Part Two

My students often ask me: ‘where do cycles and timelines come from and why they exist? Do they have purpose? ‘

This is a good beginning to the conversation. Timelines in a non linear progression would allow you to cycle back or forward to resolve with greater wisdom and understanding that which was incomprehendable or unresolvable in a past experience.

It also allows for a reach into the future to access knowledge you would gain along your path, but have not yet gathered this wisdom based on your location on the progressing spiral.

Have you ever had the feeling of déjà vu? It feels as if you are focused on something that had happened in the past yet it has somehow jumped into your awareness as if it were repeating, both in feeling and in imagery at the present moment.

This phenomenon can be explained by Spiral or Spring theory: which defines our progression of time as forward moving on an upward spiral. Progression of time is not linear but moves in a circular spiral pattern.

What I noticed about this phenomenon was it felt ever evolving but at times the spring seemed to bend down very close to a former period of time in life. As if the experience of time was briefly on a past part of the spiral. During this brief shift an opportunity would emerge to relive or resolve an issue from the past.

In the same way as this shift into the past might occur, at times it would seem to reach up to a future time allowing the shifting experience to provide access to knowledge or wisdom beyond the observers current scope. This gifting of future knowledge allows for a fast ‘upload’ than the brilliant revelation seems gone in an instant. This glimpse of brilliance if the viewer of time is open to and ready for a quantum shift may stimulate exponential leaps catapulting the individual out of the present dilemma what ever that may be, to an entirely new experience of life. The gifting of future revelation on the non-linear spiral may provide opportunities beyond the comprehension of the human mind. It could be interpreted as a spiritual awakening. This glimpse into what will be, even if not ready to receive gives courage and proof of that which is not accepted as real in the every day plane of existence.

spiral 2Time as we know it is not the only measure of and in our life, but in our dimension where life is defined by birth, childhood, teenage years, adulthood, retirement, old age and death it would be challenging to imagine a world where everything exists at once, past present and future and time rather then moving from one point to another, might be experienced all at once.

As Humans, spirit in body experience the astrology of cycles, the passage daily of the sun and moon also validate the concept of a circular or spiral of time passing.

Several years back I traveled to the ancient site of underground stone temples of Ireland. The ancients 4500 years ago knew about these spirals and carved them into stone. These spirals help them create the passing of time related to the progression of the sun, and at the equinox the sun would light the inner sanctum of the underground temple, where ceremony was held to send there leaders back to the heavenly realms. I wrote about this experience after observing it.

The Stones

The stones they are a calling me
Echoing through a eternity
Calling out to set us free
The power of the stones

At dawn I walked in a circle of stones
A solar temple to me yet unknown
Till by the strength of first mornings light
Shown the power of the Stonehenge stones

They grounded the energy of this place
And held us together in loving embrace
While beings of light danced above the space
Bestowing on us their wisdom and grace

The Avebury stones were laughing at me
Taunting me tempting me dancing with glee
Playful stones make love to me
In the circle of the stones

The heavenly chambers from days of old
New Grange stones were a circle to behold
I knelt in prayerful reverence
For the power of the basin stone

I touched my forehead to the rock
It filled me with bright light and talk
Of the ancient people and their ways
And the spirals of the stones

Stones are everywhere we look
Medicine wheels and monolithic books
The wisdom of the circle flows
In the temple of the stones

The ancients of peoples of England, Scotland and Ireland knew the power of spirals and embedded them in stone to leave us a message to ponder for all of time. From my connecting with the stones I saw the memories in the stones of the ancients. They were actively involved and experimenting with understanding how spirit lives and connects in body and time was an important element to their research. The spirals appear to be a calendar of a sort.


I saw through the memories of the monolithic stones that these humans lived shorter lives than ours probably 45 years of age on the outside. They were involved in creating stone temples that would activate light and time. The equinox and solstice times were sacred times of Divine connection and transition. Divine realms were open and accessible to the ancients during these magical earth cycles.

The 750-year-old yogi Babaji also knew about these spirals. In training given to his inner circle he explained cell rejuvenation in an extraordinary way. As one focus on a sacred mantra like om namah shivah one imagines the cell once moving forward in a spiral motion now reversing its trajectory and moving in a counter clockwise motion.

If we look at it with our quantum field activation to grow cells younger would require you to imagine the master cell moving in a counterclockwise or backwards spiral as you chant. This was his secret to long life and he taught this would ensure the reversal of age.

Humanity as a race has continued to experiment with time bending shape-altering experiences and in each era we are able to master unique transformations supported by the era.

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