ~ spiritual acceleration.

Think of spiritual acceleration as focused time in divine connection. This might typically be experienced in prayer, ceremony or meditation. In this state of Divine reverie a practitioner may slip into bliss or oneness. In both circumstances the spiritual aspirant is in a state beyond time.

The shift from time variance to a curved or spiraled passing of time is what I am most intrigued by. I call this progression ‘Spring Theory’ and define it as the evolution and progression observed by the human psyche, spirit and emotion moving forward on spiral of advanced development. In this model the observance is what defines the movement of time. As time progresses the observer is moving in a spiral, progressing forward. The linear time model there is the experience of a beginning, middle and end. Spring theory has no sense of a beginning middle or end, but rather all parts are existing at the same moment, and as our human psyche can interpret typically only one part of that greater fullness, we are anchored to a spiral ever inn movement towards more understanding and awareness.

Thus the spring, which does continue in a forward movement, is the way we are able to understand or progression. One unique quality that I have frequently had the joy of experiencing in this progression is as we make our passage on the spiral we may dip into the past, or bend into the future. As one routinely passes by their experiences of the past, and they can dip into the information once again to release let go or transform the understanding and knowledge of the previous time as you have gained to new wisdom and understanding to now resolve or release the past, or stretch up into the future, glimpsing at what is to come or perhaps borrowing from the wisdom and knowledge you haven’t yet reach on the spiral, but need in your current life.

My students often ask me: ‘where do cycles and timelines come from and why they exist? Do they have purpose? ‘

Continued in part two …

See next post to come

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