Life in Balance

Life in Balance

Do you find it hard to keep life in balance and health at optimal with your active demanding life?

Being healthy isn’t about getting there, it’s about ‘getting there’, ‘staying there’ and increasing the great health every day. This may be completely counter intuitive to your current mindset.

If the goal is to ‘get healthy’ what happens after that? It’s kind of like the dieter who starves himself or herself, accomplishes their ideal weight, and just like Oprah on her first dip down and yoyo back, once the goal is met, the drive disappears and the weight or poor health returns.

The new health model is sustainable health, 100% Healthy, wealthy and in love with being you for a lifetime.

You may be like many of my One day clients who are healthy but know they could feel much better and are ready to take a big shift up. Just having this attitude is going to get the shift started. I love working with people getting them to their 100% healthy whether in a One day program or a year long 100% healthy program.  If you need to raise to bar and have health set at a higher level this is a great approach.

So once you’ve moved to the level of health that makes your life rock, sustainability is the next important step.

Master Your Mindset

Mindset is the most important piece in this quest. Be strong, be healthy and be alive. Engage in your life with passion and direction. Keep your mind and heart on what is great about your life and focus your attentions on GOD. GOD, is the sum total of everything beautiful and wonderful in your life, each and everyday!

Healthy lifestyle

Eat, Sleep and Exercise for your optimum health benefit. Healthy food and super foods with healthy water and enough water is an important part of loving the body and keeping it well. Sleep 8 hours a night; let your body really regenerate. Use your body in fun and energizing ways with a healthy lifestyle of cardio, weights and stretching. Take vacations. Love your life and what you do, when you are earning money.

The Fountain of Youth is Meditation

To really be great, to clear all the energy channels and stressors from the body I recommend you meditate at least 30 minutes a day. Using our guided meditations you will easily clear stress and challenge from the body rapidly. I also suggest you do meditation(s) in nature as often as possible. This is in addition to your guided session. Walking in nature heals you, restores your negative and positive ions to balance and centers you for healthy emotions. If you have too much energy in your mental body, this act of meditlifeinbalance650ation in nature will bring the mental body back down to balance.

100% healthy doesn’t mean that something won’t come up that needs adjusting. Just like a car you wouldn’t drive it 100,000 miles with out a brake pad change. If your DNA triggers a health issue, just respond right away in an authentic natural course. Drugs will not cure a health problem. You have to go inside to correct the issue.

Achieving a life of 100% health and vitality means living in balance. Having the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of life well nurtured. I invite you to think about the blessings of being in a supportive community as you return to health and set your new lifestyle habits in place. 100% Healthy Elite year long health activation program trains you for a lifetime of vibrant health!

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