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Are YOU Ready to work powerfully in a one to one setting with Master health activator and number one Brain Rejuvenation Expert Julie Renee, and have your brain and body fine-tuned, your emotions and wealth cleared and refined, and become magnetic to love?

If this is you please read on!


Hi! It’s Julie Renee and I’m delighted you’ve found your way to this program. Working one-to-one with me means you’re going to be clearer and have your brain working a whole lot better! And that’s just the beginning.

From my years of experience I’ve discovered there are three types of people the VIP Experience is good for. I want you to know that we tailor your experience to your needs as we progress through our time together.

  1. VIP Client One – The High Performance Individual who wants to stay at the top of their game and has noticed they may be slowing down.
  2. VIP Client Two – Getting Through Life But Wants More! Someone who’s working and is experiencing a health or brain challenge, and these challenges may relate to your enjoyment of life, for example your earnings are not where they could be or love is elusive.
  3. VIP Client Three Traumatic Brain Injury and Illness Dominant such as stroke or head injury, or a decline of cognitive function due to DNA programing, poor nutrition or toxic exposure. And in this category, the seriously ill folks who want a positive change to return to better health and vitality.


The VIP Experience is the path to your regeneration.
In the very first session your brain will be regenerated to 100%!



Your full VIP Experience includes:


A 2-hour exclusive session with Julie Renee featuring a powerful clearing with full brain regeneration.

You might wonder how this will all come about, and be excited at the prospect of having a fully rebooted brain. We will chat on the phone at the start of your session. And this is when you tell me why you are doing this program, for example: ‘I want more energy, I want a better memory or I really want to work on success’. And we get to the clearings to prepare for that intention.  We clear the areas of amplification, perception, emotions and DNA, including spiritual interferences and anchors that would interfere with the full brain regeneration to follow.

This first step takes about an hour. We hang up the phone about 10 minutes into your session and I work deeply on you as you pump along with me and stay relaxed. 60 minutes into the session you dial me back and I give you a progress report on how far we are in your activation and if we’ve begun the brain regeneration. I answer your questions, and when your questions are answered we hang up and work deeply on your 5 brains. I give you the amount of time to dial back (it’s typically 40 minutes into the second hour), at which time we stay on the call and complete the session together.

Please read about brain regeneration by clicking here.

Once we’ve completed the first two hours, we set a plan for your specific VIP experience. You’ll be encouraged to map out 3-9 additional areas to work on during your time in session. These can be things like: vision, attracting the right kind of love, success and fame, improving your thyroid function and so forth.

3 ~ 1-hour sessions to incorporate your list of improvements.

Although this is a done-for-you program it is encouraged that you take an active role in your shifts. I will clear and restore, in the 5 hours we have together, what would take you around 3000 hours, if you had the skill and knowledge to do these shifts, so please make the best use of your time with me by knowing what it is you’d like to accomplish and speak as clearly as possible.

Some folks like to write a bullet pointed list sent a day prior to each session of the things the want to accomplish in the session. Clear and concise is best. Avoid storytelling and get to the point rapidly so I can use all the time we have together to affect a radical shift! You can ask for direction and guidance in how to go about your own clearings between sessions. You’re encouraged to ask questions, and please know that I am NOT a psychic reader so this type of questioning is not going to yield your best use of my time and yours.

These are mentoring sessions one-on-one ~ following your VIP session over three months. The sessions are meant to really jump start your brain, body and YOUR LIFE!

Email access for questions and guidance and support staff to help you fully integrate and take advantage of all parts of your program.

Some folks find it helpful to shoot off a question or two every few weeks and to get validation and encouragement as they progress. I respond to every email and ask that you follow the specific guidance on addressing VIP questions. Subject line “VIP Communications” and all issues in short bullet points – not more than 3 to 5 in one email. I give you great guidance and support and this helps me see the questions and answer them rapidly, so there is seldom a time delay and responses are often on the same day the question is presented.

VIP Home Study 12-week nurture sequence.

This is a vital part of your VIP program as you are given 8 meditations to use, and over the 3 months you’ll be doing at least one meditation a day. I have even included a walking meditation so that you can get your exercise and meditation in at the same time if you have time constraints. By meditating daily you are receiving an activation with my voice, putting you in the regenerative quantum pleasure field, and even if you have been exposed to lower frequencies and argument during your day, we are resetting you for regeneration each and every day with these powerful meditations. Any meditation over 30 minutes that I have created will work for this process so if you have other programs please feel free to mix and match! You receive these 12 trainings one per week in your email.

Please watch for them as the help you move forward. You’ll find a rich and varied training that is filled with short helpful videos & guided meditations to assist in your transformation.

Two of My BOOKS “100% You Formula” and “Balance Your Life Now,”

…which I know you will find helpful. Both are easy reads, sent in the Ebook version and with the 100% You Formula, you will also get the audio with my voice reading the book.

The 100% You Formula helps you understand what the human blueprint is, with its working parts and gives you a lovely easy-to-use home study program with actions sheets and videos to help you integrate and grow towards more full self expression. Balance Your Life Now is also geared towards mapping full self expression and you are encouraged to use the balance wheel chart each week to chart your outer progress on living in balance and moving towards more joy and full self expression from outer action and thoughtful reflection.



I invite you to enroll now and experience radical change in your entire being.

Tuition $10000, payment options of 3-monthly payments $3670 or 4-monthly payments of $2875.

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What Participants Are Saying


“Before working with Julie Renee I was feeling tired, burnt out and older than my years.  After just one session, I felt clearer and more focused in my thinking.  I could only eat without feeling bloated and I had the same energy level I remember having when I was fourteen years old!  Julie has been able to clear and heal emotional and physical patterns that no other practitioner has ever been able to heal.  I highly recommend working with Julie if you struggle with fatigue and chronic health issues that are holding you back from experiencing incredible health.”

Carey Peters, Health and Business Coach and owner

“My brain has definitely regenerated.  My memory isn’t perfect yet (still in regeneration period) but is far better than it was.  I can remember names much better and express myself better as well. My intuition has deepened. I am setting limits much better and this is great because it has been a big issue all my life. I have started getting a handle on the obsessing. You cleared a lot of demonic curses, Soul contracts and the lot of things and am now getting my finances are getting back on track after a scammer incident. am looking forward to continued work as I see tremendous value in it.”

Dr. Chiddix


“Since Monday, I have been having some of the best days at work I have had in a very long time. Today, I am full of energy.  I am not known for my high energy – quite the opposite. My brain has been a 100 miles a minute, I have been running around taking care of business and going seamlessly from one task to the other.  I have not even crashed yet, which usually happens around 3:00 and I have been up since 5:00.  I have been the best sleep too. I feel happy and more at peace with myself.  this has been a long time coming.   I am just so happy it is turning around, lord knows I need this.”

Ellen Smith



Your Path of Regeneration

jr-photo-194-smallI provide you with a profound path towards regeneration. The process is called cellular neo genesis. Once the cascade of new cell growth has moved to higher levels of new cells in the body and you have attained a certain level of good health and vitality, I give you a way to maintain and sustain the great progress made while in the regeneration process. If you haven’t figured out how to do that, it is not your fault. All health activations and up leveling you’ve been through, if it is to be permanent, must, MUST access your Divine Human Blueprint. The ancient Sumerians had this information long, long ago, and somehow our modern culture has forgotten the wisdom of the Human Blueprint. It is my mission to bring this wisdom back into human consciousness. So we clear away things in the blueprint that do not serve you and then regenerate the cells using the quantum pump, a hand movement for shifting the way you are vibrating in the quantum field. It sounds a bit complex, but believe me we are all able to do this process, I just happen to be very fast at it!

A Surprising Number of People Get It.

It makes sense. We come with a body that is able to regenerate. We have an innate ability to overcome impossible odds, and have examples of it in our daily life.  Think about it: I die twice and come back to life to live a full rich life, if it weren’t possible to transform fully and completely to better health and vitality how could this have happened? Of course because the 100% human blueprint is already part of us, it is more a matter of waking up to the awareness of how amazing out system is  then learning something unknown.

I am very pleased to share what I consider to be huge successes in my wellness journey in just three months of the brain rejuvenation VIP program. My biggest win is being able to let go of my extremely toxic heart medication and avoid another surgery, which my heart specialist felt was my only option. I am thrilled how healthy my heart feels now!! This and my general overall feeling of wellness now has me feeling the second half of my life has only begun at age 71! How cool is that? Here are some other signs of aging I’ve let go of:

Pain in my joints….I’m now pain free

Loss of energy….I now feel energized

Tired and weak eyes….They feel stronger now than they have in many years

Lot of headaches…..Now I’m pretty much headache free

Need for rest….I’m sleeping better and requiring less

I am so very grateful I met you Julie Renee, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the blessing of wellness you have given me!!

– JoAnn Gold



I am delighted with your work so far.My brain has definitely regenerated. My memory isn’t perfect, but is far better than it was. I can remember names much better and express myself better as well. I am setting limits much better and this is great because it has been a big issue all my life. I have started getting a handle on the obsessing. My intuition has deepened.

– Susan

Thank you Julie Renee! I came to you for help after struggling with my legs and feet for about 18 months with no end in sight. Literally nothing was working well. My walking was severely limited and so was all activity in my life. I had a vacation to Machu Picchu planned for my husband and had doubts as to whether or not I would be able to join him. I started working with Julie Renee and within 2 months my feet and legs began feeling much more alive and functional! I decided to go on the trip and am thrilled to share that I not only kept up with the tour group on every outing, but had fun and was comfortable. It was truly my miracle week!

I am still healing but am very optimistic that I will once again be able to enjoy the active lifestyle I love so much.

With Love and Appreciation,

– Sue Lorraine

The VIP Experience

The VIP Experience accesses your Divine Human Blueprint restoring lost health. Together we will get you back to owning your authentic natural health easily and rapidly in the ‘done for you’ experience. Done for you means I’m the master health activator getting you rapidly where you need to be, then mentoring you with the tools to sustain and maintain what we have accomplished in your VIP Experience. Many people choose to move into the immersion program after they’ve had their VIP rejuvenation while some prefer to do 2 or 3 rounds of regeneration focusing each cycle on a unique aspect of full self-expression.

Your VIP Program runs for 12 weeks. You will begin your program with a 2-hour brain clearing and regeneration. Following your first transformational VIP session you will receive 3 additional 1 hour session 3 to 4 weeks apart. You will also receive a 12 weeks of trainings digitally delivered to complement your VIP Live sessions. It is vital to your progress to do at least one meditation that I have provided you each day of your regeneration.

Please note: When people struggle in the VIP program they are not doing their part. The meditation vibrations are set at a high frequency, You’ll need to practice one meditation daily to accomplish the full transformation.

Your first session is 2 hours long. I have recently change to 10 minutes of chat followed by intense quantum activation work where we are not on the phone, after many years of doing these I find my energy is much better if I am not on the phone all day. You will feel everything so not to worry. I give you instructions when we speak on when in the session to dial back. It is typically about 60 minutes into the clearing.

BrainThe actual brain regeneration is an incredible multifaceted activation process with incredible results. Because of the way we address the regeneration, clearing the diminishing and degrading programs that allowed the brain to go down in the first place and then one by one working with the master cell of each of the 5 elements of your brain.

You might wonder why stem cell research has been all the rage. Essentially think of your master cell as the Queen Cell, directing all the other cells how to develop and perform. Your master cells are the cells that were with you from 7 days after your conception, in your mother’s womb. These amazing cells hold the programs for life, and remain in you till the end of your days. Their job is to instruct the cells in the area they developed i.e. the frontal lobe, to perform at their best. Over time, aging programs and toxicity in the environment and food cause the Queen or teacher cells to degrade. As a Master cell you can’t teach 100% function if you are only at 20%. Thus the cells getting their directions from the master cell can only ever function to as high a degree as they are taught.

You can eat all the fish oil and brain supplements you want, you might get a better performance from what is there, but it cannot return to 100% function without accessing the human blueprint. There is no other process that exists in the west, or the east, that does what we do in your first session. We return your master cells to 100% function. And after they are at 100% we press on the regeneration program in the mitochondria and begin a cascade of new cell growth at the new 100% standard. Within 180 days you have an entirely new, completely refreshed brain. What would you pay a brain surgeon, that is if they could do this for you, but unfortunately they cannot. But if they could… what do you imagine this surgery would be worth? Imagine being able to learn a new language, read faster, and comprehend larger concepts and ideas effortlessly. What could you do on full brain power?

This process works for traumatic brain injury clients who have lived for years unable to function. The lights come back on and as they exercise and maintain their brain they return to life and work.

Additionally, as old programing from harmful soul contracts, perception and DNA clear, you’ll find yourself developing new healthy habits! As you activate the 100% YOU, life, lifestyle and things that were difficult become daily habits that are easy to do.

What to Expect After

After several hours of regeneration you will expect to feel clear and refreshed, and you will need a good amount of rest. Although you will be tempted to push the next few days, you may chose to enjoy a few leisure days off. The more you sleep and rest the stronger the cell growth will be.

Imagine a better brain more vitality and joy and a path towards full self expression and wellness is right here for you!

Want help deciding if this is the right choice for you? Book time now to speak to one of our counselors.

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If you are a person like me, who likes details, here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Q. Is this an energy healing?

A. The simple answer is no, we use quantum field to activate your Divine Human Blueprint, so rather than think about it as an energy healing, think of it in terms of your own health activation using pure God energy focused into your divine human blueprint restoring and improving your full human experience.

Q. What do you do in the session?

A. Regenerate your brain, nervous system and clear programs and patterns preventing you from playing full out.  (Using both the Cell regeneration I refer to as Cellular Neo-Genesis, and the DNA reboot which allows the path for clearing difficult DNA patterns and activating your Divine Human Blueprint for your best patterns)

Q. How many sessions will I need to feel great?

A. You will notice huge improvements from one round of the VIP program in virtually all aspects of your life. You may choose to do a second round to go deeper on success, love, or additional health issues. If you choose to do a second round you may also choose to learn the techniques for yourself by joining some aspect of the Immersion Program.


Q. What is the return on investment?

A. The results my clients and students have reported include:

  • Better brain function, focused, clear and directed
  • More sustainable natural energy, vitality and power
  • Regrowth of, and fully functioning, thyroid, adrenals and other glands and organs
  • Feelings of calm and serenity, an end to panic, anxiety, and depression
  • Able to easily fuel the emotional tank
  • Feeling that fun is as important as work

After the Human Blueprint activations, my business clients:

  • Experience more confidence and drive completing projects in record time
  • With the new clarity and magnetism they book more speaking and consulting opportunities
  • Amplify the number of clients they work with and book more sessions consistently
  • Command and magnetize a better quality of prospect and client
  • Typically with the renewed energy and drive in their business ~ raise their rates and speaking fees

After the Human Blueprint activations, my spiritually minded clients:

  • Experience more connection and ease with their inner guidance and high self
  • With the new clarity and magnetism fears and anxieties fall away as worthiness and self love take a strong hold in their inner essence
  • Own ~ enjoy their body more powerfully having more fun and enjoyable physical activities
  • Command ~ magnetize better quality relationships, clear up bad feelings with spouse and family
  • Typically with the renewed energy and ease ~ emotions clear and depression lifts Life becomes joyous and celebratory

Additionally, as old programing from harmful soul contracts, perception and DNA clear, you’ll find yourself developing new healthy habits! As you activate the 100% YOU, life, lifestyle and things that were difficult become daily habits that are easy to do.


Your choice to live full out, be at your best and not settle for less is here now. I have a feeling you chose this path long ago but have been experiencing some ‘disturbances in the force’ and are ready for the simple easy path out of the struggle, exhaustion and fuzzy head back to the Powerful, Ambitious Leader, getting her mission and her blessings out in the world now. This year.  No more dreams deferred. Your time to shine is now.

When you can’t afford to play small, and you are being held back by fatigue, exhaustion, and brain fog… all the enemies and killers of your business, now is the time to schedule your VIP Experience.

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More Happy Clients

When I found her, I was up to my neck with brain fog, cloudy thinking, and generally feeling burnt out. The energy in the room was palpable as Julie Renee worked her magic. I immediately felt more hope as well as increased clarity. My resilience to stress has improved as well. Julie Renee is also just a really loving and joyful person to work with. It is obvious that she really cares about what she is doing and about getting you the results you desire.”

– Markyia Nichols, MD, Holistic Medical Practitioner



Today I am full of energy. I am not known for my high energy – quite the opposite. My brain has been a 100 miles a minute, I have been running around taking care of business and going seamlessly from one task to the other. I have not even crashed yet, which usually happens around 3:00 and I have been up since 5:00. I have had the best sleep too. I feel happy and more at peace with myself. This has been a long time coming. I am not exactly sure if it was the clearing around confidence or that I have been meditating two, sometimes three, times a day.

I am just happy it is turning around, Lord knows I need this.

– Ellen Smith


I am not sure if what I am seeing is real, but I am going with real it’s too exciting not to. My face seems to not look as old as it had been! This was one of my goals for doing the VIP program. The meditations are calming and I feel truly miraculous and fantastic!

– Anne


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